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CanadianPacific Railway Holiday Train

December 2010


CPR Algoma District

Schreiber Division gallery added photo of a general scene of Nipigon.

Sudbury Division gallery added two photos of 8109 switching the famous E.B.Eddy pulp mill in Espanola, a major shipper for decades.

Lambton Yard Locomotive Department added a photo inside the shop of steam engines being serviced. One of a number of photos of Lambton Yard once displayed inside the nearby IGA grocery store.

Toronto Terminals Railway added old colour postcard of old union station, a street view of office building addition.



CANDO Contracting added old photo of 78 an SW8 built for Lehigh Valley switching Celanese in Millhaven. New contributor Eric Gagnon.

GMD added two old colour photos of the ill-fated Aerotrain lightweight streamliner in London and Toronto. Also, added details of ownership changes and the just announced by Caterpillar new locomotive plant to be built in an old closed Westinghouse transformer plant in Muncie, IN. There goes London!


Photographs Galleries


CNR Predecessor roads added GTR 239 an old 1881 built Mogul that stayed around until the Great Depression being scrapped 9/1934.

CNR added twelve more Pacifics including one in Hamilton with smoke deflectors and a great shot of a commuter train racing along the Oakville Sub.
Can you identify any of the unknown locations? If so, please Contact us.
Add four 6100 Northern's including a great shot of 6111 eastbound on the freight High Line in downtown Toronto.
Added another small old 0-6-0 7128 in Brantford, circa 1930's judging by the old automobile in the background.

CPR added another old Mogul 3029 back in 1935 two years before being scrapped. Also, three shots of Jubilee 3004. And, three of K1 class 3100.
New page for M class 2-8-0's adding M1 and M2 class 3216 and 3274 plus M4 class 3400 and 3403 as well as existing photo of 3529.

Logging railways: BC diesel added photo of CANFOR 303 one of only three dynamic brake equipped SW1200RS all built for their Englewood Logging Division on Vancouver Island. Scroll down to also see 303 and other units under new ownership by Western Forest Products.

Shortlines Southern of BC added three photos of some well-worn ex CN GMD1's acquired through a dealer.


Industrial Ontario S.S.Marie Algoma Steel added colour photo of 80-tonner 41.

Facilities GO added photo of sign at main entrance to Willowbrook from new contributor Joe Pusey.

TH&B added an interesting article on West Hamilton including Aberdeen Yard, Chatham Street roundhouse and various industries. New contributor Malcolm Horsnell.

Rolling Stock

CNR freight equipment added an old wooden horse car, one of only two remaining.

CPR work equipment added 422027 a unique snow melter used to clear St.Luc yard. New contributor Eileen Watson in memory of her late father Milton G. Watson courtesy of Marc Mainekoff. Also, two views of BC 23 in its last years of operation. This car is displayed at the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario, in Smiths Falls.


November 1, 2010


CPR Ontario District

Bruce Division Passenger service page (scroll down to Hamilton Sub). Added interesting old colour slide of 2857 arriving in Toronto with the "Buffalo" passenger train. The almost complete lack of traffic on an early Sunday morning is an incredible sight. Everyone must be getting ready for church in "Toronto The Good" half of a century ago except for ONE automobile being driven by some "heathen"! Likely a railroader! LOL

Branch Passenger added photo of typical Owen Sound-Toronto passenger train just prior to introduction of Dayliners.

London Division passenger history page added old photo of Jubilee 2926 at West Toronto.

Toronto Division added a large number of old photos of John Street roundhouse etc. under construction. Includes scenes of old roundhouse etc.

Trenton Division passenger history page added old photo of Jubilee 2925 on Peterboro train.


Roberval Saguenay roster page added photo of 60 one of the rebuilt GP38-3's.


Canadian Locomotive Company steam locomotive page 1 added photo of old framed picture of D10a 706.

Sudbury Area mining railways INCO added VALE 2004.

Photograph Galleries


Canadian National predecessor roads added OA&PS 701 a Baldwin compound 2-8-0.

CNR added six more J-7 class Pacifics including one
photographed exactly one year before I was born!

CPR steam added 5 more Jubilee old photos.

TH&B steam added NYC 5311 which later became TH&B 501 one of only two Hudson's on TH&B.

Shortlines added new page for Manitoba starting with some photos of Hudson Bay (OmniTRAX) units. New contributor Dan Grobe.

Newer shortline photos: Added three photos of Ottawa Valley units some with Railink initials RLK (the best initials around!) from new contibutor Ed Freeman courtesy of Jim Parker.

Industrial Locomotives
BC added ALCAN 1003 bought new in 1957 photographed in 1980 and still there in 2010!

Alberta added Weyerhaeuser 310 an SW9 going to Grand Prairie. New contributor Mark Gillings.

Quebec added Port of Montreal 1001 the newest thing in diesels, a genset locomotive. New contributor James Kerr.

Ontario Sarnia added VIP 1201 an SW1200RS acq. from Rail America, nee CN 1335. New contributor Jay Butler.

Facilities CPR added photo of Glen shop track full of steam engines summer of 1959, last big year for steam.
Back at Drake Street shops with nine more photos including a comic "wanted" poster!


Rolling Stock

CPR passenger equipment added a great colour photo of an old fruit express car. New contributor Roger Burrows.

CPR service equipment added two views of the "Little Hook" 414241 at West Toronto.

Private ownership equipment. New gallery starting with two photos of weed spray car. This was contract work using a special train. .


Interurban Railways

Montreal & Southern Counties added two cars, streetcar 326 and interurban 607.


Memories of Riding Behind a Jubilee by Peter Cox. An old photograph gets added and brings back decades old memories.


October 1, 2010


Completion of a special project to revise this web site undertaken more than a year ago through the efforts of David A. Bridge has finally been realized. This involved considerable work to reorganize articles many of which had been added to many times over the years, rescanning photographs and other work to improve visual appearance of pages and adopt a standard style etc. This included many feature articles marked as revised to distinguish those most changed but also many other articles, stories, photo galleries etc. Thank you, David.

Raymond L. Kennedy


CPR Algoma District Sudbury Division locomotive gallery added 7094 second to last MLW S-2. New contributor Paul Oliver, Jr.

CPR Ontario District

Bruce Division Branch Passenger added old photo of first diesel on the Orangeville Sub. handling passenger train at Cataract.

London Division added two 1949 photos of London roundhouse. Courtesy of new contributor Bob McLarty.
branch passenger service added a great old photo of D-10 886 on the St.Marys mixed train.

Toronto Division John Street engines added great old colour photo of Jubilee 3003 sitting on the table. These 4-4-4's were the fastest steam locomotives in Canada. 112 1/2 mph.

Trenton Division passenger trains. Added nice old photo of 3735 assisting No. 36 out of Toronto Union bound for Ottawa via Havelock.
Also, steam engine gallery added 3427 an old M4 class 2-8-0 Trenton yard engine.


Canadian Pacific Electric Lines created a new gallery starting with photos of GRR 622 Express car and LE&N 955.

Quebec Central added nice colour photo of train Number 1 with old wooden baggage car hauled by G2 class Pacific.

Algoma Central rolling stock gallery added photo of D&RGW 252 steam generator ex Alco PB-1 with original trucks. Sister to 253 acquired by AC.

Shortlines CANDO Contracting added photo of CCGX 1004 ex CP 8118 SW1200RS.

Photographs Added a fascinating drawing of a proposed new terminal for Montreal. The date was 1928. Soon to follow was the Great Depression and World War II. Nothing ever became of it and all was forgotten until recently.
Added another interesting photo of operator hooping up orders to passing CN train. Plus, two more CPR including one with two brand new Train Masters.

CNR old diesels added a two unit Tempo train at Windsor. Also, GTW passenger GP9's in old colors hauling the Maple Leaf out of Chicago for Toronto. Famed Santa Fe warbonnet painted covered wagons in Dearborn Station as well.

CPR old diesels added nice shot of The Canadian at Ottawa. This scene includes the white wagon used for ice. 300 pound blocks were manhandled by two carmen. Thanks to Jacques Valiquette, retired CN car inspector Ottawa for icing details.

CNR steam added about 18 more Pacifics in J-4 and J-7 class. Also, one H-6 Ten-Wheeler 1330 in colour.
CPR steam added two new wheel arrangements 4-8-2 and 2-6-0. 2900 and 2901 were just bigger 4-6-2's with higher tractive effort and larger grate area although they were hand-fired! Only two were ever on the CPR roster. The Mogul 2-6-0 was not popular on the CPR unlike GTR/CNR however, two did remain on the roster into the early 1950's due to the restrictive clearance of the very old Brockville tunnel. Added 5301 one of the first ten P2 class 2-8-2's in what looks like its as-built 1919 appearance. Also, 5361 back when it was just another P2. It has been preserved. Plus the final Royal Hudsons and eight more Jubilee photos plus more G1's 2212 and 2218. The first being the only one equipped with a Worthington FWH, likewise for 2592. . 2218 was one of very few G1's to never receive a vestibule cab. Also, added 6601 one of only ten massive 0-8-0's used on heaviest yard assignments at main terminals.

CNR old diesel added photo of SW1200RS 1235 in old green and gold colours and 7027 SW1200 yard engine in newer CN "noodle" in black and red.
CPR diesel added another photo of the Empress of Agincourt 8921. Same photo in Facilities.

GO Transit created new gallery starting with 709 one of 11 GP40-2 safety cab units.

Rolling Stock CPR added rare photo of original Dental Car converted by CPR in 1931. Its replacement, steel car number 69 also shown.


CPR Added photo of diesel sanding towers at Toronto Yard with "famous" 8921 "Empress of Agincourt."
Back at Drake Street roundhouse once again, scroll way down for six more photos inside the shop.
Added new page for the Drake Street Stores Department.

GO Transit created new gallery starting with photo of overall view of Willowbrook yard.


Montreal & Southern Counties added two old colour photos of car 12 and (scroll down) car 312. Remember those street weigh scales? For a penny get your weight and horoscope on a little card. Or, was it a saying? Sort of a fortune cookie!


CPR Other Ontario Divisions Sudbury Division added photo of Sault Ste. Marie.

CPR London Division Quebec Street added 1967 view of yard office. New contributor Chris Andreae.

CPR Toronto Division added photo of old station at Leaside.



September 1, 2010

Photographs Added some interesting photos of a time honoured tradition, "hooping up" orders to a passing train.

Trains: U.S. Roads in Canada B&M-CPR Pool added Cape Churchill in Boston on The Red Wing. New contributor John Hutchins.

Locomotives CPR steam G2 class added 2541 in a bucolic scene in Quebec.

DAR steam added color photo of G2 2516 with Passenger Special for the Governor General.

Facilities CPR 1950 colour view of Ottawa West shop. Back at Drake Street roundhouse once again, scroll down for nine more photos inside.

Rolling Stock BC Hydro added caboose A-7 in unique blue paint scheme. No little red caboose here! New contributor T.G.Caughman

CPR passenger cars. New gallery started with River and Cape cars inc. Cape Churchill Solarium-Buffet-Lounge used on the 1939 Royal Tour Pilot train.
These 15 cars were the best first class tail-end cars and were used on The Dominion for many years.

August 1, 2010

Stories Drake Street roundhouse, another little memory. Scroll down to bottom.


CPR Bruce Division Hamilton Joint Section added colour photo of 5375 passing Dixie Road.
Branches Gallery Added colour photo of 2238 southbound between the Forks of Credit and Inglewood. Most likely this is the Fraxa P/U a daily except Sunday assignment out of Lambton which could go beyond Orangeville to handle tonnage up the steep grade to "Fraxie". If it had been based in Orangeville (as was the Moonlight) the crew could not be required to go beyond there having reached their home terminal. Also, replaced black and white image with colour one showing 1263 stopping to pick up one passenger at Meadowvale brought there in a Kaiser automobile!

CPR London Division passenger history added three old photos of Royal Hudsons 2855 and 2856 in the 1940's at Ayr and Galt. plus an interesting old photo of 2857 at Richmond Street station showing the fitter's cart used to service passenger engines on through-runs. Greasing at every Division point was essential.

CPR Toronto Division John Street Engines added two views of 2856 near-new with original stack cowl and about a decade later modified. Also, 2857 less than one year old, not yet a Royal Hudson. Making far too much black smoke on the shop track. The Locomotive Foreman will have something to say to the hostler if he sees this.

CPR Lambton Yard road engines added 2855 newly demoted to freight service.

Canadian Northern added gas-electric car 500 one of the earliest self-propelled cars in Canada.

Shortlines. Thurlow Railway added the only known photograph of their steeplecab electric locomotive. A tiny long-gone non-common carrier in Ontario.
Special thanks to long-time acquaintance Bob Sandusky for his contribution.


Train Galleries

ONR Diesel trains added motor train T&NO 1000 and trailers. Moved 1602-1731 here from locomotive page.

Locomotive galleries

CNR steam added 5 more old B&W photos of J-4-d Pacifics.

CPR steam added nice old Public Relations Dept. photo of Jubilee 3003 with matching lightweight train.
Also, 1940's photo of 2854 at Winnipeg plus newer photo of 1217 with Montreal commuter train.

ONR diesel units added two old colour photos of 1203 and 1310 the latter in the new "stylized rivers of the north" paint scheme.
Also, moved 1521 at Spadina from shortlines gallery to here.

Southern of BC added photos of slug 001 and planned slugs 002 and 003. Plus, GP9's 110 (on VI) and 122 the slug mother unit. Also, 129 the only GP7.

Shortlines Older photos added Devco 209 an RS-1.

Industrial Locomotives

BC added Neptune Bulk Terminal 808 and 808A the first genset mother-slug pair built by NRE. New contributor Julius Olajos.

Ontario: See What's New in This Gallery?

Sudbury Area mining railways. INCO added view of electric handling hot bottle car. Also, two photos of the electrics waiting to be scrapped after unsuccesful attempts at selling them. Plus, one of 80-tonner diesel 206 which became a lease unit.

Logging Raiways in BC added old colour photo of Mayo Lumber 3 a Shay geared steam locomotive that for years hauled tourists on a short isolated segment of the old Kettle Valley.

Facilities galleries

CPR Facilities. Five more old photos of Drake Street roundhouse in its last months. And, another little memory from back then. (Scroll down to bottom).

Rolling Stock galleries

Quebec, North Shore & Labrador new gallery created for rolling stock starting with an interesting colour photo of ex NYC RPO/express car in work service.


July 1, 2010


CPR Algoma District Sudbury Division

Locomotive gallery
added some diesels for the first time. 7099 the first MLW S-4 one of a single order for 20 units and the last for 1000 hp yard engines. Also, 6576 and 6594 m.u. modified S-3 660 hp yard diesels that once worked the Pulldown at Toronto Yard. New contributor Chuck Schwesinger. SW8 6703 a long-time London Division engine now assigned to Sudbury.

CPR Ontario District

Bruce Division Branch Passenger added old colour photo of Walkerton Mixed near the end of its time.

London Division. G&G page (scroll down) added 4 great old colour steam and 2 black & white diesel photos of Goderich Yard.
Gallery of yard diesels. Add a newer photo of 7061 plus 8143 and 8163. . London steam power added 1270 and 2214.
Stations added a view of Goderich. in 1965. Facilities added old East End tower in Chatham for C&O diamond.

Lambton Yard gallery of road engines added 2800 the first Hudson.

Toronto Division John Street Locomotive page added intereresting photo taken inside the shop with old Alco yard engines still being worked on.

Toronto Yard added 8919 a CLC Train Master. These units were not common in Toronto.

Toronto Streets added new page with history of the Keele family in the Junction.


Algoma Central equipment page added colour photo of SD40-2 186 (scroll way down).

Newfoundland's Railways. Added to Newfoundland page a nice colour photo of old green paint scheme CN 900 first diesel of the unique Newfoundland-only NF-110 models. Also, created a new page for Grand Falls Central starting with a colour photo of wooden combine 6. New contributor Don Driscoll.

Photographs Start off with a very unique situation, the only one known whereby two roads worked their engines together on the same train! It was a normal proceedure for a CPR steam engine to assist a Boston & Maine steam engine on a B&M freight train out of St.Johnsbury, Vermont.


CNR steam scroll down to see two GTW Mountain type including one with an unsual cowl around the stack. Also, click on thumbnail for several more Pacifics. starting with J-3 5033, 5059, 5062, and 5080, all ex GTR also J-4-d 5104, 5113, 5115 and 5118 all built new for Canadian National.

CPR steam added several more 2800's (2822 2825 2828 2833 2842) early 1940's and the original Royal Hudson 2850 on the 1939 Royal train. Also, another G5 1229 on the Glen shop track.

CPR diesel index added (scroll down) an old colour photo of the transition period between paint schemes inc. 7115 and an old Fairbanks-Morse covered wagon.

Created new page for RS-23 "Rockets" starting with unique 8025 and 8044. The latter unit is still in existance as OSR 504.

RS-10 page old colours added 8481 on Montreal passenger train. What started out as just a "nice" photo soon generated dozens of e-mails between friends and acquaintances, railroaders and non-railroaders alike. First thought to have originated in Ottawa this was quickly proven incorrect since all Ottawa-Montreal service was high speed non-stop (except for Montreal West and Westmount) and hauled by an A unit, either an E8 1800 or 1400 geared for 85/89 mph while RS-10's were geared for just 75 mph. The typical consist of these trains was four or five cars, a lightweight baggage car, two lightweight 21/2200 coaches and a heavyweight 6600 buffet-parlor car on the rear providing dining service. The location may even be Cedar Park approximately two miles east of Beaconsfield. Thanks very much to all who contributed their knowledge and to new contributor Don Driscoll for his photograph in the first place.

DAR steam new page created starting with several ex CPR engines most sold to DAR. G2 2552 still with open cab and believed never to have received a vestibule cab.

ETR diesel relocated here from shortlines catagory. Added ETR 104 in new (1988) paint scheme from the Sam Beck Collection.

NAR created new page for diesels starting with 311 ex CN 1072 A-1-A GMD-1 Only NAR units were short hood forward!

ONR/T&NO steam added four more old photos. Created new page for diesels beginning with a number of early models. This is in addition to diesel train page.

US Roads in Canada (scroll down to bottom) added Rutland 76 a Ten-Wheeler that hauled the Green Mountain Special over the CNR into Montreal.


CPR Glen yard and shops 33 years ago. Now all gone.

