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Southern Ontario

RLHH = RaiLink Hagersville-Hamilton

Operates CN Stuart Street yard and industrial trackage in Hamilton. Leased December 15, 1997
Also, CN Hagersville Sub. Brantford-Nanticoke 35 miles. Leased 21 years starting September 1997.

Originally leased 1997 by RailLink which was acquired July 1999 by Rail America
and in turn RA was acquired December 28, 2012 by Genesee and Wyoming.

Note: Lease ended September 2018 and operation Hagersville Sub. resumed
September 18th. by CN except for Mile 0.0 Nanticoke and 5.7 Garnet retained by G&W
as well as three industrial spurs to Stelco and plant switching including Imperial Oil.
This operation continues as Southern Ontario.

RLHH operation in Hamilton (6.74 miles) resumed by CN effective December 13, 2018.

RLHH_2111 in SOR paint scheme. Hamilton 11/11/2017
Ex NS 5058, nee SOU 5058 GP38-2 EMD 72653-4 12/1972

Nanticoke Subdivision

Two views SOR 4003 train 598 arrving at Brantford. June 1, 2016

Still in Railink paint scheme. 4003 (ex RLK 4003 nee SP 5888 GP9) GP9-4 EMD 25647 9/1959

SOR 3404_3403 in G&W paint scheme. Jarvis, ON 8/19/2015
3404 acq. 2014 SD40-2 (ex FURX 3009 nee PC 6260 SD40) EMD 36916 12/1970
3403 ex RLHH 3403 acq. 2014 (ex FURX 3003 nee CP 5516) GMD A2149 9/1966

RLHH_2081_3404_2111 with train 597 with 94 cars (47 coil and 47 tank).
Onadaga 2/26/2018 below crossing scenic bridge Caledonia.

2081 GP38-3 ex RLK 3873, ex TOR 2000, nee MEC 258 GP38. EMD 32667 11/1966
3404 and 2111 detailed elsewhere on this page.

Brantford Spur

Brantford spur is owned by Ingenia Polymer and was formerly CN Brantford Spur, nee CN Burford Spur.
It once connected with a small portion of the isolated ex LE&N to reach Johnson Wax which no longer
uses rail. Also, a small portion of the ex TH&B Hamilton-Waterford mainline remains and it is where
Ingenia Polymer is located.

CN did not reassume this spur due to only one customer Ingenia Polymers which acquired the spur and
contracted out its operation and maintenance to Allied Track Services which has used various car movers.

Note: Last run by G&W was RLHH 598 engine 2111 with 6 hoppers on 9/17/2018.

Allied Track Services uses a Trackmobile car mover to move a single car. 11/16/2018 James Gardiner
Allied Track Services also maintains the track which is now owned by Ingenia.

RLK 4003 street running one of 15 level crossings in Brantford. 9/20/2017
Transferred 2012 from CBNS previously Mackenzie Northern.
Ex SP GP9E 3883 acq. 1998 ex SP 3724 nee SP GP9 5888.
GP9-4 EMD 25647 9/1959

RLK 4001 newly transferred (8/2015) from GEXR shoving clear of Mohawk St. with 3 empties from Ingenia.
Brantford 9/23/2015. GP9-4 EMD 25631 8/1959 ex CWRL 3708, ex SP 3708/5872.



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