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Quebec Railway Corporation Inc.




New Brunswick East Coast

Ontario L’Orignal

Ottawa Central

Former CN Beachburg Sub. Federal (and Walkley yard Ottawa) to Pembroke 89.2 miles.
Began December 13, 1998 Re-acquired by CN November 1, 2008.


OCRR 1815 ex CP 1815 acq. 10/16/1998 RS-18 upgraded nee 8742. 81617 4/1957
Walkley Yard, Ottawa October 7, 2006

OCRR 1828_1865 westbound crossing the Rideau River approaching control point Federal beginning of line.

CN has just delivered OC power ( 1838_1815_1865_1828 ) to Walkely Yard in Ottawa.
Two more RS-18's to come 1824_1842. All power acquired are ex CP units.

Basic black doesn't look that bad. 4204 only C-424 acquired. MLW 84842 3/1965

1828 in snow!

1838_1815 with a short train eastbound at Foresters Falls, ON

Ottawa Central 1846 bears OC Rail lettering replacing CP Rail. Trailing units 1828 and 1824 repainted. Coteau, QC
August 05/2006 Above photographs by Ms Petitclerc/Collection of Roger Boisvert



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