CPR Vancouver added some interesting photos inside Drake Street roundhouse. It is rare to see photos inside a shop due to poor lighting.

CNR added the long-unused coal tower at Spadina and a neat view from CN Tower of Spadina roundhouse and coach yard.

ETR created a new page starting with the office building and an unusual looking water tank.

TH&B created a new page starting in Hamilton with the station, roundhouse and coal tower.

Rolling Stock

CPR service equipment. Add 402885 a Jordan spreader.

ETR new gallery created showing old ex PRR caboose 54 and two modern Angus built ex CPR vans.

Stories: Memories of Drake Street roundhouse by Andy Cassidy one-time diesel electrician and later Locomotive Foreman.

Growing Up in Listowel by Bill Chester

Grain Trains by Cliff Beagan former CPR brakeman. Brief memories of Bruce Division.


Preservation added nice old photo of ex PRRR 4666 doodlebug operating on the New Hope & Ivyland.

June 1, 2010


CPR Algoma District; Sudbury Division; gallery. Added 1266 on a local freight.

CPR Ontario District; CPR Bruce Division.
Stations. added photo of Humber along with one showing section men and another of a young boy who would later go on to become a CPR railroader I knew. Branches old photo at Cataract showing a section gang and the water tank which was fed by gravity. New contributor Dave Hyde whose uncle Bob Hyde was a crane (Wellman locomotive crane etc.) operator at West Toronto and who was also a railroader himself for a short time. His mother is in one picture and his father is in another taken at Uhthoff. see below
CPR Toronto Division
lots to see in an interesting photo of 955 with 2233 and 2333 at the Diamond. The photographer was Jim Walder a CPR engineer and John Riddell's uncle.
CPR Trenton Division.
Port sub. Added an interesting old photo of Uhthoff showing enough of the station to get an idea of its style. It is the only photo available of this station. What is more interesting is the foreground showing a section gang and their motorcar. It was a regular practice for the foreman to buy a gas engine for the motorcar instead of the hand pump car. The contract with Fairmont, the well-known long-time maker of these cars and their receipt for a payment.
CPR Lambton Yard;
gallery of road power added several photos including a great shot of 2203 on the table, two of 2231 one from decades ago along with a brief story about a Royal train it hauled and a newer one many years later still a Lambton engine. Also, three old photos of 2807 with two different styles of smoke deflectors.
CPR London Division;
Gallery of steam yard engines added 3422 (a personal favourite) working Windsor Yard in September 1958. New contributor David V. Leonard.
This engine was one of the last steam yard engines in Windsor, if not the very last one. A year earlier it was photographed in London where it worked the 4:00 p.m. yard except Saturday & Sunday. Previously, it was the last steam yard engine at John Street arriving there from Angus #1 machine job and was spotless like the passenger engines. It worked one day a week for about 2 hours! (2 pm Wednesday, I believe) to run light to King Street shed and haul the transfer from there. The diesel at the shed was changed off for servicing at John Street but, another diesel was not available at that particular time as there were no spare diesels. After London it went to Port Mc.Nicoll which was all-steam end the end of steam. 3422 worked a one shift yard job between Port and Midland. 3632 was the relief engine while 3722 worked the daily ex Sunday job from Port to Orillia. 3722 finished up regular steam freight operations Saturday, April 30th. 1960.
The end!

Shortlines. OSR added CP 8044 (OSR 504) in old script paint scheme. New contributor Marty Bernard.

Photographs: Galleries:
CPR steam. Added some more G1 class 2200's plus more G2 class, also, two last 2700's and more H1a and b 2800's, including 2803 decorated to celebrate the 50th. Anniversary of CPR cross Canada passenger service. Jubilee type added 2927 in two views. This was the only 4-4-4 assigned to Ottawa West where it handled a variety of passenger runs including the Parliamentary Special a train not in the public time table since the public could not ride it, only parliamentarians!
CNR steam new page for 2-10-2's. also, added three more Mikes. 3592, 3593 and 3594. This order ended at 3599.
CPR diesel added 7096 US unit in old script paint.
TH&B diesels added 51 very first TH&B diesel and 71 first road switcher which was also the first GMD diesel built in London. New contributor Jack Smith.

Shortlines: BC new galleries for BC Hydro and Southern Railway of British Columbia under Itel ownership and the current owner Rail Link (Washington Group).


May 1, 2010 Marks the 10th Anniversary of this web site.
The first article was the story linked below.

50th Anniversary May 1st 1960


May 1, 2010

Articles: CPR Bruce Division. Passenger page added two old photos of specially equipped engines 2659 and 2662 assigned to Buffalo trains.
Branches page added a great old colour photo of Orangeville Yard in 1956.
London Division passenger page added two old photos of 2816 and 2856 both at Galt a key point on the Galt Sub. Power page added several steam engines.
Toronto Division added several old photos 1940's to the John Street page from new contributor Robin Hart courtesy of D'Arcy Furlonger.
Lambton Yard added 2203 and 2231 to road engines page including a short story told to me by my grandfather about 2231 on a Royal train.
Algoma District Sudbury Division power gallery added 2809 and 5361 back when it was just another P2. Privately preserved in the US. New contributor Richard Leonard.

Newfoundland's Railways added two old photos of Newfoundland steam engines.

Photographs:Locomotives: CNR steam added more Consolidations on Western lines plus a lot of Mikados of which there were hundreds.
CPR steam added new page for G4 class 2700's These Pacifics were primarily Western Lines engines and many were oil-fired.
N2 class added 3751 an Ottawa West engine built by Canada Foundry.
G2 class
added several engines in old photos including ones in Vermont and Buffalo.

ONR added 1517 one of 22 FP7A units.
Industrial, Ontario see What's New in This Gallery.
Saskatchewan. Added two photos of Parrish & Heimbecker 8454 an old MLW S-3 with a long history. Built new for CNR it went to a paper mill in Pine Falls, Manitoba where it stayed through a number of name changes then, a small equipment dealer leased it to Prairie Dog Central when their 4-4-0 steam locomotive became unserviceable. Also, added rare old colour view of Manitoba & Saskatchewan 3, Alco S-2, as well as Manalta Coal 182 Alco RS-1. Both US locos.

Facilities: CPR added a really great old colour photo taken in 1948 showing several brand new Baldwin yard diesels in Vancouver.

Rolling Stock: British Columbia Railway new gallery starting with caboose 1800.

Shortlines: Alberta. New gallery for RaiLink. It all began here when Tom Payne started Central Western, the first modern era shortline.
BC added new galleries for Pacific Wilderness a short-lived tourist train on VI and West Coast Express commuter trains.
Newer photographs of shortlines: Added GEXR 4046 from new contributor James Gardiner.


March 18. 2010

Articles: CPR Bruce Division Passenger added old photo of 2332 in Buffalo. Engines running over NYC between Welland and Buffalo were equipped with ATC.
CPR London Division gallery of diesel yard engines added 6703.
CPR Trenton Division. New page for Trenton yard showing three views in the late 1940's from new contributor Roger Snape.
CPR Lambton Yard road engine gallery added old photos of Pacific's 2212, 2234 and 2547.

Toronto Terminals Railway added interesting photo looking down on a puzzle switch (so named because it is a puzzle figuring out which way you are going!) more properly known as a double slip switch.

Photographs: Locomotives; CNR steam added many more old photos including a dozen Consolidations litterly across the country. From Halifax to Saskatoon to Kamloops with a side trip over the border to Black Rock, including a night scene inside Brandon roundhouse.
CPR steam added about two dozen more old photos (most before I was born!) all Pacifics 2200's and 2300's east and west, some passenger engines with "elephant ears". Plus, several 2500's, most in Sutherland, all lasted into the last years of steam. Also, more newer G3's. One more D10 oil-fired 939.
CPR diesels added two photos of 7096 and 7098 US service units in later years with an open bi-level in background from new contributor Alan Gaines.
ONR diesel started new gallery with very nice old scene of the Polar Bear Express by new contributor Dave Hewitt.

Industrial Ontario see What's New in This Gallery?
Industrial steam, other provinces. Added Acadia Coal 42 an old 2-6-0 that went on to haul tourists for a few years first at the Cape Breton Steam Ry. and later at the Salem & Hillsborough. Both operations ended years ago.
Industrial BC added two old colour photos of Dominion Bridge GE 45 (50?) tonner and Hooker Chemicals Whitcomb 80-tonner both from new contributor Douglas Sanford who also shot several Neptune Bulk Terminals units. Vancouver Wharves gallery added colour photo of 22 Hudswell 0-6-0 diesel mechanical.
AB added the latest thing a LEAF gen-set unit (rebuilt from a Paducah built GP10, the earliest of major in-house rebuild/upgrade program) of Railserve at Dow Chemical in Fort Saskatchewan an Alco S-6 stronghold and one of those S-6's at Alberta & Orient Glycol, a S-6 and RS-11 at Dow all from new contributor Jesse Acorn. Another LEAF is RSSX 473 caught enroute to Dow Chemical by new contributor Kevin Klitzke along with photos of it over the years starting as an IC GP9 and a Paducah built GP10 from new contributors Kim Piersol, Michael Palmieri, Sam Beck and Douglas Hailey. Also, CRLX 5176 ex AAM from new contributor Cor van Steenis.

Rolling stock. PGE new gallery started with van 1831.

Shortlines: BC new gallery of the small isolated Carrall Street freight operation of BC Hydro, formerly British Columbia Electric Railway which once operated an extensive electric interurban railway with considerable freight traffic. New galleries for E&N Railfreight, (CP internal shortline) E&N Ry. 1998 Ltd. (Rail America) on VI Kelowna Pacific, Okanagan Valley.
new gallery for Carlton Trail.

Shortline gallery 2 added OLO 180 on a small eastern Ontario shortline Ontario L'Orignal, now gone.

February 1, 2010

Articles: CPR added photo of modern plaque marking site of the Last Spike. Scroll way down.
CPR London Division created a gallery for photographs of Detroit River Tunnel locomotives. Need diesel photos. Got any?
General: Canada Pacific. Pre-CPR construction work (government contracts) added a new photo of the Countess of Dufferin on display inside the Winnipeg Railway Museum from new contributor Nick Ozorak.
Shortlines: Newfoundland's Railways a major expansion of the page about the Buchans Railway a seldom photographed shortline in the windswept interior. Owned by ASARCO to serve a mine owned by them, both long gone. Phil Mason, a retired CPR railroader travelled there years ago and the colour held up well.

Photographs: CPR Algoma District, Schreiber Division. Added old photo of Motor 286 a 1929 Packard inspection auto.
Locomotives: CNR steam added several old photos of 2100's around Armstrong, BC in early 1941 (before I was born!) plus, a newer photo of 2800 one of two Consolidations built at Pointe St. Charles shops. Added two more Ten-Wheelers 1581 and 1589.
CNR old diesels added photo of SW1200 7027, RSC24 1800 and 1803 two of only four units built. Also, high-speed GP40 4017 (scroll down.)
CPR steam added two old photos of 2114 and 2118 two of the last E5 class Ten-Wheelers.
Shortlines added two photos of Bel-Gaz 3000 a modernized RS-18 that had been intended as the first of a renewed fleet of MLW units.
Scroll down to a interesting photo of a Great Western train hauled by two M420's on this all-MLW shortline.
Industrial, Alberta added several photos from new contributor Steve Arnot including Agricore, Dow Chemicals, Nova Chemicals and Viterra.
BC created a separate page and added several photos from new contributor Mark Forseille of Vancouver Wharves units over the years as well as Neptune Bulk Terminals, United Grain Growers (inc. one by new contributor Paul Crozier Smith) and Viterra (formerly Pacific Elevators whose Hunslet 0-4-0 diesels were unique in Canada) and Alliance Grain Terminal. The last two modern gen set units. Includes two photos by new contributor Chris Butts courtesy of Zack Hilton of two exVW SW1500's sold to M&ET a well-known independent shortline in California famous for using only well-maintained GE 70-tonners in m.u. of up to 5 units! Since then M&ET has recently acquired modern gen set diesels which may soon end nearly half a century of tradition.
Ontario. Latest revised work involving converting all of the troublesome asp files into htm files.

Facilities CPR added more views of downtown Vancouver. including Drake Street.


December 16, 2009

Articles: A new feature CP Rail Ten Year Locomotivew Program.
A detailed look at remanufacturing of the fleet of MLW RS-18's and GMD GP7's and GP9's.

Toronto Terminals Railway is the latest article revised.

CPR Algoma District new Sudbury Division gallery starting with steam engines 2601 and 3528 plus RDC-3 9024 from new contributor Wolf Kirchmeir.
CPR Ontario District London Division added old WWII photo of 2238 working main line passenger service. Added two nice views of tiny HS-17 switching in Goderich Yard. Also two views of it after sold to Babcock and Wilcox of big boiler fame in Cambridge (Galt).
Toronto Division John Street engines added 2328. Lambton yard added road engines 2332, 2334 (ex Western Lines) and 2819 all from the 1950's.
CPR Toronto Yard added 1957 photo of 7400 at Field BC along with sister engine ex 7402 now LTEX 1203. Half a century and still working! Also, an old colour view of 7401 in script, plus 6548 and 6614 two firsts.

General: Toronto Streets: Front and Spadina. Added TTC 2188 at north end of Spadina route.
Toronto Independent Bus Lines Hollinger added a rare (only?) photo of a Del-Ray line bus.
TTC Junction added photo of Gray Coach bus on Lambton route formerly TSR streetcar line.

Photographs: Galleries: Shortlines: Quebec added an interesting view of Bel-Gaz 114 back at work after a long absence for repairs in contract shop in Montreal. New contributor Ken Goslett CANDO added a roster shot of 1005 SW1200RS (ex CP 1207/8121).
Trains: CNR steam added two interesting photographs of a pair of passenger trains sitting at the station in London. New contributor Jim Hinkhouse.
CPR diesel added a comment to the E8 caption about the presentation at Windsor Station of a gold plated reverser handle to N.R.Crump by EMD upon delivery of 1800 the first passenger diesel. Added two old (B&W) photos Ottawa West circa 1950 of S-2's in early paint scheme.

Locomotives: CNR steam Added three photos of 49 suburban engine. Two taken in 1954 at Central Station and one in 2003 at Exporail. Also, another Ten-Wheeler 1448 and two more Consols 1932 and 2059 all from predecessor roads.
CPR steam added two more D10's 1073 and 1079 both in Vermont. Also, three more G5's 1227, 1264 and 1296. The latter one in a most interesting scene with a Tri-weekly mixed train in Manitoba near the end of steam. Both it and 1290 had been Tied Up Serviceable (T.U.S.) at Weston and returned to service on these trains for a few more months. This photo like so many old photos came without any caption or credit. It was the subject of considerable discussion amongst a group of mostly CPR pensioners and was eventually indentified by Fred Headon.
Industrial: Ontario see What's New in This Gallery?
Quebec added E.B.Eddy 25-tonner and Francon Plymouth.
Saskatchewan identified locomotive crane at AltaSteel as ex STELCO Hamilton.

Logging railways in Ontario added a rare photo of a Key Valley steam locomotive.
Any other photos welcome. Contact us.

November 1, 2009

Articles: CPR Bruce Division. Branches. Added two photos of the long-abandoned Elora (Shand Dam) and Teeswater Subs. (bridge near Waldemar). New contributor Norm Conway.
Walkerton Sub.
A newspaper item dated Thursday July 29, 1909 reported as follows: Two CPR engineers from Montreal were in Tiverton last week concerning the proposed extension of the Walkerton branch of the railway to Inverhuron. They examined the ravine north of the village and found access to Lake Huron could be obtained with a low grade. Nothing came of this.
Another newspaper item dated September 11, 1884 details schedules of passenger and mixed trains.

CPR London Division Passenger history page. Added photos of Dayliner 9112 on No. 38 Royal York at West Toronto in 1963. E8's once handled this train.

CPR Lambton Yard Road Engines: D10 1004 on the shop track. It was assigned for some time to the Moonlite (freight 89-90) a Lambton-Orangeville roundtrip.

CPR Predecessors. Kingston & Pembroke added 1900 annual pass signed by last president of K&P just prior to CPR takeover.

Toronto, Grey and Bruce added a brief newspaper item. Thursday October 9, 1884. The annual meeting of the Toronto, Grey & Bruce Railway Company was held in the C.P.R. building, King Street West, Toronto. The secretary read the report of the past year, in which it was stated that the lease to the Ontario & Quebec Railway Company had gone into operation on the first of August last and that the company's account from that date had been merged with the O&Q. The annual rental is $140,000, which is provided to be paid to the TG&B half-yearly and will be applied direct to paying 4% on the $3.5 million bond issue.

CNR Predecessors: Canadian Northern Ontario added old photo of first passenger train from Trenton to Toronto. October 9, 1911.

Photographs: Galleries:

Trains: CNR steam added a pair of photos of a Hudson and a Northern side-by-side waiting to leave with passenger trains. New contributor Jim Hinkhouse.
CNR old diesel added colour photo of one year old FP9A 6534 leading No.4 Continental.
CPR old diesel. Added several great old colour photographs of Montreal passenger diesels in the 1950's inc. 1400's, 1800's and a one-year old Budd Car. A detailed explanation of the assignment of 1400 series diesels in 1954 between Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Havelock, Owen Sound and Windsor.
ONR new gallery starts with a old view of the Polar Bear Express by new contributor
Dave Hewitt

Locomotives: CPR Steam. Added a large number of great old colour photographs of Montreal passenger steam in the 1950's! Including one of a 1200 with wooden suburban coaches as well as 2400's and 2800's on suburban and intercity trains. Also, 2860 back when it was preserved for display and 2863 the second to last Royal Hudson in 1953. Both in Vancouver. Also, a lot more D10's plus P1 5114 and P2 5449. One-of-a-kind 2-8-0 camelback 1026. Added unidentified photo of 3000 series Jubilee with train of matched lightweight equipment.

Industrial Locomotives. Added several units courtesy of Gord Hilderman ( Alberta: Dow 1001, Esso 903, Louis Dreyfus 2008 and 2009. ADM 8316. Manitoba: Manitoba Paper 101. Saskatchewan Huskey Energy 3525.
Also, BC added IDC Distribution Services 001 a "Green Kid" hybrid battery unit ex CP 8134 SW1200RS.

Facilities: CPR New pages showing Vancouver Yards from new contributor Leif Sorensen courtesy of Andy Cassidy. Including an aerial view circa 1953 with a detailed description of yards and facilities.

