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Wabush Lake

Cliffs Natural Resources

CEFX 1017_1016 AC44CW GE 53472_53473 11/2001. Sept Isles, Quebec 8/13/2012
Note lettering chemin de fer arnaud and Cliffs

Cliffs leased 6 GE AC44CW and 4 MPC GP20D units to replace all MLW units.

Wabush Iron Company owned both the Arnaud in Quebec and Wabush Lake in Labrador.
They shared a roster of 11 MLW RS-18's

Arnaud 901 leads two sister RS-18's about to head north to the QNS&L. August 11,1987 Pointe Noir, Que.

Arnaud 904 and 902 sitting in Pointe Noire. 7/18/2001 Dave Eagen

Wabush Lake 908 RS-18 DL-718B low-nose MLW #84826 4/65
Near Wabush, Labrador December 29, 2002 Dave Fosher




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