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Existing Stations of the County of Simcoe

County of Simcoe

Alliston CPR Railway Station
Photo: Rob Hughes

Station Railroad Current Location Current Use Date Built Bldg Material Condition Notes
Allandale/Barrie CNR (OSHR 1853) In situ at 285 Bradford St. in Allandale Currently vacant and unused, sold to the City of Barrie by CHUM in 2005 1905 GTR Frame and brick Fair, some restoration work completed by CHUM RSR-019, tracks abandoned (designated 1990)
Alliston CPR (CPR 1908) Relocated to property on County Rd. 10 just north of Tottenham Private residence 1908 CPR Frame Excellent, exterior fully restored Set back from road, includes some rolling stock
Bradford CNR (OSHR 1853) In situ at 251 Holland St. East near Bridge St. and Dissette St. GO Transit passenger station 1900 GTR Frame Good, in need of maintenance  
Brechin CPR (GBSR 1911) In situ on Hwy. 12 at Concession Rd. 3 Wild Wing restaurant (possibly closed) 1911 CPR Frame Good, retains many original features Tracks removed
Coldwater CNR (MR 1879) Relocated to property just west of original site Private residence 1890 MR Frame with siding Fair, retains basic shape  
Cookstown CNR (HNWR 1879) Relocated to property not far from original site Private residence 1879 HNWR Frame with siding Fair, retains shape, building additions added  
Gilford CNR (OSHR 1853) Relocated to Simcoe County Museum on Hwy. 26 near Midhurst Museum display building 1890 GTR Frame Excellent, building fully restored  
Orillia CNR (TSMR 1873) In situ at 150 Front St. South at King St. Bus depot, tourist office and Chamber of Commerce 1917 GTR Brick Excellent, well maintained RSR-203, tracks removed (designated 1993)
Orillia CPR (GBSR 1911) In situ at 215 Mississauga St. East on waterfront at Esplanade St. Royal Canadian Legion hall 1911 CPR Brick Good, retains shape, several building additions Tracks removed
Stayner CNR (OSHR 1855) Relocated to Cranberry Resort on Hwy. 26 west of Collingwood Golf course club house (Harbour Street) c1904 GTR Frame Good, exterior restored, painted pink  
Sturgeon Bay CNR (MR 1879) Relocated to Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum, 1474 Woodrow Rd. Museum display building 1879 MR Frame Excellent, building fully restored  
Vine CNR (HNWR 1879) Relocated to property on 10th Line near original site Private residence 1918 GTR Frame with siding Excellent, exterior restored  
Washago CNR (JBR 1906) In situ just off County Rd. 169 at 3321 Quetton St. Building remains in railway use 1906 CNoR Frame with siding Fair, retains shape RSR -


Collingwood: Original building, having been converted into the Collingwood Museum, was demolished in 1999 as a result of structural problems. The building was replaced by a new structure that replicates the original station building.

Collingwood: A railway station replica has been constructed at Bygone Days Heritage Village just west of Collingwood on County Rd. 32. This building was never used in railway service.

Creemore: A community centre which somewhat resembles the original station building has been constructed in 2005 within the community.

Medone: Building demolished in 1999 by the CPR.

Midland: Building demolished in 2001 by the CNR.

Last Updated: April 2010

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