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Existing Stations of the County of Glengarry

County of Glengarry

Now part of the County of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. For stations in Stormont or Dundas, please see separate listing.

Alexandria CNR

Alexandria CNR Railway Station
Photo: Rob Hughes

Station Railroad Current Location Current Use Date Built Bldg Material Condition Notes
Alexandria CNR (CAR 1882) In situ at 27 McDougall Ave. VIA Rail passenger station, travel agency 1917 GTR Brick Excellent, well maintained RSR
Dalkeith CNR (CCR 1892) In situ at 21891 County Road 24 (slightly moved) Offices of Dalkeith Lumber 1892 CCR Frame Fair, heavily renovated Located along Ontario L'Orignal Railway
Glenbrook CPR (GSR 1915) Moved to property at 19299 Heron Road Private residence CPR 1914 Frame Excellent, addition to the rear  
Glen Robertson CNR (CAR 1892) Moved to property at 21660 County Road 10 Private residence Unknown Frame Fair, heavily renovated Once served two lines, CAR and CCR

Recently Demolished: Maxville in the Fall of 1998.

Last Updated: April 2010

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