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December 1, 2011

New price $38 for Sentimental Journey LP record now includes shipping.


CPR London Division galleries added SW1200RS "BLU" 8163 in original paint scheme and a pair of 4200's in a winter scene in Quebec Street (scroll to bottom). 4202 was retired 12/18/94 following a fire and block damage ($350,000) on 504-15.

CPR Lambton Yard road engines (scroll to bottom) a scene on the shop tracks of the now dieselized railway.

CPR Toronto Division Leaside page added 8921 in CP Rail paint scheme and on Toronto page added photo of 8921 in old block lettering on the Day Transfer.

Algoma Central

Rolling stock page added several colour photos all from new contributor Geneva May Short. Coach 425 ex CP 2268 one of 18 picture window lightweight coaches. Work equipment 10059 an old mail & baggage car and 10655 a water tank car. Bay window caboose ex GB&W 116. Freight 8414 hopper car. Also, bathtub hopper car 8017 from another contributor.

Shortlines Newfoundland Botwood Ry. added AND 14 one of two new 2-8-2's built in Scotland.
Newfoundland Railway last years of steam enlarged five colour images linked to thumbnails.

Quebec Roberval & Saguenay added colour photo of M420TR 26. New contributor Patrick DeLarue.



Trains galleries AMT new gallery starting with 1301 A unit and 1311 GP9u.
CPR Montreal suburban service added two older paint scheme views including yard engine 7041 switching.

Steam Locomotives

CPR G5 class add 1255 at Bay Shore yard in West St.John about to take out The Gull bound for Boston. See also 1256 caption for more detail added regarding dieselization. N2 class added 3677 in an interesting old scene leaving Alyth for Field. U3 class 6296 also at Bay Shore.

Diesel locomotives

CPR old paint scheme S-2 yard engine added 7041.

CP Rail added view of three RDC's in transition paint new "hockey mask" bright red visibility marking on ends of cars.

New gallery created for Cartier Railway under original owner (Quebec Cartier Mining Co.) and current owner ArcelorMittal. Many old and new photos including from new contributors Jeff Robertson, Brent van Dorp and Jeremy Plant.


Industrial Ontario See What's New in this Gallery?

Quebec Added Can-Car 1 an old 65 ton Whitcomb in colour. A nice find.

Dealers, Contractors etc. Started new page for Canada Allied Diesel starting with RS-23 2001.

Logging Railways BC steam

CANFOR isolated Englewood logging railway on Vancouver Island added colour photo of 2-8-2 113 restored for public relations excursion service.

Logging Railways BC diesel

Scroll down to see CANFOR 304 in newer paint scheme also one of their unique logging train cabooses and some log loads.


Rolling stock

Cartier Railway new gallery started.




November 1, 2011


New price $38 for Sentimental Journey LP record now includes shipping.


CPR Toronto Division added photo of TH&B 501 at John Street one of two Hudsons just acquired from NYC.


Although thumbnails seldom change new photographs are added in different sequences.
Be sure to scroll down.


CNR old diesel added photo of a pair of CLC FM A units on CV time freight.


CNR steam added one more Northern, 6219 with engineer Harvey Burnett, Jr. making his last run in 1956. New contributor, Jim Burnett. Harvey was his great uncle.

US subsidiaries added three photos of 3406 and switcher 7527 in Portland, Maine.

CNR electric New gallery for non-interurban railway electric operations starting with the Montreal suburban operation and St.Clair Tunnel Co. in Sarnia.

CNR diesel added GE 70-tonner 30 both on PEI and preserved for operation at Exporail. Also, SW1200 GT 1517.

CPR steam

Interesting photo of 2818 "wheeled" in unknown (Angus?) backshop circa 1930's judging by the emblem on cab.
New contributor Tom Rendall of Whiting Equipment in Welland.

Added 2317 the most famous G3 class 2300 and G5 class 1246 both shown at the old Steamtown USA in Vermont.
P2 class 5447 in an old colour photo at Brownville Junction in Maine.

CPR old diesel 1400's added a black and white photo of 1407 in Trois Rivieres (Three Rivers). Baldwin switcher 7069 in Script lettering at Drake Street. CP Rail Action Red US Alco RS-2 8401 added plus 8404 waiting retirement.

CPR diesel added four photos to the Montreal suburban service page including 4070 which became AMRoad 4070 in the 1976 movie Silver Streak, a fairly interesting movie filmed on the CPR in various locations including Toronto Yard and Union Station.

Also, CAR 8023 of the CPR Internal shortline Canadian Atlantic. (Scroll down to bottom).

TH&B steam added photo of TH&B 501 at John Street one of two Hudsons just acquired from NYC.

Industrial BC

Steam added an old 0-6-0T number 6 one of several steam engines that worked at Pacific Coast Terminals original location in New Westminster (1929-1960). PCT then relocated to Port Moody.


Vancouver Wharves added 22 Alco RS-1 and 26 MLW S-3.

Logging BC steam added Canadian Forest Products 111 (2-6-6-2) said to be Canada's biggest logging engine.

Logging and timber industries diesel added photo of WRIX 102 ex Canfor SW1200 sold after delivery of new genset unit.