Rolling Stock: Dominion Atlantic. New album started includes two old photographs of a 36 foot wooden box car and Business Car Nova Scotia. This car became UCRS Nova Scotia and was used on railfan excursions out of Toronto. It has for many years been part of Ossawippi Express Dining Cars in Orillia.

October 3,2009

Articles: CPR Bruce Division feature added a great photo of an old 1907 map showing much of Orangeville Yard including The Superior Portland Cement plant. The map was found and photographed by new contributor Dan Dell'Unto.

CPR Trenton Division added old photo of 776 on a local (likely the Trenton Pickup if it existed back then, otherwise a way freight) switching in Oshawa.
Added 9020 RDC on the remainder of the former Pool train between Ottawa and Toronto abbreviated to Peterboro-Toronto.

Canadian National Railways. Newfoundland Railways Added photo of a wooden coach and unique Newfoundland-only NF210 diesels.

General: Tourist railways. Added photo of historical plaque for Huntsville and Lake of Bays.

Photographs: Galleries: Trains.

CNR trains: Old diesels. Added 2217 Fairbanks-Morse H16-44 1600 hp road switcher in colour working freight in 1962. This was the last F-M unit for CNR except for a single H24-66 Train Master built two months later.

Steam locomotives;
CNR predecessor roads
added four GTR engines and one CGR.
CNR new page for Mogul type 2-6-0's, also added more Ten-Wheeler, (all before I was born!).1212 at Palmerston in World War II. Along with two H-6-c ex CNoR engines with much different appearance of supposedly identical engines. Plus, four H-10-a ex GTP engines. Added 6069 part of an order of only 20 new engines of 4-8-2 wheel arrangement which came along long after the 4-8-4. Added three more 2-8-0's including one of 55 built for Canadian Northern by Canada Foundry in Toronto. Many CNoR engines came from CF more than any other road.

CPR steam. Added six more shots of D9's in Armstrong, BC. A little repetitious but interesting considering the years (1941-42) and location in Southern BC. Added some more D10's including older 600 and 700's; more old photos all taken before I was born!

Diesel locos.

CNR Old diesels: Add two rare export models GMD G8 and G12 (ex L&PS). New contributor Phil Mason. also F-M CLC H12-64 (Canadian-only model) and H12-44. All in colour. Added 7007 part of their first order of SW9's. Also, 4800 first GP7 and 9110 F7A all in old colours.

CPR old diesels: Added RS-3 8446 in old colours.

US Roads in Canada added NYC 1291 one of two 4-6-0's built at the St.Thomas shops both of which lasted until the end of steam. Added a colour photo of D&H 17 (Alco PA4) and CPR 1801 (EMD E8A) meeting outside Montreal. The only line in Canada where US and Canadian roads both operated A-1-A wheel arrangement passenger units.

Rolling Stock: CNR added a transfer van and newer auxliiary crane 50387.
CPR Non-revenue equipment, added BC 15 sister to Car 13 Cape Race saved by UCRS.
TH&B new gallery starts with X762 old wooden combine used on the auxiliary.

Facilities: CNR added a big monster-like coal tower believed to have been located in Portage la Prairie. Can you provide confirmation?

Canada Industrial Locomotives, Alberta add another Lafarge Cement unit 1749 and IBS 7024 at Scotford. What does IBS stand for? This is ex CN 7024 by new contributor Dave Horwath Jr. BC added old long-gone ex CP diesel-hydraulic 14 at Crestbrook Forest Inds. in Canal Flats looking pretty forlorn. It lasted awhile longer then lay derelict for years until the sawmill closed in 1998. New contributor Bill Hooper.

Quebec Added Smurfit-Stone Container 2 an old Alco S-1 waiting for roller bearing wheelsets to be applied for movement back to the US apparently for preservation as it was originally Louisville & Nashville. Current location unknown. New contributor Sean Kelly. Also, added photo of two Port of Montreal units, one of four MP15AC rare for Canada units and a slug converted from a GTW GP9.

Ontario Industrial Locomotives: See What's New in this gallery.

Interurban Railways: CNR Interuban. Added two views of CN commuter train at Mont Royal hauled by two out of three newer 86 ton electric locos.
London & Port Stanley added old post card of Port Stanley station.
Montreal & Southern Counties added caboose 509 one of three none of which were pictured in the M&SCRy. booklet published by BRS. Also, Express car 501 in colour.

Shortlines: Gallery of more recent locomotives added a shot of MLW S-13 114 on a one-horse Quebec shortline, Chemin de Fer Lanaudiere, owned by Bell-Gaz a large independent distributor of propane gas in the Lanaudiere region. It is part of a former CPR branchline connecting with the former CPR Quebec City-Montreal main line now operated by Quebec-Gatinueau. Last year this unit required repairs and was replaced by an RS-18 which we need a photo of.

Inspection automobiles: Added ONR M72 a rare Checker, a small auto maker in Michigan more commonly used in the US as a taxicab.


August 5, 2009

CPR Trenton Division is the latest feature article to be revamped by David Bridge.

CPR Bruce Division Branches: Added old 1920's maps of yard facilities at Cataract, Elora. and Teeswater. Also, 1954 aerial view of Owen Sound.

CPR London Division. Created a new page for the Toyota Woodstock spur serving their new automobile assembly plant. Includes the new Wolverton Yard built to support Toyota account the existing small yard in Woodstock is unsuitable due to its size and location. It was planned to have additional tracks built that would replace the old Galt Yard which handles Toyota Cambridge traffic. Budget cuts due to the bad economy stopped this. All photos from the ever-generous Walter Pfefferle

CPR Toronto Division: Replaced a number of missing old photos of Parkdale Yard under construction.

Photographs: Main page (scroll down) Canadian Utilities portable power plant added link to it preserved as Saskatchewan Power Corp.
Shortlines: Newer images: Added brand new photo of MLW M-420R Thunder Rail 2004, a one-horse shortline in Saskatchewan.
CNR steam: Started a new page for Ten-Wheeler type and added another Pacific type 5080 displayed at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
CPR steam: Added Selkirk 5935 preserved at Exporail.
Industrial diesel, Saskatchewan. Added two brand new photos of former Sask Power GE 23-tonner and 80-tonner at Saskatchewan Railway Museum.
Industrial steam, other provinces. Added Manitoba & Saskatchewan Coal 6166 preserved as CPR 2166.
Also, Old Sydney Collieries 25 on display at Exporail.
Logging railways steam: BC added new photo of Elk Falls Co. Ltd. Shay operating at Canada Science and Technology Museum.

July 9, 2009

CPR London Division is the latest feature article to be redone by David Bridge.
It includes a new page for the now defunct "frame train".
Including one photo from new contributor Aivo Merimets.
Still looking for photos of this train on the main line especially older scenes with cab control car.

Articles: CPR Toronto Division. Added an interesting old aerial view of the downtown area. Artist's view of Strachan Avenue proposed grade separation bridge.
John Street engines. Added two great old colour photos of a spotless 2465 sitting on the shop track and another one pulling the "Buffalo".
Also, 3666 another 2-8-0 used for yard and local work.

Toronto Terminals Railway. Added three brand new views looking east beyond Union Station taken from CN Tower also one of the new platform by new contributor Wayne Shaw.

Toronto: Independent Bus Lines added another old colour photo of former Hollinger and Danforth buses.

Photographs: Galleries: Locomotives CPR steam added several World War II photos of D9's on branchline trains in southern BC's Okanagan area. Also, 345 during recent 122nd anniversary event at Drake Street roundhouse. This engine pulled the first train into Vancouver on May 23, 1887. Also, 3101 in its early years and displayed in Regina. January 22, 2005. 144 and 2850 displayed at Exporail. Plus, builder's photo of P2 5440 at MLW and one of sister engine 5444 waiting scrapping at Ogden. The beginning and the end, less than a decade apart compared to a more common half-century life span for steam locomotives.
CNR added another Pacific 5574 ex GTR at Mimico. 6401 getting ready on the shop track at Spadina back in 1942. Also, added page for new wheel arrangement 2-8-2 Mikado. One S-1 "Mike" became well-known: 3254!
ONR steam added 314
Facilities: CNR. Two photos added of long-gone CN Express office and shed at West Toronto.

Industrial steam in Quebec added rare photo of Thurso & Nation Valley 3 a Climax geared engine.


CPR Toronto Division

This feature article is the second one to be revised by David Bridge. We hope you will enjoy it.
It has been added to many times over the years since it was originally written and is worth having a fresh look at it. There are hundreds of links throughout this article. Should you find one broken, please tell us.


June 1, 2009

CPR Travel added old picture of Kicking Horse Tea Room.
CPR Bruce Division added old colour slide of Woodbridge, a "train free" view at the end of steam. Up the branch at the Forks of Credit is a long-abandoned Crows Nest quarry spur. Recent photo by new contributor Craig Raeburn
CPR Lambton Yard added two more old photos (top of page) of West Toronto back shops.
CPR London Division yard engine gallery; added 6701 in CP Rail paint scheme with Multimark on cab.

CNoR Ontario: Added map of Bonarlaw area and photo of Rosedale yard c.1920.

Trains: CNR diesels added many photos in old colours.

Locomotives: CNR steam new pages for Consolidation type, Mountain and Pacific's, another photo of 6400, and two of 0-6-0 7411. Several nice old colour photographs by new contributor Bob Krone including CPR steam and RDC's.
CPR steam added 2822 and 2823 Royal Hudsons in Montreal commuter service near the end of steam along with G3 2459 in an interesting platform scene. G5 1256 in a great colour scene with a local passenger train.

CPR Diesel: Added a great colour scene of Dayliner train at Montreal West.

T&NO/ONR added some more photos, Ten-wheeler 200, streamlined Pacific 700, plus Northern's 1100 and 1101.

Quebec Industrial diesels: Added Holcim Z100 (formerly, Ciment Independant) Joliette, MLW S-11 (re-engined 1987 AAM) ex CPR 6622 second last 660hp unit on roster. New contributor Louis Letourneau.
Ontario Industrial diesels. See What's New in This Gallery?
Ontario Industrial Steam: Added a little-known, long-forgotten operation, Atwood Cement near Listowel. New contributor Steve Hosel.

Rolling stock: CNR started a new page for freight equipment beginning with an old standard from the early 1900's, a 36 foot wooden box car still in revenue use in the 1950's. Also, added a great old colour wooden van, plus a great old black and white photo showing early piggyback trailer loaded on a flatcar.
CPR; added two more old 36 foot wooden box cars.

Facilities: CNR added two great 1960's aerial views of Mimico Yard (Toronto) plus, photo of large steel water tank and trackside standpipe. Also, typical yard floodlight tower.

CPR Trenton Division added top map of Bonarlaw area.


9th Anniversary

May 1st 2009 is the ninth anniversary of the Old Time Trains web site of Canadian railway history and stories. To mark this date the web site is being redesigned beginning with the feature article on CPR Lambton Yard. Like many features it has been added to many times over the years and a reorganization to make it easier to follow was warranted. This first redesigned article is the work of David A. Bridge who has already been doing great work digitally restoring a number of old images for other articles often without the benefit of the original photograph or negative. We invite you to re-read about the place where I began railroading in the steam era and while I worked at many different places on the Toronto Division, it was also the place I ended 40 years of railroading. As always, your contributions and comments are welcome. Enjoy!
Raymond L. Kennedy

Articles: Shortlines: Temiscouata. History by Wendell Lemon of an old shortline that remained independent and "diesel free" until the end. Originally published in Branchline February 2009.

Photographs: Stations: CPR Toronto Division. Parkdale, added details of its closure.
Industrial Locomotives; BC Logging steam. Added 3 Vancouver Island engines, Hillcrest Lumber 9, a 50-ton Climax, Mayo Lumber 3 and Osborne Bay Wharf 1, both Shays.
All three still exist at least one of which is serviceable.
CNR Facilities: Added an old style weigh scales and an ice house.
CPR Facilities: Added a 1926 aerial view of Hochelaga Yard.

March 25, 2009

Articles: CPR Algoma District Schreiber Division. D'Arcy Furlonger is back with more photographs including General Motors demonstrator diesels in 1949 and the first covered wagons that dieselized the rugged Schreiber Division. And, who knew Jubilees once worked here? A lot has been added everywhere so, you really need to check out everything.
CPR Trenton Division station gallery added three missing stations Cobourg, Colborne and Grafton from Cobourg Images. Thanks to Doug Hately for drawing attention to this interesting web site.
CPR Lambton Yard added new page to West Toronto shops page for the auxiliary.
CPR predecessors. Toronto, Grey & Bruce corrected details of former ownership of their Queen's Wharf facilities in Toronto previously said to have been originally owned by the OS&H. Thanks to Stephen Otto for his research surrounding Old Fort York, it is now known these facilities, including a unique cruciform shaped brick engine house, had been built by the GTR for their line westward from Toronto before Spadina. 1856 map added showing GTR ownership.
Shortlines: Mattagami added roster shot of nice little Mogul 100 on this really short, shortline!
Toronto Terminals. A rewrite and big addition to this feature article of about 50 old photographs of the construction of the Waterfront Viaduct which completely changed the whole downtown.

Radial Railways: TSR. Added two old top maps showing Woodbridge radial line, one marked by Bob Sandusky showing connecting track to CPR.

Photographs: Galleries. Locomotives: CNR steam added two more Northerns including 6400 in colour from new contributor Merritt Mullen and on display at the 1939 World's Fair.
CPR added three 1950's photos of Selkirks in Field during the transition between steam and diesel. CPR Toronto Division: John Street gallery added 6269 just out-shopped by Angus.
ONR new gallery for T&NO/ONR steam.
Rolling stock: CNR work equipment new page. Constable eyes up the photographer in one of these shots at Leaside shops!
CPR: More old 1950's photos of freight and service equipment, inc. many "big hooks".
Facilities: CNR added a crossing gateman's tower.
Stations: CPR London Division added two recent images of the GO Streetsville station.

February 9, 2009

Gulf Pulp & Paper had one of the last steam operations in Canada. This was a short nine mile long non-common carrier railway located in Quebec on the north shore of the St.Lawrence River near Sept Iles of QNS&L fame. It ran between their mill in Clarke City and the port of Pointe Noire,Quebec. Steam operated until a used 70-tonner was acquired in October 1963.
It is said a coal supply problem led to the diesel being acquired. The line was abandoned in1968. Its remote location, especially before construction of the Iron Ore Company of Canada's Quebec North Shore & Labrador Railway meant few outside the area knew of its existance. Very little was written about the QP&P in railfan publications. In the days before e-mail and the internet news travelled slowly if at all and with steam locomotives all over Canada railfans were more interested in what they knew about and could reach easily.

Renewed interest came with the publication of an article by Colin J. Churcher in the January 2009 issue of Branchline about the Dominion Construction Corporation in Deeks, Ontario. Two of their steam locomotives went to GP&P, identical 0-6-0's 38 and 48. Both still exist! The latter is displayed in Clarke City while the 38 moved all over the place including Mount Forest home of Christian Bell Porcelain makers of many well known collector plates with a railway motif.

A search for more information about the elusive little railway began and with the help of retired fellow CPR railroader and long-time friend Bruce Chapman his e-mail contacts quickly located a former QNS&L railroader who took colour photos of the GP&P as well as a former CP Rail employee who now railroads in Sept Iles and lives the proverbial stone's throw away from where 48 is displayed! Talk about a small world! Thanks to all who shared including Bruce, Bill Thomson, Don Mc.Queen and new contributors Dave Page and Michel D'Aoust.

Still looking for more photos especially 38 at Quebec City, Mount Forest and Finger Lakes as well as rolling stock and diesels. Pulp mill and docks and anything else.

Articles: CPR Algoma District, Schreiber Division. New feature, mainly a gallery of photographs taken over the years in Schreiber. Tells the story of dieselization. D'Arcy Furlonger provided all the photos and much detail of the transition from steam to diesel.

Articles: CPR London Division; Locomotive gallery 4: Added two interesting photos of MLW M-630's on westbound freights at the Junction in old colour scheme with script lettering. New contributor Dave Burroughs.
CPR Toronto Division. Added old view taken from Yonge Street of North Toronto team track.
CPR Trenton (and Bruce) Port Mc.Nicoll line added two views of the grain elevators in Port about a century apart! An old postcard showing construction and a photo showing its demolition. Both from new contributor Scott Garrett.
CPR Trenton Division gallery2 added photo of 4207 and 4208 a pair of C-424's two days old! Likely their first trip. Contributed by Doug Hately.

Interurban and Street Railways. Added what is mostly a photograph gallery with a brief history outline of the Toronto & York Radial Ry. Metropolitan Division, later TTC Lake Simcoe Line.

Photographs: CPR steam. Added 6952 one of only three 0-10-0's each with a different style tender. CPR Rolling Stock; Added new page for freight equipment and another for cranes. covering all types including those used on auxiliary trains sent to wrecks, locomotive cranes that pull cars and small Burro cranes used mostly for maintenance of way work. New contributors Andy Cassidy and Carl Schnurr. Service equipment. Added steam pile driver 400000.
CPR Facilities: Added aerial view of Ottawa West roundhouse.
CNR steam. Added a Central Vermont 2-10-4 only 10 CNR engines of this wheel arrangement.
Ontario Industrial diesels: Added colour photo of CASCO No.7 an old MLW S-4 that wound up at the Hull, Chelsea & Wakefield (stillborn tourist RR).
Shortline steam. New gallery begins with Maritime 5 ancient Ten-Wheeler. Steam until the end.
Industrial Steam Other than Ontario. Add Manitoba Paper 30 Mogul built for China and never delivered. Became Abitibi Power & Paper at Iroquois Falls, Ont. logging railway. Transferred to Manitoba Paper (owned by Abitibi) where it operated very late (July 1963) as plant switcher. Still exists.
Toronto Streets; Yonge. Added view from Adelaide Street circa 1900. local delivery trucks. Added Canadian Transfer truck handling travellers luggage between hotels and Union station. Gallagher & Co. (fruit, fish market delivery truck).


