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Smiths Falls, Ontario

c.1910 W.H.Kerfoot/Toronto Public Library digital collection

Smiths Falls 1984 Jeff Henricks

1999 shortly after CP moved out of station. Smiths Falls Community Theater took over most of the building.
Station Theatre (53 Victoria Avenue) eventually opened April 24, 2010 for live theatre performances having 140 seats.
Bill Sanderson

“The train doesn’t stop here anymore”. Some 124 years of serving railway passengers came to an end around 2130 hours on Monday, August 1, 2011 when VIA Toronto-Ottawa train #48 stopped for passengers at the former CPR depot in Smiths Falls for the last time. The following day, August 2nd, VIA trains through Smiths Falls began using the new station constructed alongside what was once the connecting track between CP’s Smiths Falls yard and CN’s (now VIA’s) Smiths Falls Subdivision. The former CPR depot, most of which was taken over a number of years ago by the Smiths Falls Community Theater, will remain – however, its days as a passenger station are over. I took the shot of the depot in 1999 not long after CP had vacated it for the division offices next door. In the second shot, VIA Ottawa-Toronto Train #51 with P42DC #907 and seven “Renaissance” cars stops at the new station on Friday, August 5th. “Station” may be too grand a word to describe the building as it is little more than a shelter with a washroom. I suppose it will serve its purpose adequately for most of the year, but at Christmastime I can see a mass of people huddled outside in a snowstorm waiting for a train!! I will say, though, that it is tastefully constructed and easily accessible. Enjoy!! Bill Sanderson



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