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Old Time Trains

Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo

80-ton 3000 cubic foot capacity covered hopper. Built 3/1964

TH&B Line coach 75 Hunter Street Station Hamilton 6/8/1963 Bill Hood

Combine 303 Hunter Street Station Hamilton 6/8/1963 Bill Hood

62 a rare bay window caboose. One of the very few in Canada.

Steel-sheathed wood caboose 70 Hamilton 8/1971 Edward J. Stoll/Wilson Lau Collection

Note: Each van had a different safety slogan. Others included: 62 Look Around, Getting Down.
66 A Man Alert, is Seldom Hurt. 71 A Man With Rest, is at His Best.

81 one of four (80-83) modern saddleback steel vans built 1973 by NSC to CP specs. and outfitted by Angus shops.
Hamilton 7/17/1989 Roger Lalonde

Wooden combine X762 part of the auxiliary train. Aberdeen Yard. Jim Parker


71 nicely restored and in use as a B & B at Puddicombe Farms in Winona.

Note: This van was previously owned by Al Howlett at PSTR in Port Stanley.






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