January 16, 2009

Articles: CPR Bruce Division Branches added a brief news item about a runaway freight train going down the steep grade to the Horseshoe Curve fortunately, this time there was no wreck.
CPR Toronto Division added three photos of brand new (1953) Dayliners on public display at the long-closed North Toronto station just prior to their introduction on a new, faster schedule of the "Bullet" between Toronto and London a favourite of London businessmen. New contributor Jim Parker. John Street engines. Added photo of TH&B passenger units for Buffalo train..
CPR Trenton Division Nephton Branch added a colour photo showing the rugged beauty of the area around the mine at Nephton. Two others. New contributor Jim Moloney.
CPR Lambton Yard added 1950's photo of the back shops at West Toronto.
Shortlines: Algoma Central. Added 1974 photo of yard engine 141 switching passenger train. New contributor Tom Farence.
Sudbury Area mining railways. Added photo of INCO 112 more than 35 years old and still working it was their first 100 ton electric.
General: TTC: Added a link to the Woolworth's lunch counter menu of 1960 in the Junction street scenes showing major TTC track work after take over of TSR. This was your low cost snack choice while shopping in the years before Mc.Donald's inside Wal Mart!

Photographs: CNR old diesels added a whole bunch of stuff, have a look.
CPR Steam. Added several old colour slides including D10 1078 working the yard in Assiniboia, SK; 1278 when it just another Twelve Hundred and 5130 and 2331 as well as some Selkirks transferred off the mountains all taken by new contributor retired CPR operator Ron Bearman. He also shot the first diesel powered train passing through his station with a pair of brand new MLW covered wagons. He also took black and white photos including G2 and G5 class engines. Note: Only G2 out of 166 engines preserved is 2634 in Moose Jaw. Interior views of cab by new contributor Rob Kirkham.
More, including a rare view of a rare engine. 209 one of only three 4-4-2 Atlantic types at the old Mountain Street roundhouse in Montreal which was later replaced by the Glen.
Also, a pair of high-driver ten-wheelers hauling a Royal Train in 1927. Plus, Eight-wheeler from the 19th Century an ex QM&O engine. All from new contributor Kevin Day.
Two very rare photographs showing passenger engines painted in freight colours.
The first, Royal Hudson 2834 from new contributor Dave Spiegelman and Jubilee type 2911 both Western Lines engines painted at Weston shops in Winnipeg in the last years of steam.
Plus, added a photo of the tripleheader to the 136 page.
Industrial Locomotives: BC: Added Crown Zellerbach 4097 (ex D&H) RS-3 on the Comox Logging & Railway on VI.

Links: Added link to an interesting new web site for Theme Trains which includes the
1939 Royal Train, The Rexall Train of 1936 and the Discovery Train of 1978-80.

December 17, 2008

Articles: CPR Toronto added a winter scene of work equipment stored at John Street.
General: Early Diesels part Two added an old colour photo of Rock Island 1006 a 75 ton Whitcomb rejected by CNR. General Motors Diesel adding some interesting photos and clippings of the first EMD road diesels demonstrating on the CPR hauling The Dominion. New contributor Andy Cassidy.

Stories: Turning Back the Pages of the Tattered Little Note Book By Bruce E. Mercer added an old photo of SW1 Pere Marquette 11 in early paint scheme.

Photographs: Galleries: CPR Toronto Yard added photo of ex DAR 6560-6561 at Moose Jaw in CP Rail Action Red paint scheme after transferred to Western Lines.
Electric: A new gallery for the independent Cornwall Street Railway, Light & Power Co. .. Industrial steam in BC another shot of 0-6-0 PCT 4012.
Locomotive Galleries: Industrial: Saskatchewan added second page with several photos also, Manitoba added two photos of Canada's only 15-tonner by new contributor Roman Litarchuk. Quebec added better photo of Port of Montreal 7601 one of only two SW1001's in Canada.
New gallery for PGE steam. begins with their first "big" engine, 2-8-0 51. CPR old diesels added 7066 Baldwin in Script and 4057 Fairbanks-Morse A unit still in block lettering paint scheme. Also, one-of-a-kind 4711 Caterpillar engined M636 from new contributor Bob Heathorn.
CPR steam
added many new images, some quite old including the famous Atlantic 4-4-2's built especially to compete with Canada Atlantic fast passenger service between Montreal and Ottawa. The first engine built at the New Street shops 4-4-0 285. Plus: 0-8-0's and 2800's and 5900's and P1's. And, proof that there is "nothing new under the sun" two examples of Distributed Power, back in the steam era!
CNR steam likewise. 0-6-0's .. Northern's .. CNR old diesels F3A 9000 preserved at ARM.
Note: Most thumbnails have several images attached to them and while the thumb itself may not change new images may be there for you to view. Check them out.
Train Galleries: CPR old diesels: Added rare RDC-4 on the Sudbury-White River run.
US Roads in Canada CPR-B&M Pool added more material and images to Buffet-Parlor-Observation 6611.
Inspection cars: Added two DAR vehicles inc. one from new contributor Mike Bradley.

Links: Added a link to the DAR DPI (Dominion Atlantic) site which is well worth a visit.

Articles: CPR London Division Branches added old and new photos at Blyth on the Goderich Sub. showing stations before/after as well as CPR and CNR rights-of-way in service and abandoned. Regular freight between Goderich and Aberdeen used TH&B unit for ease of maintenance following CP Rail taking full control of TH&B. Old water tank from steam era.
CPR Toronto Division. Added some photos of old and new North Toronto stations.
CPR predecessors: Credit Valley added 1883 map.
General: Early Diesels Added photo of armoured unit 9000 in passenger service along with interesting details of its history.

Photographs: Galleries: CNR Interurban. Added a new gallery for the famous Niagara, St.Catharines & Toronto interurban railway and another for the Quebec, Railway Light and Power. While not a true interurban, the Mount Royal Tunnel electric operation for Montreal commuter service is a long-lived interesting operation. Only one photo each for the last two galleries, more welcome. Locomotives: CNR old diesel added unique Tempo units, and RDC-4. Also, GT 8200 part of the last order of ten MLW S4's from new contributor Kevin Piper. Plus; MLW S7 and S13 units. New gallery for NAR starts off with two of a total of ten 2-10-0's and 2-8-0 73 back when it was just another steam engine. CNR steam added some Northerns including the famous 6218 when it too was just another steam engine. Plus, a new gallery of CNR steam trains starting off with a great shot of Hudson 5702 also Northern 6168 taking water and streamlined Northern 6402. CPR steam added two more 0-6-0's.
Ontario Industrial see What's New in this gallery?

Articles: CPR Bruce Division. Added some more newspaper clippings from 100 years ago about the difficulties of winter railroading north of Orangeville. Also, a small item about tiny Melancthon Station getting three telephones! new

July 9, 1908 was the official opening date for three CPR branches in Southern Ontario yet, special passenger excursion trains had already been operated on all three lines on July 1st. Examples of conflicting dates for the opening of a particular line and reasons why.

General: Toronto Terminals Railway did a rewrite of part of this article to add details of Toronto stations prior to the creation of the TTR.

Toronto Streets. Lambton added old photo of Lambton House.

Stories: Turning Back the Pages added another photo of C&O 8401 SW1 in Chessie System paint scheme by new contributor Ron Cady.

Photographs; Galleries; Ontario Industrial: See: What's New in This Gallery.
CPR steam
added cab interior views of P2 Class 5468 taken recently by new contributor Rob Brown. US Roads in Canada added a great old 1879 photo of a Canada Southern 4-4-0 at St.Thomas before the CPR got there. Also, two old photos of NYC 0-10-0's that worked the hump (first in Canada) at Windsor, Ontario. Two built by MLW and one by Brooks (Alco) in USA, these were the only 0-10-0's built in Canada for a US road. In fact, there were only three other 0-10-0's built in Canada all built by the CPR for Winnipeg hump another very early hump (rider) yard. In additon, there were four 0-10-0T's (later, converted to 0-10-0's) especially built for the St.Clair tunnel operation. Ten-drivered steam locomotives were not that common as both CNR (not counting ten 2-10-4's on CV) and CPR had slightly less than 100 each.

CPR Toronto Division added an aerial view of John Street roundhouse and car shop in 1983.

CPEL Added an old colour postcard image of GP&H interurban car crossing the Speed River as it leaves Preston.

Photographs: Stations: CPR Toronto Division added a poor quality photo of Dixie. If anyone has a better photo, please send it along.

CPR London Division yard engine gallery add D&H 6702 an SW8 with a long history and still going after more than half a century!

CPR Toronto Division; John Street engines added a great old photo of 7020 and 7027 in early paint scheme sitting on the table back in 1952. Also, a pair of FP7A's 1420 and 1421 also on the table. These passenger units were geared for 89 mph, the fastest on the CPR, they worked The Canadian as well as Toronto-Hamilton during layover. And, a personal favourite for their appearance, the five MLW FPA2 pasenger units is represented by 4094.

Great Lakes Steamship service added another colour view of S.S.Assiniboia with passengers embarking after a short walk from the Steamboat train at the Port Mc.Nicoll summer station.

Shortlines: CANDO Contracting latest switching contract is the Imperial Oil refinery in East Edmonton. Added a photo by new contributor Tim Stevens of the two units assigned there CCGX 1004 and 1005 ex CP 1209 and 1207 SW1200RSu. acquired for that contract. Note: Cando recently (December 2007) sold Athabasca Northern back to CN for $25 Million!

Ontario Southland added photos of OCS long hopper and box car.

Toronto Terminals Railway added recent photo of Scott Street tower.

Photographs: Galleries:

Stations: CPR Bruce Division added a better quality photo of Meadowvale circa 1920.

Locomotive Galleries: Long-time contributor L.B. (Bruce) Chapman (CPR Ret.) continues with a number of CPR steam photographs. Ten-wheelers added D 4 class 444 and D 10 DAR 999 with two different tenders and later as a CPR engine at Lambton shop along with ex DAR 555 after being sold to Canadian Gypsum. Also, 2222 "four duces" G1 at John Street back in 1936. Compare tenders with 2201.

CPR Diesels begins the addition of a number of different models of early units in old paint schemes. Special thanks to Wilco van Schoonhoven whose web site includes a roster of hundreds of photos over the years.

Shortlines Gallery older units; added ACR GP7 157.

Ontario Industrial added Acton Limestone Quarries 60 ex Lehigh Valley 44-tonner shown at Mac Yard possibly on a move between locations. Pinecrest, on the south side of Highway 7 next to CN Mac Yard was a distribution facility and Limehouse (Acton) was their quarry. New contributor John Vincent. Canada Crushed Stone added electric motor 10.

Quebec Industrial added a very colourful AMF 1251 at the former CN Pointe St. Charles shops and an old RS-2 (built for Roberval & Saguenay) at Quebec North Shore Paper in Baie Comeau an isolated line. Both from new contributor Pierre Fournier.

BC Industrial gallery 2 added Western Forest Products 302 (formerly, Canfor) one of only three GMD SW1200RS equipped with dynamic brakes.


CPR London Division Branch Passenger Service page added an interesting photo of the Goderich-Guelph mixed train with D10 886 from new contributor Paul Charland.


Independent Bus Lines added a brief rememberance by a former West York Coach driver along with a 1946 photo of a group of drivers by new contributor Bill Worthington plus a colour photo of a group of old Hollinger, Danforth and Roseland buses after the TTC takeover by another new contributor Pete Coulman.

Photographs: Galleries:
Station Galleries; CPR Trenton Division added 4 views of Lens a tiny point that has since disappeared. New contributor Andre Gerow.

Industrial Locomotives: Saskatchewan added a tiny diesel once used by Ag-Pro.

CPR Steam added another photo of 2582 in this one it is a London engine and now has a standard size tender replacing the original, small one.
Bud Laws, another frequent contributor adds three types of ten-drivered steam engines; R3 class 2-10-0's and S2 class 2-10-2's both of these types were used in road and yard service. Both were low-drivered (58" diameter) engines not noted for speed. In fact, the very powerful 5800's were so slow on the mainline in the mountains they hindered traffic and eventually had to be transferred to other service. Plus, the famous T1 class Selkirk 2-10-4's starting with semi-streamlined 5922 and the very last one, 5935. Jubilees are represented by a builders photo of 3002 (until something better shows up) and 2912. The CPR had the only 4-4-4's in Canada and just two were in the US, one on the famed Baltimore & Ohio. Aside from the very high speed 3000's (112 1/2 mph!) the smaller 2900's were only ordered once, 20 engines. Their utility was limited by their low tractive effort of only 26% compared to 46% for the G3 Pacifics and 34% for the light G5 class 1200's.


CPR London Division (scroll down) added P2 steam engine 5375 once a Lambton engine. Also, images of the Road Railer operated for Triple Crown (Norfolk Southern). In the yard engine gallery added 6700 after going through the Ten Year Rebuild Program for yard units. Although no longer a London Division unit it was added here for comparison. After the first year and only four 6700's of the 21 units this part of the program was cancelled due to their low horsepower. It later became a "Daughter" 1010.

CPR Lambton yard added two old colour photos of 8921 Empress of Agincourt.

Ontario Southland: Added a photo of ballast train finishing work on new runaround track.

Photographs: Galleries:

CPR steam
added many engines including 1111 last of hundreds of D-10's. Also, G2 with small tender and details of many variations of these engines and, some images of N2 and P1 class engines showing differences over the years. Added old style P2 5394. Plus, more 2800's including very early views showing the original streamlined stack cowl with built in illuminated number boards and before receiving a Royal crown designating it as a Royal Hudson. These from the Joe Boreskie. John Street added an old photo of 5750 a 2-10-0 transfer engine by new contributor Ted Mangnall.
CPR Facilities added an interesting 1955 colour photo showing the modern style of coaling plant, this one at Ottawa West however, Orangeville had the same style as did other locations. Included in this scene is G2 class 2582 with small 5,000 gallon tender and new RS-10 8481.
Ontario Industrial. Added an old steam shovel at St.Mary's Cement.

CPR Bruce Division Branches added three great old photos unearthed by Ralph Beaumont showing a never before seen view of the old turntable and yard in Orangeville; as well as a view of a passenger train at Cataract Junction and another of a train crew at an unknown location. Also, added some century old newspaper articles about trains being snowbound near Laurel.

Photographs: Galleries. Other (besides Toronto) Hump Yards added newer hump engines when SD40's replaced old GP's. (scroll down to bottom of page)

Library: Narrow Gauge Through the Bush. A great new book just published all about two Ontario narrow gauge railways from years gone by: Toronto and Nipissing and the famous Toronto, Grey & Bruce. Well worth buying!

Articles: CPR Toronto and CPR Trenton Division added more views of K1 class 4-8-4's.
Great Lakes Steamship added a link to an old home movie posted on You Tube showing the S.S. Kewatin and Assiniboia and Steam Boat train at Port Mc.Nicoll in the 1950's.

Toronto Streets Keele and Weston Road added colour image of TTC 2132 at the north end of the Weston route from the Junction. Weston Plank Road. Also, two views of PCC's on PM rush St.Clair route extension up Weston Road which continued long after trolley coaches had replaced streetcars on the Weston route.

Photographs: Galleries: CPR Other Hump Yards: Added 8470 the only RS-10 modified for hump service. They simply ran out of RS-3's to convert!

December 2007

Articles: Shortlines: Ontario Southland Rolling stock galleries added several highway vehicles to the truck page, ballast regulator to track machines page and motor car to the track motor cars page from new contributor Drew De Bruyn.

Photographs: Galleries: Locomotives: TH&B. Added GP7 76 at Chatham Street roundhouse by new contributor Michael Donnelly. CPR Steam added another Ten-Wheeler D10g 930 with auxiliary tender a regular sight on the prairies. CPR Diesels added RS-18 8793 and RS-3 8445 both in Script letttering also RS-10 8477 in CP Rail Multimark. Snow plows in the Steam Era a new gallery started with two 1948 photos of a CPR D10 on the prairies, a time when "men were men!" New contributor Jack Gudmundson.

November 2007

Articles: CPR London Division added a separate page for the Listowel Branch with photo of the last run and additional research by new contributor Steve Hoshel.
General: Railway Mail added a great interior shot of restored CPR RPO 3618 displayed at Delson.

Photographs: Galleries: Locomotives: CPR Steam added an old photo of 136 at Ottawa back when it was just another engine. CPR Toronto Yard yard engine gallery added a recent shot of 5481 now in Brazil! Ontario Industrial see What's New in this Gallery.

October 2007

Articles: CPR Bruce Division: Added a page about Steam Motor Car used on Orangeville Sub. in 1908. Built for Montreal off-peak commuter service, its use in Toronto was unearthed by Derek Boles. Really unique one-of-a-kind self-propelled passenger car. It was not successful.
CPR Toronto Division: Added information in two places (Parkdale and John Street) regarding date (November 13, 1897) of closing of the ex CVR Parkdale roundhouse and opening of the new John Street roundhouse. Gallery of John Street engines added 2201.

Photographs: Galleries: CPR Steam added a page for G1 class 2200's and another for early G3 2300's. US Roads in Canada; added an old photo of a D&H passenger steam engine at the Glen.

September 2007

Articles: CPR. A new article about the Lake and River service of Southern British Columbia, a unique operation that linked many remote communities and isolated branches using sternwheeler steamers as well as tug boats and barges. BCCS added photos of the Motor Princess and Princess of Vancouver along with statistical data here and there throughout the article from new research.

CPR Trenton Division: The old Kick & Push still operated an RPO on the Mixed train.

General: Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting & Power Co. a unique isolated narrow gauge railway in northern BC long-gone.

Photographs: Galleries: Locomotives: CPR steam another G5 1289 one the last and assigned to Western Lines as were many of the CLC built G5's. Also, added four more Ten-Wheelers.
CPR old diesels: added 4563 back when it was just another "Big Alco".
CNR steam: Added GT 713 when it was just another Mogul.
Shortlines: Added ONR 1521 last of 22 covered wagons.
CNR Rolling stock: New album created starts with old photo of two plows.
CPR Rolling Stock: Added old photo of two plows waiting the call to duty.
Locomotives: Industrial: steam other logging: Added recent photo of M&B 1044 on display.

August 2007

Articles: CPR added history of Express Company. Also, British Columbia Coast Steamship Service, a unique part of the CPR's history. Includes a brief history of Grand Trunk Pacific Steamships/CNR in BC. CPR Bruce Division Branches added an old 1916 linen map of Walkerton station area from new contributor Jim Griffin. CPR Trenton Division added an old photo of 136 back when it was just another steam engine on the Kingston Mixed.

