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TY&E Railway by Jeff Werkheiser


From left to right: Jeff Werkheiser and Robert Raymond

The Tipton (my dad's nickname was Tip) Youngstown and Erie RR is my home layout and I figured since it is made up of old club rejects and Les Staffords excellent Staffordtown modules, along with some new construction, I thought I would try to incorporate it into the club layout. I finally got the track laid and wired (while still making improvements) and have run some test trains on it. It actually works! The east end is Staffordtown (a lakeside suburb of Erie) that runs west through Meadville, with a passenger siding, to the freight yard in Youngstown, OH (also a passenger station) and onward to Heiserburg, with a passenger siding and then finishes in Tipton (outside of Pittsburgh). The east end has an interchange with the Erie Lackawanna and the west end has an interchange with the Monongahela Central that, as it just so happens, (and with a little, OK a LOT, of imagination) comes out of the tunnel right there in the OrlandoN-trak clubhouse at Shelfton. Just like magic! There are 3 major industries on the TY&E: The Werkmeister Brewery, The Raymond Mining Co, and The Erie Glass Works. I have produced 2 matched sets of 6 TY&E boxcars that are leased by the EGW to transport safety glass to the GM auto plant in Zanesville, OH (on the club layout). When we get around to running OPS at my place we will take one set of these boxcars from the EGW at the Staffordtown Industrial Park to the interchange at Tipton and on thru to Shelfton where they (the other set at the club) will be waiting to be moved on their next leg via the Shelfton local to Martin Yard and then on to Zanesville. Era is autumn of 1960 and the Erie (which always had warm relations with the TY&E, as did my real hometown railroad, The Lehigh Valley) has just merged with the DL&W to form the EL. Although passenger service was allowed to go the way of the Dodo in 1959 I recall from growing up in that neck of the woods that the EL continued passenger service for several years thereafter. So too did the TY&E. I plan to run 2 passenger trains end to end stopping at each town and possibly an Erie Lackawanna express stopping only in Youngstown. I figure 5 or 6 freight trains and 3 or 4 locals with an occasional "special" thrown in for good measure. It should be good for anywhere from 6 to10 guys to run OPS in a two + hour session on any given night. I took the liberty of insinuating myself (meaning the TY&E of course) into the fictional history of the club layout (also on this webpage, written by Bill Sterner), the Lehigh Monongahela and Ohio. The logistics, timeframe and situation made for an easy segue into the scene. Plus it was a lot of fun! I still have a lot of work to do on the TY&E but as you can see, and infer from the historical background, it was and continues to be a vital cog in the wheels of the great LM&O!

Photos of Layout


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