Steam added a better view of Atlas Steel un-numbered 0-4-0 Fireless on display at Fort Erie Railroad Museum.

Diesel see What's New in This Gallery? Many additions during October.


Diesel added Xstrata (former Noranda Mines) three new views 18, 25 and 27.

Created new gallery for dealers, contract shops etc. Starting with 2 units at now-defunct AMF former CNR PSC shops.



BC added two photos to Okanagan Valley from new contributors Connor Park and Dave Eagen.

Manitoba added HBRY 2502 in US after it left that road.

Ontario regrouped shortlines together.

Quebec regrouped shortlines together. Arnaud added photo of 904 and 902.

QNS&L new gallery for diesels starting with mother daughter set used for yard service.

Nova Scotia regrouped shortlines together.

Rolling stock

CPR freight equipment Added 230000 40 foot wood box car equipped with drop doors for grain loading between Port Mc.Nicoll and West St. John. Also, 257399 40 foot steel box car Script paint scheme from new contributor Bill Rogerson.

CPR work equipment Added spreader 402877 still in service. New contributor Owen Parker.

QNS&L added a number of photos of old passenger and service equipment, much ex CPR. Scrapping was already underway for much of the service equipment. The isolated location was in part why nothing was preserved. Also, 4 RDC's previously sold for a tourist train operation in Quebec. These cars were seized by the municipality for storage owed and sold for scrap on very short notice which prevented efforts to save them.



October 1, 2011


CPR Toronto Division John Street engines gallery added colour photo 2856 in 1952. Also, 6271 in an old photo with too much black smoke likely when being fired up. Must have been a Sunday, otherwise the Locomotive Foreman would have called the hostler in for a lecture!

CPR Trenton Division added colour photo of 2219 in 1960 very near the end of all steam operation. Smiths Falls engine.

CPR Lambton Yard steam yard engine gallery added 0-6-0's 6240 and 6242 both photos taken before I was born!

Quebec Central added photo of D10 1072 very near the end of steam. Also, M286 a 1929 Packard inspection automobile.


Sudbury Area Mining railways; INCO added 2006 and 2007 two of 8 new units. New contributor Paul Rome.



Galleries SPECIAL NOTE Although thumbnails seldom change new photographs are added in different sequences.


CPR steam. Special this month is an entire gallery (43 photos) devoted to just two days of steam activity in Montreal in June of 1959. Edward J. Ozog travelled from the States to catch the last days of steam. You will see at least one familiar engine in regular passenger service, the now famous 2816. As an example of how much work goes into this web site, it took me approxiamately 10 hours to put all this together. I hope you enjoy it.

Steam locomotives

CNR added a forlorn scene of dead engines after the end of steam. Mountain added interesting old photo of an engine just out of MLW erecting shop and still without its tender. Also, a recent photo 6015 on display at Jasper, Alberta. New contributor Larry De Bert. Northerns added two old colour scenes 6134 and 6401. Mikado added 3421 and Hudson 5701 in colour.
CNR US subsidiaries GTW 6406 added. GTE added Pacific 5582 with Baker pilloid valve gear. Also, 5605.

H1 class 2800's added four old photos of 2810 with and without two different styles of smoke deflectors including this scene that foretells of the future as General Motors EMD diesels demonstrate on the CNR at Ottawa Union station in 1948.
D10 added Quebec Central 1072 in 1960 very near the end of all steam operation. N2 class added old colour slide of 3610. U3 class 0-6-0 6178 dead and 6269 fresh out of Angus early years. V class 0-8-0 added 6816 in an old photo converted from a 2-8-0 many years earlier.

DAR steam added three photos of 2551 on a Mixed train. New contributor Ian Mac Donald.


CNR old diesels created a new gallery for MLW RS-3's and another for RS-18's some in original green/gold paint scheme. New gallery for CLC H16-44. None of these Fairbanks-Morse units were on the roster for a long time. New gallery for SW1200RS. Added 9165 fresh out Transcona F7 rebuild program.

CPR old diesels added Alco S-2 7010 in the so-called "Smiley face" paint scheme. New contributor Steve Morris.


Shortlines: Saskatchewan;: Added Carlton Trail 1042 GP10 ex QNS&L 146.
Older shortlines: Added DEVCO 214 one of a pair of RS-27's once MLW leasers, originally Alco demonstrators.
Newer shortlines: Added 4204 one of 6 GP9E's acquired for startup of Ottawa Valley Railink. Arnaud 901 (scroll way down)



Alberta added NREX 3526 enroute to Viterra in Sexsmith. New contributor Marc Mainekoff.

Saskatchewan added P&H 1 enroute to Yorkton. New contributor Brendan Frisina. (Check out their previous units.)

Quebec added what is truly a one-of-a-kind in Canada car mover at the Alcan plant. Also, ex Domtar 28-137 on its way to new owner in Saskatchewan. .




September 1, 2011 (My 70th birthday!)

Note: Fixed the sound again for the train approaching on the home page. Give it a try.


CPR Ontario District

CPR London Division. Guelph Junction gallery added three photos of Extra 5370 West.


Sudbury Area Mining Railways. INCO diesel gallery added another shot of ex 206 now owned by Diesel Electric Services.