Photographs: Galleries added new section for Interurban railways with new gallery for CNR subsidiary Montreal & Southern Counties and link to existing gallery for London and Port Stanley Tourist Railways added page for Halton County Radial Ry. featuring L&PS 8 with interior views of this beautifully restored radial car from new contributor Stephen Rees.

Links: Added links to Canada Science and Technology Museum virtual exhibits. A Train Journey Through the Ottawa Valley featuring pictures from the Aubrey Mattingly collection. Also,
CNR Express and LCL freight trucks.

July 1, 2007

Articles: CPR added history of the Telegraph Department. CPR London Division Passenger Service added photo of last run of Number 21 on Saturday, April 25, 1964. see June entry (below) for more information re: change to RDC equipment. CPR Toronto Division added another old aerial view of Kodak plant in Mount Dennis now being demolished.

TTR added a recent photo of John Street Tower minus its roof and hidden beneath the footbridge leading to CN Tower but still very crucial to the operation of Union Station.

General: Stockyards added 1960 aerial view of Canada Packers etc. Toronto Streets local delivery trucks added a great old photo of Canadian Kodak truck in Mount Dennis.

June 1, 2007

Articles: CPR London Passenger Service added a new paragraph about #21 & 22 going to RDC's with discontinuance of the famed Bullet once powered by Jubilee type 4-4-4 3000's. Now only two trains of RDC's a day operated where not long before there were four. Includes a link to an article about Highway 401 which contributed to the decline of these passenger trains.

Interurban and Street Railways TTC The City of Toronto takes over. More reconstructoin street scenes of the Weston Route near the Junction.

Photographs: Galleries: CPR Diesel added 8763 with wrong way nose stripes like on 8921.
Also, Baldwin switcher 7065 in a nice nose view of its equipment etc. Facilities: CPR Added brand new photo of a very old water tank recently restored. Ontario Industrial Locomotives see What's New in This Gallery.

May 1, 2007 Seventh Anniversary of This Web Site!

Al Howlett is back with more of his old slides carefully restored. Find them throughout the links.

Articles: CPR Bruce Division added a 1974 view of the long-abandoned infamous horseshoe curve. Also, a 1973 view of Mac Tier shop area with the turntable almost hidden by weeds.
CPR London Division added two views of abandoned CNR branch diamond at Woodstock complete with a working block signal having nothing to stop!

Shortlines: CANDO's CEMR added two images from new contributor Curt Wakeman.

Interurban and Street Railways: Toronto Transportation Commission more old scenes in the Junction of track reconstruction work on Dundas after the TTC takeover. This was a very time consuming project organizing the images which were in random order in the TTC Collection in the City Archives plus researching the scenes themselves, which accounts somewhat for the lack of variety this month. Lots of interesting things to look at more than 80 years ago including double decker buses on Route 1. Later Years page shows PCC's in the 1960's in the Junction.

General: The Junction and It's Railways added an interesting old photo showing a horse drawn wagon riding along the streetcar tracks, one of the very few I have ever seen and proof of the reason for chosing the odd-ball gauge.

Photographs: Galleries: Locomotives: Shortlines: ETR 102 SW8 added. TH&B added new gallery for diesels starting with SW9 switcher 58. All Canada Industrial, British Columbia created another page to add a new photo of Western Forest Products 303 a unique SW1200RS with dynamic brakes on the Vancouver Island railway of pre-decessor CANFOR, the last remaining logging railway in Canada. Saskatchewan added IPSCO 4 ex LA Jct. Alco. Ontario Industrial see: What's New in This Gallery?

April 1, 2007

Articles: CPR Trenton Division added brief history of Agincourt. Also, old colour slide of Smiths Falls roundhouse. Station gallery a nice colour slide of Havelock.

Shortlines: North From The Soo a look back at the Algoma Central more than half a century ago. Also, added a new shot of former AC 140 now on new shortline showing street running.

General: Logging Railways in Ontario added a link to a web site about the Key Valley a little known 12 mile long non-common carrier that connected with the CPR at Pakesley.

Toronto Streets Yonge Street added an interesting old photo of cement trucks at work rebuilding the street after opening of the Subway. What is really interesting is a building in the background at 51 Yonge the Commercial Travellers Building. For many years commercial travellers rode the rails to gather wholesale orders for every kind of merchandise. This men dealt only with businesses unlike travelling salesmen who went door-to-door selling retail.

TTC new file starts with some old track construction scenes in the Junction from the TTC's first days. Keele Street and Weston Road.

Independent Bus Lines of Toronto area added new articles for Danforth Bus Lines, and Hollinger Bus Lines along with photos for previous articles on West York Coach Lines and Roseland Bus Lines.

Stories: Turning Back the Pages added a nice old colour slide of C&O 8401.

Photograph Galleries: CPR London Division yard engines gallery added old colour slides of GMD 6701 long-time London engine and Alco 7061 a Windsor engine. New gallery for facilities starting off with steam-era water tank and standpipe.
Stations: CPR Bruce Division and CPR Toronto Division added a century old photo of GTR Weston station courtesy of the Weston Historical Society. CPR Trenton added Havelock.
CNR old diesels added two old photos of the famed Panama Limited to go with the historically repainted E8. US Roads in Canada added an old colour shot of two D&H Alco PA's on the shop track at the Glen. If ever a diesel locomotive could be described as beautiful, this is it! CPR B&M Pool added B&M RDC-2 all that was left of the once famous Alouette. Shortlines: Added sharp colour shot of ETR 101 from Al Howlett's collection.
Ontario Industrial Locomotives finally found something to add see: What's New in This Gallery.

March 1, 2007

Articles: Added a new subsection to the index for interurban and street railways. Sir Adam Beck's Hydro Radial Railways proposal is included. It is interesting to speculate just what might have happened had these modern electric railways been built and had they survived the coming of the automobile and trucks as well as the Great Depression. Nearly a century later, would we have had fast efficient public transportation over much of Ontario that today would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the endlessly growing congestion that plagues our streets and highways?
Toronto Suburban added several more old photos plus local time table for 1918 and Weston Road Route schedule folder plus a little piece about Canadian Nitro-Products a WWI shell plant. Hamilton Area street and radial railways new link to material from the defunct Canada's Digital Collection. Brief item about the never-built Toronto, Niagara and Western radial railway of MacKenzie and Mann. Started a gallery of London & Port Stanley interurban cars.

CPR Bruce Division Branches added instructions from old employee time table of 1898 governing operating down steep grades. CPR London Division added another photo of Goderich turntable. CPR Toronto Division added rules page from old employee time table for 1898 governing Toronto Junction. CPR Trenton Division K&P page added date of the last run as well as altered final abandonment Order.

Canadian National Railways GWR GTR H&NW new links to material from the defunct Canada's Digital Collection site. Thousand Islands added photo of little CNR 77 spare unit in use.

General: The Junction and its Railways added a number of banks some of which had steam locomotives on the banknotes! Also, GTR suburban train time table 1891. Toronto Streets added a 1929 photo of a CP Express delivery truck.. Independent Bus Lines added Roseland Bus Line the second one serving The Junction.

Toronto Terminals Ry. added old 1896 plan and elevation drawing of addition of office tower to the old Union Station. Hamilton Industry new link to material from the defunct Canada's Digital Collection.

Photographs: Galleries: New gallery started for snow plows and spreaders, good photos of this interesting work are not all that common and help people to understand the work. New contributors Marc Caya and Frank Jolin start things off. Spreading the yard, a difficult task after a heavy snow fall and a derailed plow is proof of how dangerous this work is, by Rod Bushway. CNR old diesels added E9A 102 repainted in old colour scheme. CPR steam added nice old colour photo of 5429 at Broadview, Saskatchewan. CPR diesel added one-of-a-kind rebuilt RS-10s 8824.and in CP Rail portion added 7405 SW9 hump unit, this latter one from new contributor "Camcorder Sam" Sam Sponseller. Created a new gallery for TH&B steam locomotives starting with 5 from the depths of the Great Depression in 1932. Industrial Locomotives Quebec added two units at Abitibi-Consolidated including a very rare M-420TR ex Roberval & Saguenay 26 which resurfaced from obscurity after having been sold for scrap back in 2000 when R&S cleared out its Alco power. Tourist Railways: added former M&B 1077 2-6-2 steam engine working at Fort Steele. Shortlines: Added recent photo of the rarely photograped Romaine River Railway, an isolated ore carrier in Quebec.

Stations: CPR Bruce Division added a photo of the elusive Camp Borden station at its official opening from January 1944 Spanner, the first issue in magazine style. Goes with recently added view of W.W.1 station. CPR London Division added an old post card view of Goderich. CPR Toronto Division added very old photo of CVR Cooksville.

February 1, 2007 Articles: General: Something different this month. Take a look at the streets of Toronto in the first half of the 20th Century. An Index page provides links to many existing pages and new ones. Includes construction of Canada's first subway in Toronto, a really big deal at the time it has long been taken for granted and now often complained about! The construction scenes are interesting for what they show. People all wore hats back then except that workers didn't have hardhats. Some neat looking automobiles too! A look at the Junction in West Toronto including streetcars and radial cars that ran to Weston, Woodbridge and Guelph. The latter died early in the Great Depression. Had it survived there might not have been a need for the Georgetown GO trains, commuters could ride a fast LRT on a separate right-of-way into Toronto. Many of its industries were long lived, others less so, including the famous Russell Motor Car. Once a prosperous thriving place that was begun because of the coming of the CPR in the late 19th Century; it was the exit of the CPR in 1964 that began its downhill slide. When the CPR moved its shops out of West Toronto and its freight marshalling yard was replaced by a modern hump yard in Agincourt, thousands of good paying union jobs went with it. It continued with the closing of Canada Packers and the Ontario Stockyards. New big box stores and others on the site of the stockyards and housing where the Packers was keeps people away from the old Junction shopping area long without most name brand chain stores. Changing demographics has kept the Junction down as new construction goes elsewhere. CNR and CPR ended their passenger train service and you can't even get on or off a VIA or GO train in the Junction.

Toronto's Independent Bus Lines beginning with West York Coach Lines including the Eileen Avenue route which I rode as a kid. There are no known colour photos or slides of any of these buses. Can you help? Got any old black and white photos? Contact me if you have.

CPR Bruce Division added old colour photo of a Royal Hudson with TH&B Line equipment at Union Stn. CPR Toronto Yard added recent views of former ex NS/Sou long hood forward SD40 hump units sold off to NREX and now back at NS! Plus, older photos when Norfolk Southern owned and earlier yet when Southern owned. All photos from new contributor Mike Ray.

Shortlines: Algoma Central added photo of ex ACR 140 now on brand new shortline in USA from new contributor Rob Schreiner. Ontario Southland added recent photo switching Cargill in Mount Elgin.

Photographs: Main page added an old poster from 1880 advertising an excursion to Montreal. Galleries: Train Galleries: Created a new gallery of US Roads in Canada and it starts off with something I have been looking for for a long time, the D&H into Montreal, this one led by a pair of the famous Alco PA's! CNR old diesels. Added a nice old green scheme colour shot of Central Vermont time freight. CPR old diesels: added a nice old paint scheme RS-3 at Magog. Locomotives: CPR diesels, added an old paint colour shot of a CLC covered wagon, and a Baldwin road switcher. Plus, retired Train Master 8905 held for preservation. Also, in CP Rail Action Red three unit hump set S-2's and booster unit working St.Luc hump. Plus, 8766 showing the new style one piece solid pilot that became standard on newer road units.

Archives: Added CPR Perpetual 4% Consolidated Debenture Stock certificate issued in 1930.


Happy New Year!

January 1, 2007 Articles: Intermodal Pioneer added an old Spanner article about the start on December 1, 1952 of piggyback service between Montreal and Toronto. This was for CPR's LCL traffic using 20 foot trailers. This is also linked from the feature article CPR Trenton Division along with another Spanner article about the start of dedicated piggyback trains effective October 9, 1957. CPR London Division added an old Spanner article about display train of brand new Dayliners about to begin service. Long lines of people waited to see inside these never before seen stainless steel cars. CPR even ran a special train out of Toronto on a Bolton Turn just for reporters and they too came out in big numbers. What a difference; now the public hardly knows passenger trains even exist, especially other than commuter trains. Steam engine gallery 3 added 2409 now in freight service. CPR Toronto Division added three 1929 photos, an increadible difference showing a dirt road of Eglinton Avenue West which remained as a level crossing until the late 1950's. Kodak plant is here and presently under demolition having closed in early 2006. Also added several old photos 1926-7 showing area around Front & Spadina where a new bridge was built over the railway yard with streetcar tracks extended south on Spadina over a diamond with the Shed Lead as well TTC tracks on Front Street which already crossed the Shed Lead just east of there. A new subway is also shown which was part of the massive Viaduct grade separation project. Included in TTR Viaduct Gallery. In the stations gallery added a photograph more than a century old showing a two horsepower way of getting to the old North Toronto station or, in fact, to old Union Station as well. Another old photo shows a little bit of Bloor Yard. I have never seen a decent photo of the place.

CPR Lambton Yard added three great old photos from 1927 showing construction of TTC tracks on Runnymede Road . These streetcar tracks were never used! Also, some more equally old TTC photos to go with the Keele Subway shot of 1915 showing a far busier street complete with a streetcar and two different indepdendent bus companies vehicles as well as pedestrians all competing with the many automobiles that had since invaded the streets. Note too the drinking water fountain on the street, once a common sight, now, you could die of thirst looking for one!

Credit Valley added a very old public time table (1878) for Ingersoll-Woodstock.

Shortlines: OSR added a brand new photo of GEXR switching on new siding at AOC in Joint Area of GJR. Also, created a page to link various non-revenue equipment, cabooses, hopper and tank cars, car mover, track machines, trucks etc. Got any others?

General: New article A Brief History of Toronto and its Railways. Includes two very interesting old stock certificates, one for the Weston Plank Road and another for the Belt Land Company. Also linked in CPR Toronto Division. Grade Separations: Added street scenes showing Keele Subway 25 years later along with TTC streetcars and independent buses.

Cabooses added an old Spanner article from 1954 about new turret cupola cabooses.

Photographs: Galleries: Stations. CPR Toronto Don station added an old photo of the "new" Queen Street bridge. The station is difficult to see, just beyond the tower. Locomotives: CPR steam added several old colour images including an old Pacific equipped with an early form of HEP downgraded from Montreal commuter service and its replacement newer Pacifics; along with an old P1 freight engine and a neat old yard engine in Brownville Junction, Maine. Most of these 20 Baldwin built 2-8-0's lasted until the 1950's except for 3 including 3512 lost off a barge into the deep Slocan Lake in BC in 1947. CPR diesels, added two Baldwin yard engines in CP Rail paint, 7067 on the mainland and 7072 on the island at the E&N shops, an interesting compact facility suitable for a model railway. Also, 6592 MLW S-3 in Calgary from new contributor Richard Silagi and S-10 6612 from new contributor Rob Kitchen and 6613 when it was PGE 6613. Shortlines: added BBRX 7000 former Bombardier HR412 demonstrator from new contributor Patrick DeLarue.

December 1, 2006 Articles: CP Ships finally found a photo of a Duchess class ship, the Richmond, as well as a rare old photo of the famous and elusive Silk Train. Still don't have a Mont class ship.

CPR Toronto Division added plan for a proposed 1914 large station at the Don. Thanks to Derek Boles who unearthed this very interesting document. Added a small page of New Toronto industrial history with a link to the local historical society for further history. Weston page, added an old aerial view of the Kodak plant in Mount Dennis, recently closed, a victim of changing technology. The large site will be a prime residential redevelopment. Both of these pages can also be viewed from Toronto Area Industries found under General.
CPR Trenton Division new photo gallery created showing rebuilding of Oshawa Spur into GM; special thanks to new contributor Dave Wetherald for his ongoing effort to cover this in detail.
Added an old photo in steam gallery of 815 switching Quaker Oats in Peterboro.

Toronto, Grey & Bruce new contributor Brandon Muir walked the long-abandoned line between Bolton Junction and Melville Junction and photographed bridge abutments on what was the Judge farm built more than a century ago!

Ontario Southland added a nice digital shot of their Alco S-6 number 500 sitting at Salford shop one year ago. Also, QGRY 1801 on a plow job. This ex CP unit didn't last very long on the shortline making it difficult to find any photo of it at work. It was sold to Andrew Merrilees (D), acquired by OSR and underwent considerable work to return it to service as OSR 182. Also, an old photo of the small station at Corwhin, long gone.

Toronto Terminals Ry. added some old photos here and there including York Street bridge area showing old Union Station and old Heating Plant; another view of new Union Station along Front Street before it opened and before the Royal York hotel was built. Beyond the TTR limits but still part of the Viaduct Grade Separation, an old view of the GTR Riverdale station before work began. Also viewable in Grade Separations Article.

Grade Separations added some old images of North Toronto level crossings before project as well as one of a work train with engine 1064.

Stories: Two more stories by the late Don Gaw; one about meeting a ghost train that scared a train crew and another, Memories of a Close Call at Christmas Time about a near disasterous situation when a train crew got careless.

Photographs: Galleries: CPR Trains: Added 8200, 8201 only GP30's. 8403 in Block lettering. 8921 famous one-of-a-kind unit several views in Montreal terminal. CPR Diesels added 8212 GP35 soon renumbered into 5000 series and 8300 C-424 soon renumbered into 4200 series from new contributor Peter Cox. 8403 in Script lettering. 8921 before chop nose mod. by new contributor David L. Brook. CPR Facilities added some old shots of the CPEL Galt yard including the crane and scale. CPR Rolling stock added a Burro crane with a clam bucket picking up snow and an old service car used on the auxiliary. CPR Steam added two old photos of the two K-1 class 3100's the only 4-8-4's on the CP, one in passenger service and the other after conversion to oil, in freight service near the end of steam.
New Brunswick Industrial
: added SW900 unit at PCS NB replacing 70-tonner, from new contributor Milne Hall.

