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Smoky Falls

Spruce Falls Pulp and Paper Co.

Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario

Riding the Smoky Falls Line

May 1966

Douglas Leffler

All photos by the author unless otherwise credited.

Ticket to ride!

Smoky Falls Railway employee time table effective April 24, 1966.

A regularly scheduled mixed train on a non-common carrier railway in northern Ontario leaving from Kapuskasing travelling through timber country to a hydro-electric power station accessible only by rail for many years.

H.E.P.C. 53 switching in West Terminal, Kapuskasing. Wooden 40 foot box car.
Note the use of periods between initials, an old practice in common use everywhere decades ago. Long gone.

53 switching its train.

Passenger equipment for train includes an old unknown baggage-mail car and coach 1462 ex CPR.

Old SFP&P homemade equipment.

Railbus, turntable and old equipment SFP&P.

217 Superior railbus. Rahn L. Stokes

Cab ride! Departing the yard and passing SFP&P log flats with old ex CP van.

Looking back over the mixed. Not a lot of tonnage but empty flats will return with loads of trailers and a truck.

Meeting SFP&P hy-rail inspection car 219.

Arriving at Neshin Junction Mile 19.5 connection with Neshin Lake Branch. Note: Track motor car in siding.

Neshin Junction station with track car shed.

Yard Mile 30 Passenger equipment at left (see below 4th photo) three cars.


Hy-rail station wagon 222. Passenger equipment including two sleepers for a fishing lodge nearby.
Ex CP 1405, 1468. Sleepers ex CN Ballantyne's Cove (nee Port Credit), Bond's Cove (nee Port Mann).


More old passenger equipment.

Arriving at Little Long Rapids. Mile 43

Hydro project. Mile 45

Plenty of passenger equipment. Note B/A tank truck.


The trip back.

Little Long Rapids station.



Still there!

Back at West Terminal in Kap. A moving van and two house trailers brought back.

Smoky Falls
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