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Existing Stations of the County of Middlesex

County of Middlesex

Strathroy CNR Railway Station
Photo: Rob Hughes

Station Railroad Current Location Current Use Date Built Bldg Material Condition Notes
Belton CNR (LGJR 1857)

Relocated to property on Concession Rd. 6 south of County Rd. 16

Private residence   Frame Fair, building addition and siding Also known as Kelly station
Clandeboye CNR (LHBR 1875) Relocated to property near Parkhill Rebuilt into a private residence 1919 GTR Frame   Details unknown
Denfield CNR (LHBR 1875) Relocated to nearby farm (Allen property) Storage shed 1875 LHBR Frame   Details unknown
Gladstone CPR (CVR 1881) Relocated to property on Blue Church Rd near Windsor Storage building   Frame   Details unknown
Glencoe CNR (GWR 1854) Relocated short distance from original location at 156 McRae St. Southwest Middlesex municipal Community Centre 1904 GTR Frame Excellent, exterior fully restored  
Glencoe North CPR (OQR 1890) Relocated to property in Appin Private residence or shed CPR Frame   Details unknown
Granton CNR (GTR 1856) Relocated to property on County Rd. 9 south of town Storage shed 1872 GTR Frame, insulbric Poor, on verge of collapse Last of its style to survive
Komoka CNR (GWR 1853) Relocated to Komoka Railway Museum at 133 Queen St Museum building   Frame Excellent, fully restored Formerly Gobbles station
Lobo CPR (OQR 1880) Relocated to property in Komoka Private residence   Frame   Details unknown
London CPR (WOPR 1887) In situ at Richmond Street, forms part of Station Park redevelopment project Restaurant and office use, mostly vacant 1887 CPR Frame Good, in need of some repair  
Longwood CNR (GWR 1854) Relocated to property in Komoka, west side Storage building   Frame Good, being restored  
Newbury CNR (GWR 1853) Relocated to A.W. Campbell Conservation Area Museum building, nature workshop 1917 GTR Frame Excellent, exterior restored  
Thorndale CNR (LGJR 1857) Relocated to property on Zorra Sideroad 5-6 (Byway property) Part of private Valleyview Railroad Museum   Frame Excellent, fully restored Can be visited with permission
Wyton CNR (LGJR 1857) Relocated to farm at Part Lot 10, Concession 2, West Nissouri Twp Farm storage shed   Frame   Details unknown


Strathroy: Destroyed by fire March 21, 2004 and subsequently demolished

Last Updated: April 2010

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