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Existing Stations of the County of Peterborough

County of Peterborough

Lakefield CNR Railway Station
Photo: Rob Hughes

Station Railroad Current Location Current Use Date Built Bldg Material Condition Notes
Carmel Corners CNR (PHLB 1858) Relocated to property just east of original site Storage shed   Frame Details unknown  
Havelock CPR (OQR 1884) In situ at 30 Ottawa St. East /Hwy. 7) Station Restaurant 1929 CPR Brick Excellent RSR-043, restored 2004 (designated 1991)
Lakefield CNR (MR 1871) In situ at 7 Stanley St. Lakefield Station Book Store 1902 GTR Frame with insulbric Excellent, retains many original features Tracks removed
Peterborough CPR (OQR 1884) In situ at 175 George St. North at Wolfe St. Chamber of Commerce 1884 OQR Brick Excellent, exterior fully restored Space for lease as tourism office is relocating

Last Updated: April 2010

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