November 1, 2006 Articles: Ontario Southland has a complete re-write including about two dozen new images by new contributor David Young a young railfan with an interesting local web site Fergus Railfan. Also, created a new gallery (scroll down) showing former units on CPR. CPR Bruce Branches added three images of abandoned Elora Sub. CPR London Division Passenger Service created a new page for GO trains also, added a great old poster announcing commencement of Palace sleeping car service between Chicago and Toronto via St.Thomas in 1895! Added text and two images showing new mainline Quebec Street Yard. and the extended Nissouri passing track.Yard Engine gallery added photo of 6700 brand new. Loco gallery 4 added nice shot of 4015 FA-1 A unit from new contributor Earl Minnis. CPR Toronto Division added city map of Toronto from 1834 showing the many annexations until 1914. No further annexation took place until 1967 when Forest Hill and Swansea were taken over. Toronto stayed at this stage until the forced amalgamation January 1, 1998 of the seven municipalities that had comprised Metropolitan Toronto, itself created in 1954. CPR Trenton Division added another old colour slide of the Hog Bay trestle at Port Mc.Nicoll.
Shortlines: Algoma Eastern added colour slides of CP ore car and the unique rail and road bridge at Little Current. Cando added a gallery for their Athabaska Northern with photos including GP40 9529 from new contributor Ian Maw. Also, added a photo gallery for their Central Manitoba showing new shop with cannibalized units and a newly acquired SD40-2 being repaired from new contributor Tommy Bozyk. Also, "new" unit 4081 ex Grand Trunk 4446. Orangeville-Brampton added three new images around Brampton diamond.

Stories: Don Gaw a now deceased CPR conductor wrote some interesting true stories about his railroading days. One is about a near disasterous wreck on Christmas Eve. Another is about one of the rare E-8 diesels on a fast Montreal-Ottawa train that lost a wheel!

Photographs: Added a builder's photo of a unique piece of equipment, a mobile power plant built in 1929 for Canadian Utilities Ltd. and amazingly, it has been preserved. Galleries: CNR Facilities a new gallery started off with an aerial view of London (full circle) roundhouse in 1950. Locomotives: CNR old diesels added 4495 CPR Diesels added 8200 one of only two GP30's in Canada, and its interesting history. Re-numbered, both still exist, 5000 privately preserved, photo from new contributor Ed Mello and 5001 in the hands of a small switching contractor in the US; new contributor Thomas Johnson. HS-10 as Ogden shop switcher. Also, 8716 CLC H16-44 out of its territory in London, this was one of two units equipped to operate Speno rail grinding train. 4015 Alco FA-1 covered wagon. 7118 last of 20 MLW S-4's and 78 Alco and MLW S-2's from new contributor Brian Ambrose; both in CP Rail Multi-mark scheme. Created new gallery for CPR rolling stock starting with an old mail car.
Industrial Steam added gallery for logging engines moved existing images and added builders photo of Bloedel, Stewart & Welch 7, a Climax type lokey. Steam Other provinces added builders catalog photo and specs. for Canadian Colleries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. 20 a 1914 built 2-8-2. Stations: CPR London Division added Salford to the Port Burwell Sub.

October 1, 2006

Articles: New article about Grade Separation projects in Toronto. (Find same article under General, CPR or CNR.) Includes Toronto Viaduct as well as GTR Parkdale and CPR North Toronto. Also, CNR Concrete bridges. Contributions from new contributor Jeffrey P. Smith. CPR Bruce Division Hamilton Joint Section added 1971 view at Bayview Junction. Passenger service; added 1980 view of Budd Cars stopped at Black Rock for US Customs, new contributor Doug Kroll who has provided a number of photos this month from his web site. CPR London Division locomotive gallery 4 added 4015 an old covered wagon. Branchlines: added old photo of two children playing with the turntable in Goderich.and one of Hydraulic Switcher 17 with a nice new paint job. Passenger Service added 9110 eastbound at London station changing crew near the end of passenger service. CPR Lambton Yard added S-11 6615 to yard engines gallery. CPR Toronto Division Lambton page added link to a new page for Cowan's Chocolate factory which became Rowntree and finally Laura Secord before rail service ended. This was the last industry on the Old Bruce service track. Wharf page added aerial view c.1930 of York Quay showing the huge Terminal Warehouse, which was incorporated in 1926 as the Canadian Rail and Harbour Terminals, Limited. Also, a view of it redeveloped as condos and retail, Queens Quay Terminal. Fez City page add artists rendering of high rise West Harbour City on former Molson brewery site. John Street engines gallery added a page to show differences in headlight and truck modifications to Alco/MLW switchers. Added two photos of St.Luc yard diesels 7012 and 7042 compared to 7011 from new contributor Peter Layland. Weston page add 8921 crossing West Toronto Diamond in its CP Rail Action Red. General: Cabooses: added photo of unique turret cupola CPR van and modern TH&B steel van built same as CPR wide-vision cupola vans.

Shortlines: Algoma Eastern added the only known photo of CPR 3051 mogul ex AER 51.
Lake Huron & Northern Ontario added two 1914 stock certificates, one plain one issued and an un-issued fancy certificate. Why the two styles of certificates were printed is unknown especially considering the very plain one was actually the one issued. Ontario Southland added a photo of TH&B 51 working in Hamilton. Thousand Islands added photo of CNR Gananoque station still around long after the tiny TIR was abandoned. Toronto Terminals Ry. Viaduct Galley added another old view of Bay Street level crossing c.1911 showing the dangerous situation with large crowds of people walking from the docks.

Tourist Railways: New page for Puddicombe's miniature train. Heritage Park in Calgary added current photo of "CPR 2023" steam engine at work there from new contributor Aaron Goodchild.

Photographs: Galleries: Locomotives: Shortlines: add Grand Forks 6703 in new paint from new contributor Jim Spurway. CNR old diesels, added RS-18 3684 nicely restored to original green paint and now indoors at Exporail along with older shot in red, black and white.
CPR diesels added 8404 RS-2 in Action Red also 8775 durable RS-18 and as rebuilt into 1848. Became Q-G 1848. 1418_1424 on display in Medicine Hat restored to original CP paint scheme and 4038 in CP Rail Action Red on display in Minnedosa, both from new contributor Al Jaster. Also, 4069 at WCRH Park in Squamish likewise restored and operated on the infrequent Whistler Mountaineer, from new contributor M.J.Scanlon. Story about how these photos got here. Also, 8590 RS-10s in very faded script paint scheme. CRHA 4563 restored to operation by St.Luc diesel shop staff for special train to Exporail.
Trains: CPR diesel: Added photo of three old smokey Alco's (are there any other kind?) led by 4235 and two other C-424's. Be sure to look at the link for trailing unit 4242 shown in better days with the CP Rail display train that crossed the system. Also, two 1978 photos typical freights of the time with a mix of old and new units of two makes. Added a page and several 1978 photos for Montreal suburban service from new contributor Randy Kotuby. B&M-CPR Pool added links to steam era trains, and rolling stock, also explanation of similar TH&B Line. VIA added 1898 one of only two E8's and 8558 the only road switcher and 1418 FP7A. Note: John Street engines gallery see Articles above for details.
Shortlines: added Essex Terminal 101 their first diesel.New page created for Great Winnipeg Water District which includes recent photos of MLW S-13 203 and Brill 205 motorcar.
Thunder Rail 2004 another one-horse operation on a prairie branchline saved by local farmers.
Lambton Yard yard engines added S-11 6615
Toronto Yard yard engines (5480-81) added before views of black exNS 3249 and 3251.
Also, Soo Line 6621 when in main line service.
Ontario Industrial: See What's New in This Gallery?
Saskatchewan Industrial: added Sask. Wheat Pool Shuttlewagon.
Stations: Bruce Division added Camp Borden during the Great War. Toronto Division added a street view of old North Toronto and an interior view of the new station's ticket area.

Archives: Added two different Lake Huron & Northern Ontario1914 stock certificate.
Canadian Rail & Harbour Terminals bond certificate 1926

September 1, 2006 My 65th birthday. I am now officially a senior citizen!

Articles CPR Lambton Yard added old photo of streetcar tracks being laid on Runnymede Road to reach the new Britannia car barns which were never built. Added new link in Part 1 for the page making it easier to find. Part 2 added Spanner article about custom built diesel refueler truck, first in Canada. CPR Toronto Division Esplanade added another image of the Toronto Fruit Market. This was once the Great Western station. There is also a link on the Swansea OFT page. Parkdale redevelopment added old photo of the Gladstone House to go with an image of it following its recent renovation. Sunnyside, added a new page of non-railway street scenes. Leaside added old photo of 9051 en route to Peterboro on recently started Dayliner service. John Street Locomotive Department added another link to diesel refueler truck article. John Street engines added 6271 including retirement presentation of its number plate to its long-time regular engineer, Sam Hicks. One of only two 0-6-0's not scrapped it has been neglected for over forty years at the Canadian Railway Museum in Delson. It belongs here in Toronto. Too bad we don't have a railway museum here. West Toronto added several old photographs including Royce Avenue level crossing and the subway under construction and nearby industries including one which supplied bodies for the nearby short-lived Chevrolet plant before the GM plant was built in Oshawa.

CPR Trenton Division (scroll down to Abandonments) added an interesting little note about the last train on the Havelock Sub. to the Falls having to stop to open farmers fences put up across the seldom-used tracks. Also, added a link to the 3M company web site for its history in Canada including the now-closed plant just east of Havelock that kept a small portion of the line open. Kingston Sub. (the old "Kick and Push" ) added some info and a newspaper clipping about the last through Mixed trains between Kingston and Renfrew hauled by D4 class Ten-Wheelers 417 and 492. Bob Sandusky is back with more of his speciality, colour photographs of branchline railroading in the 1950's, a time when both steam and mixed trains were fading from the scene.

added recent photo of EM 57 nee TH&B 57 working at Mc.Cook, IL plant.
Toronto Area Industries
added link to Ontario Archives online exhibit of St.Lawrence Starch works in Port Credit. Schools on Wheels added link to Ontario Archives online exhibit.

Photographs: Galleries: Locomotives: CPR trains: added three more views of The Alouette including one with an open observation buffet parlor car. Still looking for a good colour view of B&M E7 in Canada. CPR Locomotives added view of WN&P 630 formerly CP 4500. A railfan saved this unit from scrap. Industrial Ontario see: What's New in This Gallery? Stations: CPR Toronto Division added view of GTR South Parkdale. Why here? It was replaced by the GTR Sunnyside station which CPR shared the use of. CPR Quebec added a page 3 which shows the boarded up magnificent Lacolle station on the former NJ/D&H.

August 1, 2006 Once again Old Time Trains welcomes many new contributors who, along with the many repeat contributors all help to make this a more interesting web site. Thank you one and all. If you think you may have something of interest you are welcome to send along jpgs.
Contact Us: oldtimetrains at Wanted B&M E units on The Alouette or Red Wing.

Articles: CPR London Division (scroll down to Changes Over the Years) added new information regarding introduction of MBS radio dispatching replacing train orders issued by Operators. Removal of Train Order Signals or, "Order boards" as they were commonly known from stations was part of this. New contributor Bill Miller was one of those who was on hand to record its passing at Guelph Junction a long-time favourite place for railfans to hang out watching and photographing trains. In the locomotive galleries a good colour slide of P2 class steam engine 5406 at Galt. On the Branches added an old slide of the interesting crossing of the long-abandoned CNR (exLH&B) at Blyth. CPR Trenton Division GB&S segment added a great colour slide of the famous Hog Bay trestle on the way into Port Mc.Nicoll. CPR Toronto Division (scroll down to LCL and Pool Cars), added evening view of shed transfer shoving on King Street Lead across Front Street by new contributor Terry Link. Also, view of yard engine switching the paper shed. Parkdale page, Swansea and Ontario Food Terminal segment added link to two old photos of the Toronto Wholesale Fruit Market, (once the Great Western station) on the Esplanade, predecessor of the OFT. Lambton page rewritten text for Bloor Street to West Toronto portion. Added 1915 photo of Wallace Avenue footbridge. Added some 1923 photos of Diamond area including Osler Street Team Tracks and West Toronto freight shed. Plus, an old shed. CPR Toronto Yard train gallery added detail to caption to identify unique style of signal: Entrance Yard Track Indicators. CPR Lambton Yard History, added two very old photos to map of Lambton Mills. Also, added 1912 view of Runnymede Subway before yard office and roundhouse were built.

Photographs: Galleries: Created a new gallery for CPR facilities starting with a crossing watchman's tower, a water tank and a water standpipe. Stations: CPR Toronto Division added two old views of Don station. One in 1910 before the high level bridge was built and afterwards in 1929 which also shows nearby tower. GTR Sunnyside temporary station in a coach. CPR Bruce Division added old photo of Erin being demolished. Bill Weber was the last regular agent-operator there and saved this old notice of many stations being offered for sale. He also saved a great old document from Credit Valley days. Photo of Cheltenham added. GTR South Parkdale added view of new station just before it was closed by the grade separation project. CPR Trenton Division added two views of Lindsay freight shed in its last years. Toronto Terminals Railway old union station gallery added view at track level just before demolition of trainshed.

Trains: New gallery for CNR old diesels including MLW FPA-4's restored for tourist train operations in the USA from new contributor Ken Lanovich. CPR Trains added a wintery scene from new contributor John West of The Atlantic nearly 40 years ago led by 4075 a unit with a lengthy history, one that still goes on. In the consist are two passenger-equipped container cars, proof that the CPR was an early user on containers. Views as MUCTC 1305 from new contributor Brian Nicholson and as QCR 1305. 1802 on The Alouette in Boston. VIA Trains added a view at Spadina showing the pre-VIA paint scheme used by CN by new contributor Mike Woodruff. Locomotives: Ontario Industrial see What's New in This Gallery.
CPR Steam added an old photo of Esquimalt & Naniamo 9 a tiny 2-4-2T retired 2/1931. CNR Steam added current view of ex CNR 7312 hauling tourists in the US on the Strasburg Rail Road. CNR old diesel added link to photo of current view of ex CNR 6777 in US tourist service from new contributor Andrew Blaszczyk.

Archives: Ink blotters were once a common way for businesses to advertise because of their widespread common usage by the public. Two from 1955 have been added from the collection of Bill Weber; one for Canadian Pacific Steamships and the other for Great Northern with a map showing its lines including several crossing the international border.

July 1, 2006 Articles: CPR Bruce Division added a page of old snapshots taken by brakeman Cliff Beagan back in 1954 on a trip on 953, a fast freight hauled by 2305, a Pacific type former passenger engine. Not the best quality but, cameras for the average person were often not the greatest and, these were taken from a moving freight train! CPR Lambton Yard added 1915 photo of new Runnymede Road subway showing yard office recently built. Ontario Southland added photo of BCOL 1001 now OSR 501.

Photographs: Galleries: Trains:
New gallery added for VIA Rail showing trains just two months after start up. Featured are Canadian-only MLW FA4's long-gone from VIA and Canada, some two dozen wound up on various tourist railways in the States, many still in use. ONE remains in Canada at Exporail. CPR Trains added two old colour photos from new contributor Jim Wright, both are on the International of Maine Division, the first shows a time card train (no signals) led by 4071 a FP7 unit with a long and interesting history that continues to this day! Read all about it. The other shows 8404 last of the five US built Alco RS-2 units, the first full-sized CPR road switchers. TTCA_1301 (ex CP 4071) from new contributor Pierre Lacombe. Locomotives: CPR diesels added two units on the International of Maine, 7098 one of three US built Alco S-2's at St.Johnsbury Yard in Vermont and 8400. New gallery added for VIA Rail showing trains just two months after start up. Featured are Canadian-only MLW FPA-4's long-gone from VIA and Canada, some two dozen wound up on various tourist railways in the States, many still in use. ONE remains in Canada at Exporail. Stations: CPR Trenton Division Arnold Mooney is back with a number of 1970's photos of stations long after passenger service ended, most out of use and soon to be demolished. Belleville, Bowmanville, Brighton, Port Hope and Trenton as well as Dranoel just a shack in the middle of nowhere. CPR Bruce Division added current views of Inglewood with its new cement platform for use by the excursion train Credit Valley Explorer on the Orangeville-Brampton shortline.

June 1, 2006 Articles: CPR Toronto Yard added new gallery starting with old photo from new contributor Steve Reeves of a train waiting to leave the yard. Ontario Southland added photo by OSR engineer Joe Dennis of ex BCR M420 646 switching at Petro Canada where it replaced two units that failed late in 2005. One, ex SOO 378 GP7 was sent to Lambton Diesel Service in Sarnia for repair. Added a link to Welland Industrial history site. Not much railway but, interesting, especially the heavy industries served by railways.

Photographs: Station Galleries CPR London Division added GO Streetsville. An interesting comparison to the more traditional railway stations that once served the town.
Construction Added three 1919 photos of Hydro Electric steeplecab electric locomotives working on the huge Queenston power project including one later rebuilt as a gas loco for Stelco.
Train Galleries
CPR diesel added view of train led by units in old paint scheme which shows how even when dirty, looks not too bad unlike the newer red scheme which quickly shows dirt.
Locomotive Galleries
CPR Diesel added 6612 S-10 MLW switcher ex PGE 6612 in International Service in Sault Ste.Marie a.k.a. "The Soo". Ontario Industrial see What's New in This Gallery. Steam Ontario Industrial added very old image of Electro-Metallurgical 2 also Hamilton By-Products 0-4-0T and ex TH&B 0-6-0 just prior to takeover by Stelco.

May 1, 2006 Marking the Sixth Anniversary of this web site. I am taking this opportunity to thank all of the many contributors who have added to this web site. Your comments, corrections and contributions are always welcome. Thank you, one and all!

Articles: CPR Bruce Division added a 1919 photo of the S.S.Cherokee at Bala Summer Station. Bruce branches in Orangeville added recent photos by new contributor Steve Bradley of the former CPR bunkhouse recently being destroyed by fire. Shortlines: Algoma Central added some photos here and here taken 25 years ago by new contributor Rob Kitchen also, added a photo of tour train hauled by ex Wisconsin Central GP40's newly under CN ownership. Newfoundland's Railways added a page for Buchans Railway a long-abandoned non-common carrier narrow gauge railway operated by ASARCO including photos from new contributor Mark Landgraf. General: Early diesels added a rare old 1933 photo of CN 7750 one-of-a-kind early diesel in Turcot Yard.

Photographs: Main page added a photo of CNR 7312 when it was just another 0-6-0 switcher. It went on to become famous as Strasburg 31. Galleries: Stations: CPR Trenton Division, added a recent photo of the former Havelock station restored and in use as the Station Restaurant. For sale again, March 2006. Locomotives, Industrial, BC added BC Forest Prods. 9 long-gone Whitcomb 80-tonner. Quebec: added a little 45-tonner named Romeo & Juliette with a fancy paint job at the now-closed timber reload facility on the revived Quebec Central. Ontario steam: Added nice old photo of Consolidated Sand and Gravel 7105 back in 1932 at Paris pit. It was ex Standard Paving nee CNR/GTR 7105 and went on to become part of the CNR Museum Train. It remains at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. C&D Sugar added CNR 7456 when it was just another 0-6-0 switcher.

