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Dominion Timber & Minerals Railway

Canadian Refractories Ltd.

Originally built in 1916 as a narrow gauge line to serve a magnesite mine at Kilmar, Quebec started in 1914. It was standard gauged in 1931 and its four small steam engines replaced with two 35-ton gas-electrics. A 65-ton diesel was acquired in 1964. The 12 and a half mile line some 55 miles east of Ottawa covered some spectacular scenery as it wondered over the Canadian Shield carrying ore to the processing plant in Marelan. This continued for some 65 years until abandoned 7/17/1981 replaced by trucks.

Canadian Refractories Ltd. No. 1 65-ton 550 HP GE 30807 2/1951 Rebuilt CGE Peterborough 6/1964
Sold 7/1981 IVACO.



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