Videos added link to an old 1950's NFB film of winter railroading in the Rockies including scenes of The Canadian.


Steam locomotives

CNR predecessor roads added an interesting old photo of GTR 287 with an elephant carving. Read about it.
Created a new page for subsidiary roads and added 4 more CV 2-10-4's.

Main gallery added another old Mogul (scroll to bottom) with crew posing on a turntable. Six wheel switchers five more engines. New page for eight-wheel switchers. Also, Northern page added the first one 6100 at the Fair of the Iron Horse in Baltimore, Maryland commemorating100th. anniversary of the Baltimore & Ohio. Booster details courtesy Don McQueen.

CPR main gallery added interesting old photo of 1890 Royal train engine, first commuter tank engine 4-6-4T 624 and a interesting comparison of sizes between an old 4-4-0 and the last 4-6-2 number 2301.|
Added a whole bunch of 5800's many from Bruce Chapman including some nice shots of trains, mostly Western Lines.
A few more 5700's as well and three 5900's including 5922 equipped with mountain headlights.These were aimed to see around sharp curves in mountains to look for fallen rocks. Early predecessor of modern ditch lights proving once again, there is nothing new under the sun! Thanks to all who assisted in identifying uncaptioned locations and details especially Phil Mason retired CPR engineer (5811_592? at signal 1171 Laggan Sub.).
Also, D-4 Ten-Wheeler 434 in Tweed and two old photos of 449 from 1946 on the Waltham passenger.
Added G1 2221 in a very early photo. G2 added 2622. Jubilee a winter scene of 2929 added.
G5 1256 plus, 1269 in a great action scene. Unfortunately, no date or location.
Added G3 2397 on the last steam run of The Atlantic Limited, also 2398 and 2402.
Added 3 U3 class 0-6-0's including 6166, now preserved.

US Road in Canada added three Canada Southern/Michigan Central steam engines.


Steam: Provinces other than Ontario. Acadia Coal 42 privately preserved before tourist train operations in CB and NB.


Quebec added CGTX 50-tonner waiting to be scrapped. Ex-Kruger 240 35-tonner. Stone Consolidated 4 (scroll down).
E B Eddy 50-ton all from Ian McCord and from Bob Heathorn 3 Thurso & Nation Valley units, a non-common carrier railway. (Scroll way down).

August 1, 2011 ****** fixed the sound again for the train approaching on the home page. Give it a try.


CPR Trip Ticket book of Toronto fireman Ray Bossi for part of August 1949. New contributor Ken Bossi, Ray's son.
I am especially pleased with this rare donation to the Old Time Trains Archives. It contains a look at a man's life work for a brief period of time. I knew and liked Ray in his later years as an engineer at Lambton. I handled thousands of originals of these trip tickets in my years at the CPR yet, this is the only book of carbon copies to be saved. Remember carbon paper?
A special thank you to Ken for his donation.


CPR London Division added details of run through operation over CSX and NS between Detroit and Chicago. Less than satisfactory describes the running rights since CSX crews had to be used. It was long a source of delay for CPR traffic especially when shortage of crews held trains in Chicago, as many as 7 trains all weekend! A better arrangement was when NS agreed to CPR having running rights over a shorter route via Elkhart where a crew base was established using laid off D&H crews and then new hires. Expressway trains detailed further.

Branch passenger service added D10 952 at Hamilton in 1933 on what may well have been a Goderich train.

CPR Toronto Division added some details about winding down and closure of the Don Branch and its eventual sale for GO. Similar details about closing of John Street. roundhouse and coach yard. Last train OCS April 28, 1988.

John Street engines added 7061 one of first three John Street diesels. (Only serviced there. They were maintained at West Toronto back shop.) Five Alco S-2's ( 7059-7063 ) delivered to West Toronto Locomotive Department in November of 1947 were the last delivered in the original black paint scheme. 7062 and 7063 were immediately repainted into the new maroon and cream "smiley face" paint scheme and sent to work in Windsor Yard the first diesels there.

CPR Lambton Yard closed April 26, 2009 and re-opened again! Starting shortly before Christmas 2010 with a yard job every shift. These jobs were called Lifter 1, Lifter 2, Lifter 3 and Lifter 4! It seemed they were denying the yard was open!
No "yard master" or anyone else, the Engineering Department having taken over the building. Offices (Freight Claims etc.) formerly leased at 40 University Avenue in downtown Toronto were later relocated here as well. May 2011 saw the yard fully reopened with the Operating Department crowded in to the building.

CPR Lambton Road engines gallery added 1088 and 2810 with inboard smoke deflectors.

CPR London Division Branch Passenger history added D10 952 on Goderich passenger.

CPR Trenton Division added D4g 487 at Lindsay in 1946 and D10 686 in Smiths Falls 1932.


CPR Great Lakes ships (also linked from Trenton and Bruce Division feature articles) added interesting old photo of
SS Keewatin
docked at Port Mc.Nicoll circa 1920.



Roberval Saguenay a major addition to this old Quebec shortline has been provided by new contributor Ian Stronach who recently retired from Alcan. Many photos added including early electric and steam operations are from a little-known book Origins and History of the Roberval and Saguenay Railway written by R.C. Beliveau in 1960. Mr. Beliveau worked for the R&S for many years. Also, added photo of 0-4-2T preserved at old pulp mill museum. New contributor Marc Vallieres.