Preservation: New page briefly describing the preservation of two ex CNR 0-6-0's from Canada and Dominion Sugar. Both still exist, one became well-known as Conway Scenic 47.

April 1, 2006 Articles: CPR Bruce Division branches. More than half a century after abandonment of part of the Elora Sub. for the Shand Dam project the abandonded right-of-way can still be seen at times of low water levels in Lake Belwood, from new contributor Tom Landers. Added old map of Cardwell Jct. showing location of connecting track with GTR on the former TG&B. Added explanation of Protect engine for passenger and auxiliary trains.
(you can find same item in 3 places) CPR Trenton Division CPR Toronto Division John Street CPR Lambton Yard roundhouse. CPR Toronto Division (scroll down to Operations) added a paragraph with two images, about various types of telephones used in years gone by. History: added a link to old map of Lambton Mills also linked on first page of Lambton Yard.
Canadian Locomotive Company: Added two colour photos (one each by new contributors Christian Signorelli and Joe Robbie) of Mogul 89 recently restored by Strasburg RR to its authentic CNR paint scheme. Nearly 100 years old and still going strong!

Stories: Bruce Mercer is back with more of his stories about the C&O in Ontario as he Turns Back the Pages of his tattered little notebook. Photos have been added throughout including new contributor Doug Page who had some interesting photos back in 1967 of a C&O train detouring over the CNR at Canfield Junction. Your photos are welcome.

Photographs: Galleries: New gallery for Hy-Rail equipment. Beginning with a restored 1958 Pontiac station wagon (remember them?) from new contributor Matt Cummins. Ordinary automobiles replaced rail-only inspection cars for use by Officials. Re-arranged CPR diesel galleries with some additions: CPR diesel units and CPR diesel trains.

March 1, 2006 Articles: Old Time Trains welcomes a new author Brian Westhouse who specializes in Ontario logging railways and lumber companies. Many of these operations had little or nothing published about them and photographs are hard to come by. General: Logging Railways in Ontario CPR CPR ships part of the Travel on CPR article World's Greatest Travel System. Replaced some black and white images on the Atlantic page with nice old post card views from a great web site of ship post cards. See link to Simplon at bottom of Atlantic page. New chapter added for cargo ships including container and bulk carriers of CP Bermuda. CPR London Division created a new page for branch line passenger service separate from main line service and restored battery car 9002 that was inadvertantly left off when the feature article was reorganized. CPR Trenton Division VIA passenger trains did not normally operate on the Belleville Subdivision but, VIA units did haul CPR freight trains during times of power shortages. New contributor Raymond Farand proves this with a shot of a pair of F40's on an Intermodal train crossing Mud Lake trestle. Added a hot link to a photo of 2399 which was the last regularly assigned passenger steam engine on the Trenton Div. Protect Engine explained. CPR Bruce Division added photo from new contributor Bill Hakkarinen of VIA RDC's at Exchange Street station. CPR Toronto Division a small rewrite under Operating Department listing positions of various Officers, including a description of the Supervisor and Shop Foreman. also the Call Boy and Station Agent/Operator etc. Employees parking their automobile at John Street required a windshield permit. CPR Lambton Yard added a little piece about the Beanery. CPR subsidiary Quebec Central added page from employee timetable 5 effective April 24,1966. One year later, timetable number 7 eff. April 30,1967 was the last separate one issued.Also, added small public timetable cover showing RDC which in 1957 reduced travel time between Sherbrooke and Quebec City (147.6 miles) by an hour and a half! Chalk It Up article now has an old photo showing how cars were once marked for switchmen. CNR Constituant lines: Newfoundland's Railways has three images from new contributor John Carter of the Carbonear Mixed one of three such little known trains that continued to operate for years after main line passenger service ended. Shortlines: Dale Wilson is back with an expanded article on the little-known Lake Huron and Northern Ontario. Add link to Joggins and Maritime railways.

Stories: Bruce Mercer continues reading from his Tattered Little Note Book part 2.

Added Link to an interesting little site with photos of John Futhey CPR Chapleau in the 1930's-40's and 50's. New gallery of CPR diesel trains pre-CP Rail era including Expo Limited and one by new contributor Glen MacGregor. Construction Locomotives now has a rare 0-4-0 (with tender) that started out on the Canada Atlantic in the 19th century. Ontario Industrial Locomotives See: What's New in This Gallery.

February 1, 2006 Articles: CPR ships added to Travel on CPR article World's Greatest Travel System. CPR Schreiber Division (link) article added on Nipigon Subdivision and article about James Secretan, government engineer for the Pacific Railway (pre-CPR). CPR Bruce Division Branches added old colour photos of the abandoned Walkerton Sub. right-of-way at Priceville and the bridge piers in the Saugeen River in Hanover and the new footbridge built on the old piers. Also, Bruce Branches, Elora Sub. added two views of diamond with CNR. Added in the diesel era gallery three colour photos by Jim Griffin in Markdale: Rare GP30, a slightly derailed plow, and a great shot of snow plowing through town back in 1977. CPR London Division Branches added old colour photo of St.Mary's yard; another one near Elmira shows how arrow-straight much of the Goderich Sub. was as it crossed the land.CPR Toronto Division added several 1986 views of Parkdale and Strachan Avenue after track changes including a closeup of the "dump" where runaways were caught. Parkdale yard after converted to an Inter Modal Service facility for CAST container traffic. Two 1987 aerial views looking towards Bathurst Street and of the area around the former Cabin D. Also, view of King Street Lead along Front Street. John Street Gallery has eight new photos of the last year of its operation. Gene Burles. CPR Trenton Division (scroll down) added a photo of the last through train to leave Smiths Falls with a caboose.

Photographs: Galleries: Stations: CPR Trenton Division added two recent views of Dunsford (Bobcaygeon Sub.) as a residence from new contributor Tony Bock. CPR Bruce Division added another view of Owen Sound. Locomotives: Started a new gallery for early CP Rail diesels with E8 1800 on the Atlantic Limited. Ontario Industrial Locomotives see What's New in This Gallery.
Inspection cars, automobiles usually known as a "Motor"; added GWWD 33 an old Paige long gone. Note: GWWD 34 a 1934 Packard is preserved in Winnipeg.

January 1, 2006 Articles The building of the Canadian Pacific Railway was an epic undertaking, one that not only built a railway but, also built a country. In no other country in the world was the railway of greater importance than in Canada. Without the CPR Canada simply would not have existed as it has.

Travel on Canadian Pacific to and within Canada. Passenger train diners, sleepers, and special observation cars, sternwheelers, lake boats, ocean liners and eventually, air planes, along with hotels and resorts, all went together to make the World's Greatest Travel System.

CPR Schreiber Division added a link to web site of David Gagnon, a trainman in the 1970's. A look at this rugged area including interesting old general railway material. Be sure to read FAQ.

CPR Trenton Division added paragraph (scroll down to abandonments) about CPR taking over from the abandoned CNR (ex Bay of Quinte) in Tweed back in 1941.

CPR Lambton Yard added 1912 map and c.1920 photo of The Campbell Flour Mills in West Toronto (scroll down to Keele Street for link) another link is in Toronto Industries elevators.

Photographs Galleries Locomotives: CNR Steam started a new gallery with 49 one of only six 4-6-4F type engines especially built for GTR Montreal suburban service. CPR Steam added 2467 in Montreal suburban (commuter) service. CPR Diesel added two photos of Train Masters, one m.u.'d with a Rocket! and a four car set of Budd Cars in the Montreal suburban service. Stations: CPR Trenton Division added old CPR photo of COR Bonarlaw station, a joint facility.

December 1, 2005 Articles Shortlines: Smoky Falls Line. Spruce Falls Power & Paper Company in Northern Ontario operated its own non-common carrier railway for many years known as the Smoky Line. Only plant switching in Kapuskasing remains. Roberval & Saguenay 2-6-0 with a two car mixed train in 1933. Ontario Southland has had a reorg plus update and added images including one from new contributor Shaun Arthur of GP7 383 with its unique new logo on the nose and one from new contributor Chris Lyon of parts hulk 1116 sitting at the Junction on February 26, 2005. Walter Pfefferle responded to a special request for photos of the Shuttle Wagon car mover at Salford shop. General: Cabooses. Added dates for start of cabooseless train operations. CPR Ontario District London Division added two great aerial views of Woodstock back in 1945 and 1953. Trenton Division Dayliners operated for years on the Peterboro Sub. but not on the new main line through Trenton, however, here is one at Bowmanville. Nor did GO trains operate anywhere on the Trenton Division, however GO units often did in the 1970's. Toronto Division added a new page describing train operations and crews to better clarify situation including assist or "push" engines. Bruce and Trenton Divisions also have a link to this page for pertinent information. Scroll down each main page to Crews or Operations to find link. Also, Toronto Division added exact date North Toronto Station was renamed Toronto-Yonge Street (November 21,1919) and opening date for Leaside Junction station, September 1894. Lambton Yard added to engine gallery 2-10-0 5750 on Parkdale Transfer with my grandfather (Johnny Jackson) as fireman. He may well have been the fireman on the Swansea Transfer in this old view of 0-6-0 6271. He retired off the Swansea Transfer shortly after I began railroading carrying on a tradition begun decades ago with my great grandfather who retired from the Air Brake Room at West Toronto.

Photographs Galleries Stations: Created a new gallery for former CPR New Brunswick stations, added stations to CPR Quebec as well as a second page including stations still in use for AMT commuter trains. All from station specialist Jeff Henricks. Ontario Industrial Locomotives see: What's New in This Gallery? Created a new gallery for older CNR diesels. CPR Steam added 1201 back in 1951 when it was just another G5, 2663 on a passenger extra in Joliette, U3 6304 the last 0-6-0 and 6950 one of only three 0-10-0's both in Winnipeg.

Stories Turning Back the Pages of the Tattered Little Note Book. I am pleased to welcome a new author to the Old Time Trains web site of Canadian Railway History and Stories, Bruce Mercer who writes about his early railroad career working as a locomotive engineer on the C&O in Ontario in the 1980's and 90's before being laid off in 1996. Previously he had worked non-op jobs on the TH&B and the C&O in Toronto and is currently an engineer on OSR.

Newt Rossiter's stories: Added a link in CPR Bruce and Trenton Divisions articles about push engine on 955 and 1/22. This was inadvertantly deleted from the Stories section during the many reorgs as were some others now restored: 2838 on a rerouted troop train over the CNR at Bayview and 2925 on the "little Hamilton" psgr. Other stories are linked to the locomotive galleries in each Division feature Article.

November 1, 2005 Articles: General; Newfoundland's Railways, includes a look at the last of steam on the CNR and a very brief item on the Millertown, an early shortline. Shortlines: New article on the Roberval & Saguenay, an old shortline in Quebec owned by Alcan to serve its aluminium smelter and other traffic, includes photographs by new contributors Renaud Chodkowski of France and Glenn Courtney. Essex Terminal an early Ontario shortline still going. Link to ETR's web site for a detailed history written by retired ETR president Murray Elder, the man most responsible for steam locomotive #9 coming to SOLRS/STCR. Mattagami RR tiny shortline in Northern Ontario added 1928 passenger ticket. Sudbury Area Mining Railways has had a reorg creating smaller pages to speed downloading on dial up. Added a brief mention and the only known photograph of the Lake Huron & Northern Ontario (formerly Bruce Mines & Algoma) an obscure little railway that came and went with little notice. A long ways west of Sudbury, but had to put it somewhere! Stockyards added another aerial view and two maps showing West Toronto stockyards and packing houses, plus an original un-issued share certificate of The Union Stock Yards Company from the West Toronto Junction Historical Society archives. CLC added photo of actual builders plate from CPR 1301 last G5, from new contributor Ron Muldowney.

Articles: CPR and subsidiaries; CPR London Division added from two new contributors, Mike McIlwaine, Division Superintendent's Business Car number 24, the last one and now privately owned, and Craig Jolliffe, who took this shot by special request. Passenger service added small card (5 5/8" x 3 7/8") advertising "new fast Dayliner service effective April 26, 1964." Also, proof that Alco's don't have to be smokey as two near-new RS-10's lift #21 out of Woodstock. Locomotive gallery 4 added some old colour photos from 1971 by Al Howlett of covered wagons and an RS-3 along with yard engine. CPR Bruce Division Passenger Service added a colour photo of The Canadian in 1967 meeting at West Toronto, "On Time" after travelling 3,000 miles! Testimony to the discipline of railroading in that era. CPR Toronto Division and CPR Lambton Yard added aerial view 1957 of roundhouse. (Locomotive Dept. page) added links to make it easier to find old plan of proposed roundhouse at Obico in 1950. History of a Parkdale industry, the Hinde and Dauch Paper Co. A diagram of West Toronto Diamond pre-CTC. CPR Trenton Division Passenger Service added photo of Seaview a stainless steel round end observation car. steam gallery added an old newspaper clipping showing 815 on its last day as the Peterboro yard engine. Article from 1947 Spanner covers the servicing of a 3100 at The Glen. A similar situation would take place at John Street for these same engines as well as any other steam locomotives at any roundhouse except that passenger engines received far more attention to detail and cleanliness. John Street was known for the "John Street polish" that their engines received to indicate pride of workmanship. It was a time when the image it presented to its passengers and the public in general meant much to the CPR.

possible look of GE 70-tonners had the Electric Lines been dieselized in 1950. Designed especially for this web site by Roland Ruesch, who also did drawings of Alco/MLW RS-1 for E&N and CPR in Early Diesels Part 2.

Orangeville Tramway/Orangeville Tram Railway was a proposed but, unbuilt early attempt at providing cheaper transportation to local farmers and merchants. Originally planned as a horse powered tramway it was changed to a steam railway. It failed to get underway and was eventually replaced by the Toronto, Grey and Bruce.

Articles Index Page: CNR Family Tree of principal constituents up to 1923.

Photographs: Added a writeup about lime kilns around Eaganville. See caption of Dominion Rock Products tramway. Galleries: Construction locomotives: Queenston Hydro added current photo of HEPC 46 0-4-0T that became Deloro Smelting & Refining. Saved by Chas. Matthews it has changed hands and sits rusting away. Added an interesting look at the life of contractor J.D.McArthur Added old photos from 1931 showing construction on the massive Beauharnois Power project. One of the 14 steam locomotives bought new from CLC is now in St.Thomas under restoration.
New gallery started for CNR steam starting with predecessor roads. CPR Steam added two old colour photos of CPR 136 "down East" and an old colour slide of CPR 144 4-4-0 on Mixed train in New Brunswick. Industrial diesel units in Canada. New gallery for New Brunswick thanks to new contributors Steve Boyko, Bob Boudreau and Tim Dryden. New gallery for Nova Scotia thanks to David Othen. Quebec add 4 wheel GE 50-ton at Ciment-Quebec Erick Pelletier also beautifully restored T&NV 10 old model GE 50-tonner of Bytown Railway Society. Ontario Industrial locomotives, see: What's New in This Gallery? CPR Lambton Yard shop gallery added a 1957 aerial view of roundhouse.

October 1, 2005 Articles CPR Trenton Division has had a reorg same as previous Feature Articles on CPR Ontario District. CPR London Division added a new galley of locomotives which includes photos of brand new that day Locotrol SD40-2's 5806 and 5807 being sanded. Yard engines, added nice photo by new contributor, Earl Minnis, of 7023 in Windsor yard where it spent its last years. CPR Bruce Division added an old Spanner article covering the introduction of Dayliner replacing steam on the Branch. Added links in each Division feature Article to time tables in Archives section. Canadian Northern aerial view of Leaside shops, added dates of closing.

Added photo taken last month at Exporail by new contributor Yves Cloutier of CPR 7077 the first diesel delivered by MLW. Older views of it at Lambton shop and Toronto Yard.

Stories The men who worked some of the last New Brunswick steam locomotives, a trio of small 4-4-0's on the CPR Chipman-Norton runs, reminisce about those days many years ago in a story written by Mac Trueman.

Photographs - Galleries Industrial diesel units in Canada. Quebec add Abitibi-Price 49 ex A&D from new contributor Doug Boyd, also two old electrics of Noranda Mines. Manitoba, two old electrics of Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting. Ontario, add IREX 5 one of two SW1's, at the time the biggest units acquired by Merrilees. Also, FDDM&S 70-tonner fleet acquired by Merrilees. Industrial steam, Ontario, added present day image of a sadly rusting saddletanker once destined for the still-born Ontario transportation museum, from new contributor Gerry Ferns. And steam, other provinces: CC&F 2 at Turcott, Que. also M&B 1044 one of the last working steam locomotives on VI and Shay 115 by new contributor Brian Williams working Vancouver Wharves in 1967!

September 1, 2005
Articles CPR Bruce Division has undergone a complete reorganization which will also make it easier to read due to shorter pages which aids in downloading on dial up connection. This follows the pattern set for previous Feature Article rewrites and includes rescaning many images for better quailty and larger size. Many new images especially Orangeville Yard. CPR Trenton Division is next for rewrite.

Ontario & Quebec, Credit Valley and Toronto, Grey & Bruce all have additional material added including stock and old bond certificates, part of the story of the infamous O&Q lawsuits.

Toronto Terminals Railway added some recent views of new GO Union Station Bus Terminal located on the former site of CP Express building 141 Bay Street. Includes platform track level views of where express shed used to be. Most pictures rescanned for quality/size.

CPR Toronto Division added 1960's views of Islington station and Obico (Junction).

CPR Lambton Yard added a great old photo of a street scene with a "horseless carriage" in 1915 and the Keele Street Subway. Brand new 7020, first diesel. Also, two colour slides of last two steam engines 3422 and 3632 waiting to go dead to Angus for scrapping and one of a shop foreman. Found my original notes and have added a pit check and corrected the date of photography of the shop. Old photo of 62 men posing on 2303 on "new" 100' turntable 1937.

CPR London Division gallery 3 added a colour photo of D10 891 at London.

Ontario Southland; added images of the new shop at Salford, OSRX 182 RS-18 (ex Ottawa Central 1801 nee CP 1801/8764) being prepared for repainting, 503 under repair inside changing out b/o MG and track machines. Also, an aerial view of Salford.

