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All photographs: Mark Forseille unless otherwise credited.

Effective December 8, 1997 OmniTRAX acquired 279 miles of CN lines in Saskatchewan including Warman Subdivision between Warman Junction (north of Saskatoon) and Prince Albert (73 miles), also, Blaine Lake (94 miles), Meadow Lake (93 miles) and Big River (32 miles) Subdivisions between Speers Jct. and Meadow Lake, SK.

CTRW_1004_1064 with grain train arriving in Saskatoon. 3/06/2008 Matt Watson

1004 acq. 1998 GP10 (ex Mid South 1004, ex ICG 8120 nee IC GP9 9085) EMD 20164 2/1956
1064 acq. 2001 GP10 (ex GWRX 1064, ex OKAN 1064, ex CTRW 1064, ex Mid South 1064,
ex Mississippi & Gulf 8115, ex ICG 8115, nee GP9 IC 9115) EMD 20294 4/1955

CTRW 1042 (ex IC GP10 nee QNS&L 146 GP9) GMD A735 5/1955
Fresh out of the shop enroute at Belt Railway of Chicago Clearing yard. 3/14/1998 Paul Rome

2504_1004_1040_OMLX_2000 southbound at Duck Lake, SK August 6, 2004

Closeups of the train above depict 2504 ex CKRY 2504 nee SP 6334 GP35 EMD #28890 3/1964
Second unit is 1004 nee IC 9085 a sister engine to 1040 below.

Note: 2504 painted in Hudson Bay scheme but with Central Kansas lettering. These are also OmniTRAX roads.
The absence of initials on the unit is a potential safety problem properly identifying the train to other movements.

Here we see remanufactured GP10 1040 ex GWRX 1040, ex Mid South 1040, ex ICG 8115, nee GP9 IC 9078.
EMD #20157 2/1955. Trailing unit is OMLX 2000 sub-lettered for Hudson Bay is a GP38-2 nee Illinois Terminal 2003.

A friendly wave from the cab!

Nice going away view of the train passing grain facilities. Note the absence of trailing unit.

2508 ex CKRY 2508 nee DRGW 3001 GP30 EMD #27135 4/1962 Prince Albert, SK August 6, 2004

OMLX 3372 a GP9E ex SP 3372 nee T&NO 405 EMD #19466 5/1954 Prince Albert, SK August 6, 2004

Note the half moons. A once common type of stop block. These actually made rerailing more difficult as the truck would turn at an angle. If there was nothing the wheels would simply drop off the rail and could often be pulled back easily.

An earlier view of 1040 with full CTR logo, lettering and reporting mark.
Prince Albert, SK May 9, 1998 Gordon J. Strathdee

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