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Existing Stations of the County of Dufferin

County of Dufferin

Station Railroad Current Location Current Use Date Built Bldg Material Condition Notes
Crombies CPR (TGBR 1872) Moved to Dufferin County Museum at Hwy 89 and County Rd. 18 (Airport Road) Display building (former flag stop)

1882 TGBR

Frame Excellent, building fully restored Located inside the museum main gallery (originally moved in 1969 to Hyland Park in Shelbourne, relocated to museum in 1993)
Grand Valley CPR (TGBR 1874) Moved to property off County Rd. 25 within community not far from original location Private residence 1903 CPR Frame Fair, retains shape  
Orangeville CPR (TGBR 1871) Moved to property at 35 Armstrong St. at Mill St. as a restaurant The "Train Station Restaurant" 1906 CPR Frame Excellent, retains many original features. Basement added. Suffered a minor fire in the spring of 2004
Orton CPR (CVR 1879) Moved to property on County Rd. 18 before Bellwood Park Private residence 1879 CVR Frame with insulbric Fair, resembles more a house Building may have burned
Shelbourne CPR (TGBR 1873) Moved to property on west half Pt. Lt. 26, Con. 2 Mono (Blind Line south of Hwy 89) Private residence 1914 CPR Frame Good, exterior retains many original features Set back and barely visible from road, hidden by vegetation
Waldemar CPR (TGBR 1874) Moved to property at 24 Station St within community Storage shed, behind main building 1930 CPR Frame Excellent, retains many original features  


Orangeville: Former divisional restaurant destroyed by fire 2006.

Last Updated: April 2010

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