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Hanley Station a.k.a. Inner Station. Ontario and Johnston Streets. Circa 1888. Built January 1886.

Note advertising on building for through passenger service. Toronto-Kingston began in 1888.

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Digital restoraton: Walter Pfefferle

Montreal and Dominion Telegraph Co.

Located on the waterfront at end of Hanley Spur 2.2 miles from mainline and Outer Station.
Hanley Spur served an industrial area which lasted beyond closure of the Inner Station in 1929.
GTR operated a suburban passenger shuttle service between the two stations 1885-Jan. 4, 1930.
Note freight shed in left background. Freight Office in right background.
Ships docked here for freight and passengers. Immigration office at far right.
Allan Line Steam Ship Office at right handles Royal Mail.

Hanley Station became known as such due to J.P.Hanley setting up an office
here to sell GTR and Allan Line tickets as well as insurance!

Plenty of real horsepower here too!

Preserved on original site. Many uses over the years.

CNR 2nd "Outer Station" (GTR built September 1859) on the Montreal-Toronto mainline. 1965

Note: GTR's first Outer Station 18xx-1859. Small wooden structure.


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