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Existing Stations of Ottawa-Carleton

Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton

Station Railroad Current Location Current Use Date Built Bldg Material Condition Notes
Cumberland CNR (CNoR 1916) In situ at 2454 Hwy #7 east of Cameron St. Private residence 1916 CNoR Frame, insulbric Good, retains shape, addition to front Tracks removed
Dunrobin CNR (CNoR 1916) Moved to property at 1210 Thomas Dolan Parkway Farm storage shed 1916 CNoR Frame Good, retains original shape  
Edwards NYCR 1897 Moved to property on road between Navan and Sarsfield Private residence   Frame Unknown Exact location unknown
Malwood CNR (CNoR 1916) Moved to property at 2380 Dunrobin Road Storage building   Frame Fair, building recovered  
Manotick Station CPR (OPR 1854) Moved to property at 6020 Mitch Owens Rd. Private residence   Frame Good, substantial addition to the rear  
Ottawa CNR (CAR 1896) In situ at 2 Rideau St. at Wellington St. and Sussex Dr. Federal Conference Centre 1912 GTR Stone Excellent, fully restored Tracks removed, access to public very limited
Vars CNR (CAR 1882) Moved to Cumberland Heritage Museum at 2940 Queen St. Museum display building 1908 GTR Frame Excellent, fully restored Moved in 1975
Woodlawn CNR (CNoR 1916) Moved to property located at 3796 Dunrobin Rd. at Cty. Rd. 20 Storage shed 1916 CNoR Frame Fair, in need of repair  

Last Updated: April 2010

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