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New York and Lake Erie

Gowanda, New York

Started October 15, 1978 to own and operate former Conrail (nee ERIE) track 12 miles from Salamanca to Cattaraugus.
Later by 1982 extended from Cattaraugus to Dayton and Waterboro to Gowanda totalling 50.1 miles.
Cattaraugus to Salamanca abandoned 1990.

Two views of 308 running around its train, a charter excursion run.
12/10/2004 South Dayton, New York John Schumann

Milepost shows 43 miles to Buffalo on the Erie.

NY&LE 308 acq. 2003 ex PCHR 308 ex Case Canada
(formerly, International Harvester), Hamilton, Ontario nee Erie 308


NY&LE 308 out of service at Gowanda, NY August 6, 2006 Sam Sponseller

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