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Existing Stations of the County of Victoria

County of Victoria

Station Railroad Current Location Current Use Date Built Bldg Material Condition Notes
Balsam Lake Station CPR (GBSR 1911) Relocated to property in Lorneville behind former general store on Hwy. 46 Private residence 1911 CPR Frame, insulbric siding Fair, no longer resembles a station  
Coboconk CNR (TNR 1872 Relocated to Legion Park within community Future community building (tourist information and museum 1909 GTR Frame Currently under restoration To form part of Laidlaw Heritage Village on site
Dunsford CPR (LBPR 1904) Relocated to property off Hwy. 36 at Emily Creek Private residence CPR Frame Excellent, building addition to south end  
Eldon Station CPR (GBSR 1911) In situ on Hwy. 46 north of Argyle (Part Lott 17, Concession 2 Eldon) Private residence 1911 CPR Frame Good, retains original shape Tracks long removed
Fenelon Falls CNR (VR 1875) In situ at Lindsay Street Tourist information centre and art gallary 1882 MR Frame Excellent, exterior fully restored Tracks long removed
Grass Hill CPR (GBSR 1911) Relocated to farm three miles east of Oakwood Private residence CPR Frame Fair Location details unknown
Kenstone CPR (LBPR 1904) Possibly in situ on Kenstone Road Shed or combined in private residence CPR Frame Unknown Details unknown, tracks removed
Kinmount CNR (VR 1877) In situ off Hwy. 503 within community Community building and museum 1904 GTR Frame Excellent, exterior fully restored Tracks long removed
Lorneville CNR (TNR 1872) Relocated to property on Hwy #46 being Part Lot 6 Con 2 Eldon (Jordan) Storage shed 1885 GTR Frame Excellent, exterior fully restored Located behind main house
Omemee CNR (TOR 1884) Relocated to Lady Eaton school at 17 James St. in community Lions Club change room 1889 Frame Fair, retains shape Proposed to be restored
Victoria Road CNR (TNR 1872) In situ on east side of Hwy #503 within community Private residence 1872 TNR Frame Good, retains shape, some alterations Tracks long removed
Woodville CNR (TNR 1872) Building dismantled, relocated to property on Hwy. 46, Pt Lt 10 Con 2 Eldon Twp. Reconstructed into storage shed (Upton) 1872 TNR Frame No longer resembles original structure  


Kirkfield: Burned during the spring 2002.

Last Updated: April 2010

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