PHOTOGRAPHS added an old 1893 poster for CPR trains to the Worlds Fair in Chicago, 1915 newspaper ad for CPR passenger service, 1955 advertisement for CNR's new Super Continental and a 1955 station poster for The Canadian.



CNR old diesels added two newpaper photographs showing the first diesel powered passenger train through Brockville.



CNR predecessor roads. Added a really old photo of two different 0-6-0 tank engines posing in Windsor (ON) yard in 1909.

CNR steam added an interesting interior view of a backshop. Two photos Grand Trunk Eastern 3432 (scroll down).
Also, lots of additions from the collection of Andy McCulloch now owned by Walter Pfefferle. Eight Santa Fe type, eight Pacifics and two Northerns including 6100 at the Fair of the Iron Horse in Chicago 1927 and 6205.
Also, six more 0-6-0's from Bud Laws.

CNR old diesel added five old photos of Canada's first road diesel, a twin unit 2660 hp passenger locomotive powered by Beardmore diesel engines. Also, 7700 another one-only diesel, Westinghouse Visibility Cab box cab. Read more here.
GTW 73 one-of-a-kind boxcab re-engined from gas engines.

Also, 3000 one-only Fairbanks-Morse Train Master in colour. RS-3 3018 in colour at Mimico in 1964.

CPR steam D10 986 and E Class high-drivered Ten Wheelers 2018 and 2038 Jack Hartney. One of a several engineers recognized for long service with a special crest displaying their name on the cab.
Added G5 1201 in official photo. 2321 with Santa Claus G2 open cab 2598 and 2800 fresh out of Angus. Last Jubilee 2929 (scroll down to bottom). N2 3752 one of the last steam engines in New Brunswick. Added 6605 a BIG 0-8-0 fresh out of the backshop. These are from the collection of Andy McCulloch. Also, several more S2 class 5800's and 5900 Selkirks on Western Lines.



Ontario finally, after a long dry spell, added a Brookville dinky engine. See What's New in this Gallery?

Quebec added an old Falconbridge 80-tonner now owned (2006) by Xstrata Copper.



CPR added two aerial photographs of Angus Shops. One at its height c.1940 and one near the end 1979. Be sure to click on each image to enlarge.



July 1, 2011


CPR Lambton Yard Gallery of steam Road Power added P2 5410 and 5417 a London engine.

CPR London Division changed photo of Windsor roundhouse in 1980 by then only 4 stalls. Old photo to yard diesel gallery.
Gallery of diesel yard engines added some Windsor assigned units 6705, 7023, 1269 and 1601.

Radial railways:

Metropolitan Division added stops table. Also, stops table for Hydro-Electric lines: Schomberg and Aurora Ry. and streetcar lines T&YR District, Mimico Division and Scarboro Division.




BCR added nice shot of train with matching old paint scheme units. Also, PGE 705 and BCOL 730.

CNR steam added (scroll down) CV 600 4-8-2 and CV 389 a nice looking 0-6-0 at White River Jct. Vermont.
six wheel switchers
added old photo of 7125 (ex GTR) at Spadina.
Santa Fe type 4205 ex Boston & Albany 1105 one of ten huge 2-10-2 freight engines acquired.
Created a new sub gallery for the 1939 Royal tour train including two photos of the highly decorated station at Brockville as well as a cloth armband worn by everyone connected with the trains as part of the security efforts in those simpler times.



CNR diesel old paint schemes added CV 4551 in new paint (green & gold) new contributor Tim Darnell.

CPR steam added interesting photo of the Ontario engine crews for the 1939 Royal tour including the key to their identities. Harry Toman was the regular engineer assigned to The Dominion. Photo courtesy of Mac Allen well known retired engineer.

Also, added 5more P2's 4 Western Lines and one at North Bay. Added 22 more Decapods, mostly Western Lines engines in road and yard service. Also, 2 rebuilt 2-10-0's in transfer service Montreal terminal. Note: 5754 in Toronto see John Street.
Added S-2 class 5800 (2-10-2) in Montreal transfer service, Alyth yard service and Revelstoke helper service after converted to oil firing. Once again it took the help of several e-mail buddys (retired CPR railroaders) to identify locations for some uncaptioned photographs from the huge collection of Bud Laws.

CPR diesel S-3 m.u. added DAR 6560_6561 the only two units built with m.u. and weighted heavier. This gave them tractive effort similar to that of a 1000 hp S-2. I was working at Lambton roundhouse when they arrived. They were dispatched as single units for yard and local jobs. One fine day one of them was assigned to one of the Emery Way Freights, this one being a heavy job requiring a Seventy Hundred S-2. The engineer immediately informed me the Sixty Five Hundred would not be acceptable for the job. I had to assure him this 6500 would do the job as it was not like any the regular ones. Reluctantly, he took my word and went to work. The next day when he booked out he cheerfully agreed with my assessment saying he would take one any day!

ONR Diesel added RS-10 1401 and GP38-2 1803.

