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York-Durham Heritage Railway


On July 26, 2008 the York Durham Heritage Railway held it's first annual open house and railfan day. The plans were to run an excursion freight from Uxbridge to Stouffville, including a run by. After that the excursion train backed up to a run around track, and put the engine on the north end of the train. When that was done, the photo freight pulled down from Uxbridge and remarshalled its short consist. With the photo freight safely in the run around track, the passenger train pulled along side.

The first photo is of the 1310 and 3612 at Uxbridge before the trip began 

The second photo is of the 3612 during the run by

Third up is the meet between the 3612 and 1310

Last the 3612 pulls back along side the 1310 for a photo op

Note: 1310 is a former Ontario Northland MLW RS-3. 3612 is a former CV/DWP ALCo RS11.

A big congratulations goes out to all the volunteers and staff of the YDHR. You all deserve a pat on the back. The operable equipment is in great shape; the former CN Uxbridge station is incredible, and last but no least: the box lunch was absolutely FREAKING FANTASTIC!!!!

As a side note, the baggage car on the train is used as a souvenir shop/snack bar/open air car. The aforementioned box lunch was served buffet style. You could see the table sagging under the weight of the food! Coffee and tea was available on the train as well as doughnuts on the trip to Stouffville. Unforunately the weather didn't cooperate. Actually it sucked. When we were on the train it was bright and sunny, as soon as we stepped off it rained like no tomorrow (honest to God, I couldn't make that up!) There were also door prizes; myself being the lucky winner of a motor car ride. I've enjoyed such rides before, and wasn't disappointed. It was a perfect way to cap off the trip.