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Orlando N-trak Club - Club Layouts
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Club Layouts

Permanent N-scale Layout

Our N-scale layout takes up the majority of a 30ft. by 60ft. room. It takes a train about 15 minutes to complete a trip around the whole layout running at scale speed. The mainline connects three freight yards with several towns, and industries. The layout is wired for Digitrax DCC.

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Permanent HO Layout

Our double-deck switching layout is based on the B&OCT railroad in Chicago, Illinois, during the early 1950's. The layout is an L-shape that extends the length of 30ft by 60ft train room. It is wired for Digitrax DCC control and features B&O style signals that are wired for CTC or ABS train movement. The layout also has unique magnetic thrown switches.

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N-scale Traveling Layout

Our current traveling layout is based on the FEC/CSX line from Jacksonville Florida to Folkston Georgia. This non-Ntrak standard model consists of aluminum framing and is a vast improvement over our old modules.

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Retired N-trak Modules

Early in our club's history, our layout solely consisted of N-trak standard modules built by individual club members. Over the years, however, with the completion of our permanent layout, our focus drifted away from N-trak to non-modular railroading. The pictures above and below display our N-trak modules that have been retired.

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