TH&B steam added 40 back when it was just another 0-6-0 yard switcher before it was sold to STELCO where it was the last steam engine in a large fleet. Kept as a "toy" it was finally disposed of in 1969 going to the National Museum of Science & Technology in Ottawa where it operated for some time hauling very short rides. Retired once again when firebox repairs turned out to be too expensive it was later disposed of going to Lindsay where the TH&B never reached. It has received somewhat indifferent care. Stored indoors out of public view it more recently has been displayed outdoors. Why did it go to Lindsay? A local politician asked the CNR if they had an old 0-6-0 they could donate to commorate her brother (a CNR empoyee) who was killed by one in Lindsay years ago. Sure lady!



Wabush 908 in a cold winter scene near Wabush, Labrador by new contributor Dave Fosher.

Rolling stock

CNR freight equipment added another box car 290333 and moved vans to a new gallery adding two new photos.



CNR added old photo massive coal chutes and newer photo of turntable in Windsor, ON. Also, (scroll down) West Toronto station.



June 1, 2011


CPR Bruce Division Passenger page added photo of 1081 with Camp Borden shuttle months before replaced by an RDC. New contributor Ian Jackson

CPR London Division added an old colour photo of steam action taken at the Junction.

CPR Lambton Yard road engines added four P2's.

GMD added another photo of GMD 1001 diesel hydraulic London plant switcher. Taken during plant tour.


Algoma Central rolling stock added link to photo of a DRGW Alco PB-1 one of which became an ACR power car.



GMD added two very interesting old photos (above and below) of demonstrator diesels in Brockville.




Locomotives Steam

CNR added a great old photo of the cab interior of Pacific 5252 and one of 4-6-4F suburban 49 being lifted in the erecting shop during its last major shopping. Added many more 6200 Northerns. including 6400 on 1939 Royal train.

CPR steam added 16 more P2's mostly Western Lines power.

Locomotives Diesel

BCR diesel gallery created includes 9 units (and remote control car RCC-1 converted from an Alco B unit) painted PGE and BCR/BC Rail from new contributors Charles Freericks and Sid Vaught.

ONR diesel units added SD40-2 1730 and SD75I 2104 along with freight train powered by 2102 and 1735.


Industrial Alberta added Weyerhaeuser 136.

BC logging & paper added photos of CANFOR Northwood 104 new NRE genset, 102 and preserved 101 GE 44-tonner. New contributors Dan Braun, Joe Ferguson and Bill Rogerson.

Rolling stock:

CPR service equipment added old steam rotary 400805.
Vans added colour photos of two wooden vans (5471 and 5857) identical except for underframe.
Freight equipment added 380635 a covered hopper. Once used mostly for cement such cars are now common for grain etc.
Passenger equipment added 2103 one of the short (65 foot) lightweight streamlined coaches used with Jubilee 4-4-4's. Also, Willow Grove one of the only order of lightweight streamlined sleepers built until the advent of the Budd stainless steel cars

Industrial Ontario added rider car to industrial locomotive gallery for Babcock & Wilcox New contributor John Soehner


May 1, 2011


CPR Bruce Division Branches added very old hand-coloured postcard showing ships in the harbour at Owen Sound. .

CPR London Division station gallery added Thamesford. Finally! After a long dry spell another missing station comes along thanks to Louise Bridge.

CPR Toronto Division John Street engines added to 3100 K1 class several old photos, also engineering design and specifications as well as assignment of 3101 during all its years.

CPR Trenton Division Added 1915 photo of Trenton roundhouse. Scroll down to link beneath Trenton Yard photo.
Steam gallery a, newspaper clipping of M4 class 2-8-0 3507 last steam yard engine in Trenton ended service July 16,1959. While it was reported as the last run it is likely it or another steam engine remained to relieve the 6538 S-3 diesel. 3507 had been a London Division engine assigned to Windsor yard. It had recently been transferred to Trenton replacing 3484 sent to Angus. U3 class 0-6-0 6271 was also there.
Passenger service added three interesting photos starting in 1915 showing passenger trains at Smiths Falls station. Many images enlarged throughout the page.

CPR Lambton Yard road power added 5316 sitting near remains of dismantled coal tower and trestle. The hostler appears to be a woman. This was 1946 and many women were employed to replace men gone to war.

Shortlines: CANDO added 1002 just after sold to National Research Council replacing bad order 6593 S-3.
New contributor Ian McCord

Roberval Saguenay added several colour photos mostly to roster page.

Andy Mc.Culloch Photograph Collection

Intercolonial 130 built 1881by Flemming Foundry in St.John, New Brunswick.

A few months ago Andy Mc.Culloch decided to dispose of his massive collection of over 12,000 photographs bought over many years. He was concerned these photos be acquired by someone interested in their continued preservation. He sold them to Walter Pfefferle a southwestern Ontario rail photographer better known for his daily photos and postings of trains near his home on his and other web sites. Walter has kindly agreed to share many of these photos with Old Time Trains.


Photographs: Added an interesting old certificate for St.Johns First Aid training something of great value considering how dangerous railroading was and help could be far away.


Newfoundland's Railways added Botwood 12 2-6-2T



CNR predecessor roads: Added St.Clair Tunnel Co. 1304 0-10-0. Intercolonial 130 4-4-0 built in New Brunswick, Canadian Northern 1282 one of several sold during WWII to Australia and Grand Trunk 117 4-6-2.

