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Existing Stations of the District of Sudbury

District of Sudbury

French River CPR Railway Station
Photo: Rob Hughes

Station Railroad Current Location Current Use Date Built Bldg Material Condition Notes
Cartier CPR (CPR 1884) In situ on Spencer Street Remains in railway use 1948 CPR Frame Good, well maintained RSR - (designated in 1993)
French River CPR (CPR 1908) Relocated to Schell's trailer camp nearby on Hwy. A607 Currently vacant and unused 1908 CPR Frame Good, retains many original features  
St. Cloud CNR (CNoR 1906) In situ at Hwy. 537 Currently vacant and unused 1906 CNoR Frame Fair, suffered some vandalism Building may have been demolished
Sudbury CPR (CPR 1884) In situ at 233 Elgin St. South and Van Horne St. VIA Rail passenger station 1907 CPR Brick Excellent, exterior fully restored RSR-175 (designated in 1993)
Sudbury Junction CNR (CNoR 1908) In situ at 2750 Lasalle Blvd. East Building remains in railway use 1950's CNR Brick Fair, in need of repair  
Wappen CNR (CNoR 1914) Relocated to nearby lumber yard Storage building   Frame Unknown Building may have been destroyed

Last Update: April 2010

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