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Prairie Dog Central

Operating on 17 miles of the former CNR Oak Point Subdivision
acquired 2000 plus 2.5 miles running rights same subdivision
to reach Gross Isle.

Prairie Rail Solutions

Canadian Northern Inkster Jct. station built 1910 St.James, MB. Relocated here February 2000.

Inside large modern steel shed. Two views.

Stopped "rods-down" Grosse Isle, MB June 4, 2017.

PDC has turned into a small shortline operation in recent times including empty car storage. Winnipeg 9/18/2017

3 with train at Winnipeg waiting to depart for Grosse Isle. 5/30/2015 Taylor Woolston
This locomotive was equipped with a new boiler (not superheated) in July 1910.
December 2001 it failed its inspection which resulted in a brand new one
being made in 2004. Funding and technical problems delayed completion
for years. It finally returned to service May 10, 2009.
This is the only steam locomotive in Canada with a new boiler.

4138 (acq.8/2002) ex GTW 4138 GP9 EMD 24968 11/1958. 5/30/2015 Taylor Woolston

Latest acquisition (7/2010) is BNSF 1685 a GP9 with a long history in Manitoba.
Built GMD A1091 3/1957 as Midland of Manitoba 2. Later, Burlington Northern Manitoba 2.
Built with steam generator for passenger service.
5/30/2015 Taylor Woolston

City of Winnipeg Hydro 3 at the Greater Winnipeg Water District railway after recently being relocated there from
its isolated line at Pointe du Bois. Both are non-common carrier railways owned by the city of Winnipeg.
c.1960's Vlad Kedrovsky

This locomotive was famously found decades ago hidden away on an isolated line in Manitoba after being sold 11/1918 by the CPR. It was a real find. A fourth 4-4-0 in Canada when only three (CPR 29, 136 and 144) in New Brunswick were thought to exist. Built 4/1882 by Dubs & Co. Glasgow, Scotland. Rebuilt CPR 7/1909.

City of Winnipeg 3 with Prairie Dog Central sublettering in early view.
First excursions was operated July 1, 1970 to Lower Fort Garry.

PDC 8454 replacing steam locomotive out of service for major repair.
Ex Pine Falls Paper 101, Manitoba Paper 30 (2nd) nee CNR 8454 660 hp S-3 MLW 77761 1/1952.
6/12/2003 Paul Newsome

8454 was replaced by more powerful GP9 (acq.8/2002) ex GTW 4138 EMD 24968 11/1958.
5/11/2003 Paul Newsome

8454 with a work train including ex CP 436192 van built 1912. 5/08/2003 Paul Newsome

Sister diesel 8467 in early paint scheme.

Latest addition to the roster is 864 GE 35-tonner 36402 3/1968 ex Manitoba Hydro 864, Point du Bois.
Winnipeg, 8/2013 Mark A. Perry




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