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Existing Stations of the County of Huron

County of Huron

Goderich CNR Railway Station
Photo: Rob Hughes

Station Railroad Current Location Current Use Date Built Bldg Material Condition Notes
Blyth CNR (LHBR 1876) In situ at 481 Dinsley Street Bed & Breakfast 1904 GTR Frame, brick added to exterior Good, building addition Railway tracks long removed
Blyth CPR (GGR 1907) Moved to property on Highway 4, two miles south of town Adjacent to the Old Mill leather store 1910 CPR Frame Excellent, exterior fully restored Interior not accessible
Brucefield CNR (LHBR 1875) Moved to Albert Street in Clinton Murphy Orange meeting hall 1876 LHBR Frame Fair, retains shape  
Brussels CNR (WGBR 1873) Moved to fairgrounds on Turnberry Street Lawn bowling clubhouse 1899 GTR Frame with insulbric Good, well maintained  
Centralia GER (LHBR 1875) In situ within community Lumber mill operation storage building 1875 LHBR Frame Poor, exterior sagging and falling apart Front covered by an addition
Exeter CNR (LHBR 1875) Moved to property on Hwy 81 in Grand Bend Optometrist office 1911 GTR Frame Good, exterior restored  
Fordwich CPR (TGBR 1874) Moved to property in town Private residence 1874 TGBR Frame with siding Fair, retains basic shape  
Fordwich CPR (TGBR 1874) Moved to property north of town Private residence or shed 1914 CPR Frame   Details unknown
Glenannan CPR (TGBR 1874) Moved to property in Wingham Storage shed   Frame Details unknown Also known as Wingham Junction
Goderich CPR (GGR 1907) In situ off Harbour Street Community building and museum 1906 CPR Brick Excellent, exterior fully intact Pending full restoration, tracks removed
Goderich GER (BLHR 1858) In situ at East Street and Maitland Road Remains in railway use 1925 GTR Brick Good, in need of some repair  
McNaught CPR (GGR 1907) Moved to property near Moncton Storage shed or garage CPR Frame   Details unknown
Meneset CPR (GGR 1907) Moved to property near lake, not far from original location Storage shed   Frame Good, retains original shape Locational information unknown
Walton CPR (GGR 1907) Moved to property two miles east of community Storage shed   Frame   Locational information unknown
Wingham CNR (WGBR 1873) In situ at Josehpine Street Office building 1906 GTR Frame Excellent, exterior fully restored Tracks removed

Recent Demolitions: Centrailia 2002

Last Updated: April 2010

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