Shortlines and Contactors: Added text regarding modern shortline era and started two small galleries of shortline locomotives, see below CANDO Contracting added two aerial views of Formet plant.

Photographs added interesting old color sketch of Northern's unique design Davenport station in 1863, with unusual water tank at left. Galleries 20th Century station gallery CPR Bruce Division, many additions old colour slides Orangeville Sub. Locomotive Galleries: CPR steam added some old colour slides from the 1950's. Shortlines: older units no longer at the location and recent units.
Industrial Locomotives All Other Provinces: Many additions BC; new contributors Scott Buffus, Doug Cook, Jim Hanrahan, Pete Kovanda, Wayne Merlo, C.Prutton, Sid Vaught and Henry Yuen. AB: New contributors John C.Benson and Shane Stewart. SK new contributor Doug Boyd MB new contributor Chris Lyon. In addition, frequent contributor Gord Strathdee who specializes in industrial units has kindly provided many additions across Canada. Thank you to everyone for your sharing.

Links: The Last Days of Steam Stories and photos of A.B.Peden CNR brakeman Winnipeg 1951

August 1, 2005 Articles: CPR Toronto Division has undergone a complete reorganization to reduce the unwieldly length by creating numerous new pages. Additional and corrected information and photographs. Rescanning of photographs and enlarging of images will continue.

CPR Predecessors; Credit Valley and Toronto Grey & Bruce, two short articles along with one about the infamous O&Q which became involved in lawsuits by minority shareholders over the sale of valuable land including North Toronto Station and where Roy Thomson Hall was built.

General: new articles; Toronto Industries added Grain Elevators, also: Stock Yards and Packing Houses includes West Toronto aerial view of Canada Packers, Swift's etc. including Ontario Stock Yards.

CPR Ontario Lambton Yard added aerial view 1956 West Toronto shops which compliments above aerial. New pages showing recent scenes Lambton and West Toronto also the former Packers area. Added several new or expanded paragraphs on first page to better explain operations of Lambton Yard when it was the main yard. Added date for opening of new Connecting Track July 19, 1999. CPR London Division part 2 passenger service, an old 1923 postcard of a passenger train crossing the Goderich viaduct.

Photographs: New Gallery CPR Toronto Terminals stations. New Gallery: Signs in stations. Begins with relocated images. CPR Steam and CPR Diesel galleries have additions. Industrial Locomotives Ontario Industrial Locomotives and all other provinces have additions, also Industrial steam other than Ontario has many additions. Inspection Cars: added another CPR car M243.

Note: Continuing to re-scan many photographs, especially stations, with better quality scanner and often to a larger size.

Links: Fixed link to GTR Stratford Shops. Have a look.

July 1, 2005 Articles: CPR Lambton Yard has undergone a reorganization along with some new material. Many photographs have been rescanned for better quality images. Old links may no longer work. CPR London Division added a nice photo of 5178 which was typical London Division power in the 1950's. CPR Trenton Division part 1 some new research uncovered details of the original planned route of the new Campbellford, Lake Ontario & Western which became the current mainline between Smiths Falls and Toronto. Part 2 Some added details about last steam operation on the Bobcaygeon Sub. along with details about Pool passenger train operations and their replacement trains.

PHOTOGRAPHS New Galleries CPR steam relocated images from general photographs page. CPR Diesel starts with two old photos from new contributor Ron Visockis. Existing galleries:
Industrial Locomotives in other provinces has had many additions, past and present. A new gallery for steam industrial locomotives in other provinces has been created.
Your contribution is welcome. Inspection Cars add a small bus on CASO (scroll down to end). Station Galleries: Many additions from Gord Billinghurst's collection. Toronto Terminals; Cooksville and Dixie. Trenton Division; Brighton on the main line and on the old main line: Burketon Jct, Locust Hill, Myrtle and a really different little shelter at Pontypool, likely put up by the local community when VIA restored the Budd Car run. Port McNicoll two colour views. Bruce Division; 20th Century Gallery, another of Medonte and Mac Tier and on the Bruce Brances another old post card view of Orangeville.

June 1, 2005 Articles: CPR London Division has undergone a complete rewrite and reorganization along with some further new material. new Many photographs have been rescanned and resized with a new Epson Perfection 1670 scanner which has replaced the old Hewlett-Packard, providing better quality images. This early article has been added to many times through different web masters, thus the need to redo it. Old links may no longer work.

PHOTOGRAPHS CPR London Division Station Gallery added a newer colour image of Zorra thanks to new contributor Arnold Mooney. Ontario Industrial Locomotives What's New in This Gallery? New gallery created of Industrial Locomotives in other provinces, starting with new contributor Chris Lyon. Steam Industrial Locomotives add GWR steam dummy that was later sold to John B. Smith. Cooksville Brick & Tile add two new images engines 2 and 3 see also gas mechanical number 5 in the Ontario Industrial Locomotives gallery.

Sunday May 1st 2005 5th Anniversary of this web site, the largest of Canadian Railway History and Stories. Thank you to all the people who donated photographs/scans for use here.

STORIES: This is the 45th anniversary of The Tripleheader Sunday May 1st, 1960.

ARTICLES: CPR Trenton Division added 1910 photo of Smiths Falls station. Also, a colour photo of 4-8-4 3101 in 1954. CPR Bruce Division, Hamilton Subdivision galleries added photo of 2925 in 1946 at Hamilton.
Tourist Railways added a great old hand-coloured post card of tiny Huntsville & Lake of Bays 2, the original 1888 pair of tiny narrow gauge saddle tank dinky engines of what was the shortest passenger hauling railway, a very short, just over a mile long, isolated portage railway.

PHOTOGRAPHS Old post card of International bridge at Sault Ste Marie.
Galleries: CPR Bruce Division added some photos to the 20th Century Gallery of Bala Summer station along with the Bala Weekend, a city to "cottage country" schedule, believed to have been the last such passenger service anywhere. CPR Toronto Terminals Division a poor quality image of the original CVR station at Islington in its latter years.

April 1, 2005 Articles CPR Bruce Division Hamilton Sub. (Joint Section) New page added for Oakville Yard shows 6515 one of two S3 yard diesel units assigned for many years to switch Ford Oakville and especially equipped to work in the CNR yard. Contributed by Deane Motis. Canpa Cutoff added two more images of D10 807 switching there. This was one of the last steam locomotives to be in West Toronto Back Shop. Mac Tier Sub. weeks-old RS-18 8742 assisting Hudson 2803 on 953. This long-time fast freight to Western Canada was for many years ordered for about 9.45 a.m. ex Lambton Yard. Decades early the road engine assigned to this train as far as Muskoka (MacTier) was D10 953!

CPR London Division created a new gallery of black and white photographs taken by Bob Shaw back in 1959. Brand new GMD passenger units class DPA-17a and DPB-17a breaking-in on freight and destined shortly for The Canadian. Added photo of the diesel-era London Pick-Up with four "pups".

CPR Toronto Terminals Division: added three colour photos: A Transfer Power movement crossing West Toronto Diamond; 8921 Empress of Agincourt one-of-a-kind 2400HP RSD-17 on the Transfer and 7011 regular engine on the Parkdale Lead and a favourite of "yours truly"!

CPR Trenton Division a rare mainline move of transfer engine 8921, #919 8921-1806 westbound Mud Lake trestle Mile 27.3 Belleville Subdivision.

Algoma Central added builder's photo of number 19 one of two 0-6-0 engines delivered in 1902.

General Motors Diesel added photo of ex EMD demonstrator F units GMD 7001 as Soo Line 500, provided by Larry Easton of The Soo Line Historical & Technical Society.

Photographs A great old coloured postcard from the Old Time Trains Archives postmarked 1911 showing the GTR International Limited.


CPR Bruce Division 20th century gallery of stations. Two tiny shelters, still in use late in the late 1950's. Crombies on the Owen Sound Sub. and Emery on the Mac Tier Subdivision where G5 1271 on the Steamboat had a meet with a Budd Car enroute to Camp Borden. Bob Shaw A scenic view of special train crossing the Forks of Credit high bridge. Diesel Era Gallery has a wintery scene of a snow and ice covered diesel with a snow plow in Orangeville Yard.

CPR Trenton Division Station Gallery added Port Hope in colour.

CPR Lambton Yard locomotives. Add 3507 old 2-8-0 used in yard service at Lambton and Trenton.

CPR London Division Yard locomotives New gallery added.


TEST Fixed many broken links especially in the Station Galleries. If you find any more please contact the web master. Removed red new notations everywhere, any you see now should be new material just added.

Links Great news! An outstanding web site has been returned to the internet at my prompting. Be prepared to spend hours viewing old glass negative photographs. Onderdonk's Way is an incredible site documenting the building of the Pacific Railway in BC prior to the CPR.


March 1, 2005 Old Time Trains is pleased to welcome two new authors to this web site of Canadian Railway History and Stories; Donald R. Mc.Queen and William D. Thomson, who wrote Constructed in Kingston, A History of the Canadian Locomotive Companies 1854 to 1968. This book is the definitive works of locomotive construction at what has sometimes been erroneously referred to as the "Kingston Locomotive Works", no doubt due to the similarly named Montreal Locomotive Works. We hope you will enjoy Part 1 of the Feature Article Canadian Locomotive Company. Additional images of CLC steam and diesel locomotives are welcome. Contact the webmaster.

Photographs CPR Trenton Division Station Gallery added Lindsay circa 1959. Industrial Steam Gallery: Beck Lumber steam dummy locomotive recently restored. John B. Smith & Sons 4 an 0-4-0T builders photo. Contractors Welland Ship Canal add BY&H 25 Ontario Industrial Locomotives see: What's New in this Gallery? Inspection Autos: Added three rare ones, GWWD 34 a 1946 Packard, preserved at the Winnipeg Railway Museum. Also, NAR 99 a 1930 Buick plus a 1929 Packard on the QCR from new contributor R.S. (Ron) Ritchie CPR Ret'd.

Articles Shortlines OSR add aerial images from David Graham showing expanded PDI yard with 4 new tracks adding another 35 cars capacity. Mattagami RR added unique view taken from diesel plus another photo of 102. Thousand Islands added a 1945 view with tiny 500 and CNR 4-8-4. GMD added a scenic colour photograph of the Train of Tomorrow on tour and GMD 9051-9052-9053 F7 A-B-B demonstrators on CNR in Nova Scotia, 1950 from new contributor George Parks. Better identified exisiting photograph posted of demonstrator 7001 A-B-B set. This was the first time diesels had hauled The Dominion having left Toronto late the night before, December 4, 1949. CPR Tourist Railways Pinafore Park add Huntsville Lake of Bays 1 back in 1958 by new contributor Michael Taylor. Also added CNR 1 to PSTR, from The Sirman Collection. Heritage Park in Calgary has two ex US Army 0-6-0's which once operated at pacific Coast Terminals andone of which was once painted in passenger colours as CPR 6269. From new contributor Doug Phillips (CPR Ret'd) in answer to a special request.

CPR Bruce Division added a colour photo of Royal Hudson 2839 hauling New York City originated train long before it became famous in excursion service. It has been preserved in California.

CPR Bruce Branches added an old black and white photo 8/57 of 2664 the only G2 class engine assigned to Lambton roundhouse, it was for some time the regular engine on the Fraxa Pickup. (frax-ee) This was the only freight assignment working the Orangeville Sub. based at Lambton, the Moonlight was based at Orangeville along with other branch jobs.

CPR London Division part 2 add colour slide of 9008 taken by Bruce Chapman at Mc.Adam Jct. identical car to 9007 which once operated to Goderich. Toronto Terminals Railway added view of Royal Train arriving for the 1927 offical opening of the new Union Station. Algoma Central, added a colour image of GP9 172, the very last GP9 built in North America. GMD built two units to order for Algoma Central which wanted matching components of the older GP7's they already had. Note the GP20 style frame and fuel tanks. Compare to unit above it.

CPR Toronto Terminal Division added 3 views by Eric May from CN Tower showing John Street roundhouse and car shop in its last years, September 1976. Looking northwest shows Peter Street still in use. A more recent view, May 2003, looking west shows the golf course where the CNR Spadina coach yard was once located. Pig Transfer passing Keele Street enroute to Parkdale (likely from the Queensway) back in 1974 from new contributor Michael Taylor. Veg engine passing Sunnyside enroute to the Food Terminal back in 1966 by new contributor Jerry Appleman.

CPR Trenton Division part 2 added an old 19th century image of K&P 9 a diamond stacked 4-4-0 that never made it to the CPR roster.

CPR Toronto Yard added Empress of Agincourt 8921 including photos of this unique one-of-a-kind diesel as a demonstrator on CNR CPR and PGE

CPR Lambton Yard on the Triple Crown Service Road Railer added a photo by David Graham of CN 145.

February 1, 2005 Articles: Toronto Terminals Railway added images demolition of Canadian Pacific Express building across from Union Station and John Street interlocking tower. CPR London Division 2 added a page about a unique one-of-a-kind self-propelled car number 44 which operated in 1925 between St.Thomas and Woodstock. CPR Trenton Division p.2 (scroll down to bottom) added two colour night scenes of 3 RDC's arriving at Peterboro, from new contributor Eric May, plus one taken by Eric's mother of VIA 6135-6215 on the last run of VIA's Havelock service shown at Peterboro. CPR Toronto Terminal Division impressive looking high bridge under construction on O&Q near Leaside in 1884. Early Diesels added CPR 7010 first production diesel acquired. CPR Lambton Yard added to the page of recent photographs including scenes of the Road Railer days away from its end. GMD added photo of Train of Tomorrow on display at the CNE in Toronto. Inspection Cars added another CPR inspection auto, M-364 a 1932 Buick. David M. More

Photographs added a unique view taken by Gene Burles of an abandoned tramway near Eaganville. A new Galleries lisitng has been added for Construction photographs and includes both relocated and new additions plus links to other exisiting pages. CPR London Division Station Gallery added several pictures of St.Marys including the turntable, all from Dave Tomlinson. Also, CN Tillsonburg old CASO station. Zorra in a winter scene added. Re-grouped Parkdale Station photos, linked here and in Bruce Division 20th Century Gallery. Forks of Credit reduced to a flag stop shelter shortly before passenger service ended, gets a surprise visitor. In the Bruce Brances Gallery Wally Pfefferle has added some great photographs taken a half of a Century after abandonment of the CPR Walkerton engine facility and the bridge into town. CPR Trenton Division Station gallery add colour photo of Cavan and Peterboro in 1975. Also, wooden van at Peterboro. Industrial Steam gallery has a great old photograph of a unique steam dummy from Brian Westhouse and a rare view of Pacific Coast Terminals ex US Army 0-6-0 at work, a sister engine to Stelco 20, and still in existance at Heritage Park in Calgary. Cooksville Brick has an engine added. There is another old Inspection car and a photo of unique 0-6-4T CPR 5997 has been added to the West Toronto Junction gallery. See also; Ontario Industrial Locomotives, What's New in this Gallery?


May 1, 2004 Marks the 4th. anniversary of this web site. It all began with one Story to mark the 40th. anniversary of the Tripleheader excursion on the CPR that I organized at the end of the steam era. It has continued to include histories and stories, all written by railroaders, of the steam era. While the research and work has been carried out by me it would not have been possible to produce the results many have written or spoken praise about without the generous contributions of so many people. Some are old friends and sources of "inside" information but, many others are strangers who have willingly shared scans of old slides or photographs, and occasionally even gone out and photographed something especially for this web site. That is the wonderful thing about the Internet, the free sharing of what others have and the new friendships made, many still without a personal contact other than by e-mail. I want to take this opportunity to again thank all those who have contributed to the Old Time Trains web site and to welcome new contributors who might have something of interest but may be hesitating to offer it. Please do.
Thank you, one and all. Raymond Kennedy.


3rd Anniversary
May 1, 2000- May 1, 2003

The nice part about the Internet is the way so many people, strangers even, willingly share!

Thank you, one and all, for helping to make this a more interesting site.


go to Gordon Strathdee, Colin Churcher and Frank Vollhardt

for providing so many photographs for the locomotive galleries.

Thanks also to the many others who gave permission for the reuse their images.




SPECIAL NOTE: The following two articles contain some detailed drawings off old blueprints that were very large. Files were Zip compressed to reduce them. If you would like to see a big file to better see details, contact me:

CPR West Toronto Hump Yard a 1950 proposal to convert West Toronto and Lambton yards into a modern retarder yard. A new roundhouse at Obico was in the plans, as were other improvements, one that took 50 years to happen!

CPR Belt Lines to Bypass Toronto a 1949 proposal in connection with proposed new yard at Kleinburg or Wexford. Elimination or reduction of assist/push engines on helper grades was part of the benefits of the proposal.


From the Archives

Midland Railway of Canada original printing plate for 100 pound Sterling bonds of 1871. If you know of an old intaglio printing press to print with, contact me:


2nd Anniversary!

May 1st marks the second anniversary of the Official Opening of the Old Time Trains web site.

May 1st 2000 marked the 40th Anniversary of The Tripleheader, a famous event in Canadian railway history. It was the feature article in the beginning. The web site was created to further record Canadian rail history, and to bring it to a wider audience. The uniqueness of web publishing is that it can easily be rewritten, altered, expanded, corrected, etc. unlike printed books which forever show their errors and incompleteness. While it is also far less expensive than printing a hardcover book, there is never-the-less an expense of many hundreds of dollars in doing so. It is my contribution to railway history.

Your contribution towards this work is welcomed. I am NOT asking for money, only photographs and other material. Stories written by railroaders are likewise most welcome. While Canadian Pacific Railway in southern Ontario is the most featured on this web site it is simply because that is what I know best and have the most resources available for research. All Canadian railways are welcome by Old Time Trains.

Thanks go out to those who have already contributed to this web site, including; Newt Rossiter, Joe Howard, Vern Poirer, and the late Ambrose O'Donnell. Along with Al Paterson, Bob Sandusky, Roger Boisvert, N.Kent Loudon, Brian Switzer, Bud Laws, Alex Simins, Vernon Erle Ikeda, and others who have provided photographs or given permission to re-use photos. If I have forgotten someone, please remind me! I hope you will enjoy reading this web site and I invite you to return often.

If you can provide additional information, or corrections to already published material, I welcome you to do so. If you have anything to contribute, please contact me. R.L.Kennedy C.P.R. (Ret'd).



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