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INCO Steam Locomotives

The Canadian Copper Co. 1, Baldwin Locomotive Works #23801 4/1904 INCO

Baldwin Locomotive Works provided the five new steam locomotives. These were powerful 80 ton 0-6-0's with 39,000 lbs. of tractive effort, much bigger than typical switch engines used in Canada. (CPR's 0-6-0's of the time had only 27,000 t.e.)

The massive size of the Baldwin switch engines is evident in this photograph. INCO



CCC 4 (became INCO 7) 0-6-0 BLW #32147 11/1907 Don Bray Collection

A more normal-sized engine for the times. Mogul-type 2-6-0 20 Schenectady #53758 6/1913
National Archives, Merrilees Collection PA 200016

CCC's brand-new roundhouse, 1907. Engines, 1,2,3,4,5 and 7. INCO
Two more stalls were added to the right side, number 7 had an entry from
the rear and was used by narrow gauge engines. See smelter plan 1920.

Second-hand engines of various sizes and wheel arrangements were added over the years, one of which was called a "dreadful" locomotive, it was a small 4-4-0 numbered 4.

INCO 22, (acq. 8/1917) MLW #49907 5/1911 Last day of steam, April 1957. INCO
Ex Welland Ship Canal 52, nee O'Brien (C) 26

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