CNR Northern added eleven more engines. Also, DW&P 198 2-8-0 and GTW 3522 0-8-2 yard engine.

CPR steam added 5 early P2's all Western Lines power.

CPR diesels old paint added two new pages for MLW yard units with m.u. 660 HP and 1000 HP inc. boosters.

ONR steam added three of 701 on last run of steam, June 25, 1957, and colour on display. Only ONR steam engine saved.

Shortline steam Sydney & Louisburg added 2-8-2 77 By mid-1960 when steam operation had ended on other Canadian railways, the S&L was still all steam with 31 locomotives on their roster.

Shortline diesel Devco added 61 a secondhand Alco S1 the second diesel (1st was PGE 553 a 70-tonner) for predecessor Sydney & Louisburg. New contributor Glenn Courtney. Who has a photo to contribute of number 60 the 70-tonner?

See also Articles (above) for Roberval & Saguenay additions.

Shortlines in Manitoba added Keewatin 2403 a GP38 enroute to them. New contributor John Hill. Also, 2401 and 2402 from new contributor Grant Mc.Vittie who also provided HBR 2509 and 3550. Also, former Hudson Bay 6526 now at another OmniTRAX road in US. New contributor Derek Brown.

Industrial Manitoba added Gerdau Ameristeel SW900 formerly Manitoba Rolling Mills ex CPR 6719
New contributor Jeff Keddy

Logging Railways in BC steam: Added Canadian Forest Products 117 3 truck Shay and fire car.

US Roads in Canada added three photos on the CASO, Conrail 7435 GP9, a Penn Central caboose and NYC CPR freight shed in St.Thomas.


CNR added several interesting photos of Mount Royal tunnel and station starting in 1931.

Rolling Stock

CNR freight equipment added an old air dump and 8 box cars.

CPR caboose gallery started with some great old photographs including unique style with cupola and bay window.

CPR freight equipment added 13 more box and reefers over the years from 1898 to the Multimark era including an aluminum car as well as a specially built grain box car used for loading at Port Mc.Nicoll.

CPR passenger equipment added express reefers.
Created new gallery for Business Cars moving existing photographs from another gallery and adding BC 36 ex Cape Churchill which later was acquired by IPSCO and renamed for their Chairman of the Board. Displayed with 4-8-4 3101.

CPR Facilities added old photo of the Outremont turntable being changed out.
(not exactly facilities but, don't want another folder for a few photos), added a link to a new page for crossing signals in this case the old wig wag type. The last ones in Canada were all in southwestern Ontario. Some scaterred along the now abandoned CASO mainline and these ones on the CPR in Chatham. The only one I recall seeing was in steam days on the MacTier Sub. in Mount Dennis over Eglinton Avenue next to the Kodak plant. I was driving east when a northbound freight crossed in front of me. Don't recall the power as I was too busy noticing the wig wag wasn't working!

Inspection Auto added M-235 a 1929 Packard in Parkdale being driven by none other than N.R. "Buck" Crump!



Memories of the old K&P by new contributor Robert Curry. His grandfather William Curry was a CPR engineer on what had been the Kingston and Pembroke.

Memories of Ottawa West by Bruce Chapman whose uncle Ben Huntington was a CPR engineer.


Links: New link changed URL for Surrey's railway history.



April 1, 2011


CPR predecessor roads Toronto, Grey & Bruce added roadside plaque.

CPR London Division added an interesting old photo of a solid train of new Fords in 1924. Courtesy of Derek Boles.
steam yard engines added old undated snapshot of 6273 in Goderich Yard.

Shortlines Thurlow Railway steeplecab electric loco identified by visitor Stefano Carnicelli of Firenze (Florence), Italy!


Stories Andy Cassidy is back again with more of his memories of Drake Street roundhouse in its last years.


Photographs Added two great old 1950's photos of CPR company vehicles. The one above is a (likely yellow) Chevrolet panel truck belonging to the Car Department. There were not a lot of vehicles used in the 1950's unlike later years when Engineering went to hy-rail trucks for much of their work. The other includes a yellow CPR bus providing employee service from streetcars to St.Luc Yard from new contributor Ken Boulton who acquired it years ago from an unknown photographer.



CPR old diesel added great old colour photo of 7107-7100 running in transfer service (Extra 7107 West) in Vancouver terminal. Twenty S-4's (7099-7118) were delivered by MLW in 1949. Some used in local (way freight) service in BC and equipped with auxiliary fuel tanks. (RS-1's with road trucks would have been a better choice.) 7100 7106, 7107 and 7108 equipped with m.u. in 1951 by MLW for Montreal Terminal transfer service. In 1956 7100 and 7107 operated on a Way Freight out of Lambton Yard in Toronto on the Hamilton Sub. before going to Vancouver by 1960. 7100 and 7108 would later come to Toronto Yard in 1974 for Pulldown service before later still (1982) going to Sudbury. New contributor Keith Anderson.


CNR Steam added several more 6060's including 6064 with a flat-sided tender off another engine instead of usual Vanderbilt.

CPR Steam added two more 5100's 5191 and 5193 second last numerically. Added a dozen more 5200's to P1n page.

