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Existing Stations of the County of Kent

County of Kent

Chatham CNR Railway Station
Photo: Rob Hughes

Station Railroad Current Location Current Use Date Built Bldg Material Condition Notes
Bothwell CNR (GWR 1853) Moved to Optimist Park on Oak Street Scout storage hut GTR Frame, exterior siding Good, retains original shape  
Charring Cross CNCP (CSR 1873) Moved to property on Queen Street within community Private residence 1910 MCR Frame Unknown  
Chatham CPR (OQR 1890) Moved to property on McNoughton Street East Freds Nursery garden centre 1912 CPR Brick Excellent, exterior fully restored  
Chatham CSX (EHR 1883) In situ off Colborne Street Remains in railway use 1924 PMR Brick Good, remains unaltered  
Chatham CNR (GWR 1853) In situ at 360 Queen Street VIA Rail passenger station 1879 GWR Brick Excellent, retains many original features RSR-
Dresden CSX (EHR 1883) Moved to pioneer museum or private lot, unknown Unknown, awaiting restoration 1883 EHR Frame Unknown Formerly damaged by fire as a restaurant
Fargo CSX (EHR 1883) Moved to property in Charring Cross Private residence 1906 PMR Frame   Details unknown
Fletcher CNCP (CSR 1873) Moved to property on Port Road being Lot 2, Con 9 Tilbury East Twp. Storae shed 1910 MCR Frame, red Good, retains shape Very visible from road
Merlin CSX (LEDR 1892) Moved, location unknown Possibly a private residence   Frame   Details unknown
North Buxton CNCP (CSR 1873) Moved to property of Bradonna Woodworking within community Product display building   Frame Undergoing renovation  
Northwood CNR (GWR 1853) Moved to property not far from original location Storage shed   Frame   Details unknown
Ouvry Station CSX (LEDR 1892) Moved to property in Merlin Storage shed   Frame   Building may have been demolished
Prairie Siding CNR (GWR 1853) Moved to unknown location Private residence   Frame   Details unknown
Ridgetown CSX (LEDR 1893) In situ within community Remains in railway ownership PMR Frame Good, original tower removed Tracks removed
Ridgetown CNCP (CSR 1873) Moved nearby to property on Edwards Street Currently vacant 1880 CSR Frame Fair, conversion to semi-detached with second floor  
Ringold CPR (OQR 1890) Moved to property on 6th Concession Private residence   Frame Fair, building has been altered  
Thamesville CNR (GWR 1853) In situ at London Road Vacant and unused 1907 GTR Frame, exterior siding Fair, building retains shape Currently up for sale
Tilbury CNCP (CSR 1873) Moved to community centre on Lee Street Boy Scout meeting hall 1908 MCR Frame Fair, exterior siding  
Tupperville CSX (EHR 1883) Moved to property just south of Baseline Road Private residence   Frame Unknown, may have been altered Details unknown
Wallaceburg CSX (EHR 1883) Moved to property on Arnold Street Municipal public works yard 1910 PMR Frame Good, building retains shape  
Wilkie CSX (LEDR 1892) Moved to property 1/2 mile south of Mull Farm storage building   Frame   Details unknown

Last Updated: April 2010

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