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Existing Stations of the Region of Peel

Region of Peel

Streetsville CPR Railway Station
Photo: Rob Hughes

Station Railroad Current Location Current Use Date Built Bldg Material Condition Notes
Brampton CNR (TGR 1856) In situ at 27 Church St. West, east of Main St. GO Transit and Via passenger station 1907 GTR Brick Excellent, well maintained RSR-140 (designated in 1992)
Brampton CPR (CVR 1879) Dismantled, building in storage on private lands near Norval Brampton Historical Society seeking new location to reconstruct 1907 CPR Brick Poor Relocated in 1977 to Third Line W (Creditview Rd.) as a nursery, dismantled 1995 and placed in storage
Caledon CPR (TGBR 1871) In situ at 18 Toiless St. Private residence 1871 TGBR Frame Fair, retains shape, building addition Tracks removed
Cheltenham CNR (HNWR 1877) Relocated to property at 1079 King Rd. Guest house 1877 HNWR Frame (painted black) Excellent, exterior fully restored Not visible from the road (private property)
Meadowvale TSR (1917) Relocated to Halton County Radial Museum, 13629 Guelph Line in Milton Museum display building 1917 TSR Frame Excellent, fully restored Located at the end of 1 mile electric trolley line (former ROW of Toronto Suburban Railway)
Streetsville CPR (CVR 1879) Relocated to property at 78 William St. Business operation 1879 CVR Frame Good, retains original shape Proposed to be relocated within Streetsville as a community building

Last Updated: April 2010

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