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Ontario Railway History Page

Railways of Ontario

Welcome to the Railways of Ontario web site. Within you will find a detailed history of railways constructed within the Province of Ontario, Canada in addition to a complete listing of remaining railway stations. Over time, the data base will be expanded as new information is added periodically.

I hope you enjoy the site and please check back often. If you have comments on any of the material presented or can provide additional information, please contact myself, Rob Hughes at the following e-mail address:

Section A: Railway Lines of Ontario

The history of both individual and large corporate railways within the boundaries of Ontario

Canadian National Railway Lines

Canadian Pacific Railway Lines

American Railway Lines

Other Railway Lines

Section B: Railway Stations of Ontario

A comprehensive list of existing railway stations located throughout Ontario.

Section C : Internet Railway Connections

A listing of Ontario historical railway sites located on the Internet.

Section D : Published Ontario Railway Resources

A thorough list of published Ontario railway books and resources.


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