Shortlines: Southern of BC added two photos of 002 a GP9 slug acquired from J&L Consulting (D)

Industrial: Ontario see What's New in This Gallery?


CPR Drake Street roundhouse (scroll waaaaaaaay down!) to see Andy in his office. 3 photos


Tourist railways:

Huntsville, Lake of Bays added old public time table.

Puddicombe Farms added tickets for train ride.



March 1, 2011


CPR Lambton Yard Photo gallery of Lambton roundhouse months before its demolition. David has redone this gallery scanning from the original 35mm negative roll at a larger size making for a big improvement over the old version which was scanned from small prints. Additionally, captions have been added. To view them just "mouseover" the thumbnail.
NOTE: At the moment this only works in Internet Explorer not with Firefox.

CPR Lambton road power steam gallery added London Div. engines 5114 and 5116.
Yard power steam gallery added 3462 with regular tender.

CPR Bruce Division added a great old colour photo of 2232 and 2815 about to head north over West Toronto Diamond along with three black and white photos of similar north trains including an unusual steam/diesel doubleheader.

CPR London Division passenger page added a great old colour scene of steam and diesel plus CPT bus at Galt.
power gallery added 5160 back in 1939 and 5180 at Haycroft, a tiny town on the Windsor Sub. near Tilbury.

CPR Trenton Division passenger history page added interesting old photo of 2200 laying over with equipment in Peterboro, plus another shot of it underway somewhere to the west. Once again, these old photographs taken before I was born, drew considerable interest trying to locate where they were taken. They were mislabeled as to their location and undated. A third photo, this one dated, of 2200 with its short train (not shown) recently loaned by Bruce Chapman led to solving the mystery. Doug Smith had already determined it was The Quaker Oats Company plant in the background, which of course made the location Peterborough, not Toronto. But, a passenger train should not be near Quaker Oats as their buildings were located on freight-only trackage away from the passenger station on the main line. Looking at a number of aerial photos of Peterboro in Steam Memories of Lindsay, I could see the small CPR two-stall enginehouse near Quaker Oats, which had been hidden behind the train. Checking the 1939 public time table revealed there was a local passenger train that laid overnight in Peterborough. Mystery solved!

CPR Trenton Division power gallery added 2807 in Belleville and 5113 switching in Oshawa when I was an infant!
Also, 3553 M4 2-8-0 with slope back tender off a switcher.

Stories More short stories about Drake Street roundhouse including one about quick washing a dirty diesel and another about a new runaway steam engine, none other than 2860!
Memories of Parry Sound by Cliff Beagan as he recalls similar memories to those of Bill Chester.

Photographs Added interesting old photo of 7011 with a one-car passenger train used by Montreal employees.


CNR steam. Added 17 more Mountains. Including 6028 and 6047 with 1939 Royal train.

CPR created a new gallery of steam and diesel at Drake Street Vancouver.
CPR steam: D10 4-6-0's added 1050 and 1052. G1 added 2200 and two more of 2202 showing its changes over the years, one with two little girls looking up at it. What are they thinking? "Where's Grandpa?" Also, 2219 with stoker.
G5 4-6-2's added 1267 on the turntable at Prescott.
M4 2-8-0's added 3 engines 3491, 3498 and 3553 with slope back tenders off 0-8-0 (or 0-6-0).
N2 2-8-0's added 3692 equipped with a rear pilot! First I have ever seen. What was this engine assigned to?
P1's Added many more engines back to 1931 including 5120 in passenger paint scheme.
R2 and R3 2-10-0 added R2 5754, 5755 and R3 5762 with wrongly stencilled tender. New contributor Robert Trennert.
V class 0-8-0's added old colour photo of 6907 and an interesting view of 6908 comparing tenders.



February 1, 2011

This old colour slide recently drew a lot of interest from an informal group of retired railroaders who exchange photos and stories by e-mail. Unfortunately, like so many old photos and slides this one had no date or caption. It did have a name on it however, a long distance phone call to the now 86 year old Bob Lorenz in Ohio revealed he had long ago disposed of his photo collection and was unable to help. The more there is in the background of these old photos the better the chance it can be identified. In this case the particular engine was one of only 39 of that class and it was known to have been at Angus main shops in 1957 following which it was transferred to London where it worked the west end (Chatham Subdivision) a very flat line. So, using a combination of old and new technology including internet maps and e-mail along with some knowledge of lines, signal systems etc. Jim Brown, well-known rail photographer was able to offer a plausable location. He decided upon Ringold, a small spot on the map where a passing track was located one place west of Chatham, Ontario. The train is believed to be Fourth class eastbound freight 80 or 82 based upon employee time tables in effect in the mid-1950's.

Interestingly, 2200 was one of only three (also, 2202 and 2219) G1 class 4-6-2's to be modified with a mechanical stoker, spares left over from the 1950 cancellation of the G5 4-6-2's. Only 100 had been delivered by CLC and MLW, a further 500 were planned to replace all of these G1's along with a much bigger number of G2 Pacific's plus hundreds of 4-6-0's including the numerous D10's.


