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Remote Control Model Railroading Using Lionel's Trainmaster Command System*
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This site is dedicated to increasing awareness and promoting a dialog and understanding of runninng a O/O27 Scale Model Railroad using the Lionel TrainMaster Command Control System.*

Model Railroading With TrainMaster* Message Board
Please feel free to ask questions, give opinions from your experiences and help furnish answers on how to use TrainMaster*. Through this message board I hope we can create a dialog and enable us to all learn from one another.

What is TrainMaster* and How Does It Work?
Click here to visit Lionel's Web Site and view their technical explaination of The TrainMaster* System.

New O Guage Products Designed to Work with the TrainMaster* System
There are a host of new products on the market that are compatiable with the TrainMaster* System and will enhance your enjoyment of Remote Control Model Railroading.

Coil Couplers of America - Try an Interactive display of the Lionel TrainMaster System
This unique web site will enable you to try the Trainmaster System through an interactive and detailed display of the Cab-1 remote and all the functions it can perform.

Two Excellent Videos on Lionel's TrainMaster* System
Both Videos guide you through setting up the TarinMaster* system and displays a whole new array of products on the market that will enhance the Remote Control experience.

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*Lionel and TrainMaster are registered trademarks owned by Lionel LLC

Last modified on Friday, January 21, 2000