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Existing Stations of the County of Lambton

County of Lambton

Sarnia CNR Railway Station
Photo: Rob Hughes

Station Railroad Current Location Current Use Date Built Bldg Material Condition Notes
Aberarder CNR (GTR 1859) Moved to property on Aberarder Rd. 1/4 west of original location (Warren) Storage shed 1907 GTR Frame Fair, in need of repair  
Kingscourt CNR (GWR 1856) Moved to property outside of Cairngorm (Stevenson) Private residence   Frame Unknown Details unknown
Mooretown CSX (EHR 1886) Moved to Mooretown Museum at 94 William Street Display building   Frame Excellent, building fully restored Formerly a private residence
Oil Springs CNCP (CSR 1873) Moved to Oil Museum of Canada on Kelly Road south of town Display building 1875 CSR Frame Excellent, building fully restored  
Petrolia CNR (GWR 1866) In situ on Petrolia St. at Station St. Petrolia library 1903 GTR Brick Excellent, exterior fully restored Tracks long removed
Petrolia CNCP (CSR 1873) Moved to Lakeshore Rd near Perch Creek in Brights Grove Divided into three summer residences   Frame Fair, buildings retain some original features Buildings face Lake Huron beach
Sarnia CSX (EHR 1886) In situ at Clifford Street near ferry slip Remains in railway use PMR Frame Good, in need of some repair  
Sarnia CNR (GWR 1856) In situ 125 Green Street VIA Rail passenger station 1890 GWR Brick Excellent, exterior fully restored  
Wanstead CNR (GWR 1856) Moved not far to property beside Co-op Co-op business offices   Frame Good, retains shape  

Last Updated: April 2010

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