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Existing Stations of the County of Elgin

County of Elgin

Station Railroad Current Location Current Use Date Built Bldg Material Condition Notes
Belmont CPR (CVR 1881) Moved to property on west side of Hwy 74, eighth house north of Cty Rd 52 Private residence   Frame with blue siding Fair, building additions Difficult to recognize as a former station
Eden CPR (TLEP 1896) Moved to property on west side of main street (Hwy 19) Storage shed   Frame, painted red Good, in need of repair Visible from the road
Port Stanley CNR (LPSR 1856) In situ at 309 Bridge Street Port Stanley Terminal Railway passenger station 1908 LPSR Brick with stucco finish Excellent, exterior fully restored Includes company store and offices
Port Stanley SWT 1907 In situ west of Main St south of Bridge St Various commercial uses   Cement block Fair, difficult to recognize as once being a station Tracks long ago removed
St. Thomas CNCP (CSR 1873) In situ at 780 Talbot Street Currently vacant, may be converted into a hotel 1873 CSR Brick Good, in need of some repair RSR-008
Shedden CNCP (CSR 1873) Moved to property at 185 Union Road Private residence   Frame with siding Fair, retains shape  
Union CNR (LPSR 1856) In situ east of community at Golf Club Road Port Stanley Terminal Railway passenger station LPSR Frame with stucco Excellent, building fully restored  
Vienna CPR (TLEP 1896) Moved to property on the Third Concession Private residence (Roloson property)   Frame Unknown Details unknown

Recently Demolished: West Lorne c1999

Last Updated: April 2010

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