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Old Time Trains

Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo

West Hamilton

73_74_7X backing to their train from Chatham Street roundhouse to nearby Aberdeen Yard. October 17, 1981

Old Hamilton station c.1910
Toronto Public Library/Virtual Reference Library

Hunter Street Station in downtown Hamilton. 8/01/1992 Jack Smith
A unique Streamlined Moderne style one-of-a-kind structure clad with Queenston limestone housing offices on upper levels. An extensive grade separation project begun April 11, 1931 and completed by the end of 1933 was part of this moderization. The first passenger trains used the still-uncompleted station on December 3, 1931.
CPR 2713 was first with a westbound train and then CPR 2662 with an eastbound.

A portion of the 27-stall Chatham Street roundhouse in Hamilton. 1/01/1982 Jack Smith

Coal tower and adjacent structures at Chatham Street. Lighting conditions likely produced this pink look of the concrete.
7/01/1981 Jack Smith

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