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O Scale Outdoors - Frequently Asked Questions
o gauge train in garden

O Scale Outdoors

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a garden railway? It's an outdoor model train layout. 
For some of us, that means a layout complete with buildings and people and tiny plants, perhaps meant to be a scale model of a specific fullsize railroad.
For others of us, it's a track going through a full-size garden.
What kind of track do you use? Paul and Chuck have Gargraves stainless steel track in their outdoor layouts. 
Are the ties U-V resistant? Probably not. Chuck taped the tops of the rails and spray-painted the ties. Paul keeps his track covered.
What happens when it rains? Everything on the layout gets wet, and therefore clean.
O-scale trains are not designed to get wet. We store our trains indoors when we're not running them but leave track, buildings, and, of course, plants outdoors.
Do you bring it all indoors for the winter? No. The track stays outdoors all year long.

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