CPR London Division

History passenger added photo of 4095 (scroll down) one of seven MLW FPA-2's, 4082, 4083 and 4094 to 4098.
Gallery of steam power added a great old colour slide of 2200 on freight. Also, another P1 5111.


CPR Toronto Division John Street engines added Jubilee 3002.

CPR Lambton Yard road power gallery added 3704 and 3714. Scroll down to bottom.

General Canadian Locomotive Company added photo of brand new CPR 2427 one of 20 engines built with a Worthington Feedwater Heater rather than the usual round "water bottle" Elesco FWH. Only four other CPR engines were so equipped: 1200, 1201, 2212 and 2592 all built by Angus Shops.


Cliff Beagan is back again with more short stories about his years of railroading on the Bruce Division in the 1950's.

Andy Cassidy has two more short memories of Drake Street roundhouse. including one about a cat!

Photographs: An unexpected find was three old unused post cards of Leslie, Saskatchewan. A typical prairie settlement.
These are in the West Toronto Junction Historical Society's archives where I volunteer.



CNR predecessor roads. New page for Brockville, Westport and North Western, an obscure old shortline.
Brockville Museum


CNoR new gallery starting with four early photographs from new contributor Brian Stephenson.

CNR Diesel added new page for self-propelled cars. These are the "doodlebugs" of the 1920's not the RDC's of 1950's.

CNR steam added another old mogul 674 before it acquired some degree of fame when it joined the CNR Museum Train that toured in the early 1950's. Also, another old slide valve "teakettle" 0-6-0 7154 and another old Ten-Wheeler 1573. All from the Brockville Museum.
Plus, 12 more Mountains starting with 6000, including 6009 with a one-of-a-kind smoke deflector. Also, 5700 with stack mounted smoke deflector and four views of 5704. These Hudsons were the finest looking steam locomotives in all of Canada. IMNHO (In My Never Humble Opinion)!

CPR steam added four old colour photos of Jubilee 3003 Montreal-Quebec evening train courtesy of Kevin Day. Also, 3002 at John Street for Toronto-London Bullet. N2 class added another 12 old black and white photos. From the endless collection of Bud Laws who generously shares with all. Decapod page added 0-6-6-0 1950 first of six such engines built for the Big Hill. Later, these engines were rebuilt into 2-10-0's, the first 5750 and last 5755 are shown.
Lambton road engines. Added two Mudhens 3704 and 3714. Scroll down to bottom.

ETR added colour photo of 102 in old paint scheme.

Industrial Ontario see What's New in This Gallery?

Facilities: CPR Drake Street shops added another four photos (scroll way down) inc. dismantling tracks.
CPR Drake Street roundhouse added 19 more photos inside the shop.

Rolling Stock: CPR passenger. Added some 1949 CPR photos of new lightweight streamlined coach 2239 with interior views featuring "passengers". These are official photographs taken by CPR photographer. No need to hire models, just round up some "volunteers" in Windsor Station, likely out of the Public Relations or Passenger Department offices.



January 1, 2011

SPECIAL NOTICE a new contributor is the Brockville Museum (John Mack archivist) which has generously contributed a number of interesting old photographs. Thanks to Phil Jago for pointing out the 1939 Royal Train photos.



CPR London Division added 3421 to yard engine gallery.

CPR Lambton Yard added 3421 to yard engine gallery.

CPR Toronto Division stations gallery added a 100 year old photo of Don at Queen Street level crossing.

Interurban and Street Railways

Junction and its Railways added another old photo of TSR car in Lambton loop.




CNR steam added a bunch more Pacifics starting at 5536 including this very clean passenger engine at an unknown shop.
Think you know where this roundhouse was located? Tell us.

Also added a couple of the well-known "Bullet Nose Betty" Mountains, a very pleasing looking locomotive second only to the 5700 Hudsons (6 more added) the finest looking steam locomotives in Canada IMNHO (In My NEVER Humble Opinion)
Also added a bunch more Northerns. including 6400 and 6401 on 1939 Royal Tour. Many of these old colour slides suffer from deterioration. A number of the more worthwhile ones have been enchanced by David Bridge as he has done with many old black and white photographs. It is a time consuming effort but, he enjoys fixing these old images for visitors to this web site. I just have to restrain myself from sending him too many!

CPR steam added 16 old photos of M4 class engines with explanation of differences and changes over the years. Worth a carefull look. Also added eight more N2 class. including 3650 with a unique small moveable headlight!

Shortlines Steam:

Created new page for Sydney & Louisburg (Dominion Coal) one of the last steam operations.

TH&B added rare daytime photo of 202 Berkshire normally working nights on Kinnear between Kinnear Yard in Hamilton and Welland.


CNR added two old photos of Sarnia roundhouse.

CPR added photo of Smiths Falls yard in 1958 showing 2811 leaving with symbol freight. Lots of interesting detail.

Rolling stock

CNoR new gallery starting with wooden boxcar 63764.

CNR service equipment added 990709 tank car used for diesel fuel in work service.

Freight equipment added photo of two box cars comparing old Maple Leaf Serves All Canada emblem and modern CN.


Alberta added SemCAMS hydraulic diesel a unit with a long and interesting history.

Ontario see What's New in This Gallery.

Steam in Ontario added C&D Sugar 303 an old Consolidation.


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