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Chicago to Alaska: Rail & Sail Adventure

Chicago to Alaska Rail & Sail Adventure (Part 4 of 4)

Chicago - Syracuse - Toronto - Jasper - Prince Rupert - Sitka

By Robert & Kandace Tabern, Email:

Published: December 15, 2017

The above map shows our "Rail & Sail" journey that we took from Chicago, Illinois to Sitka, Alaska between September 9-18, 2017. Red marks the Amtrak "Lake Shore Limited" route we took fromn Chicago to Syracuse, New York; orange marks the Amtrak/VIA "Maple Leaf" route we took from Syracuse to Toronto, Ontario; yellow marks the VIA "Canadian" route from Toronto to Jasper, Alberta; green marks the VIA "Skeena" route from Jasper to Prince Rupert, British Columbia; and, finally, blue marks the route of the Alaska State Ferry we took Prince Rupert to Sitka, Alaska.

This article will be presented in the following four parts:

../index%20photos/trip-RailToAlaska12017.jpg Part One: Chicago to Toronto (Will be uploaded on November 1, 2017)
../index%20photos/trip-RailToAlaska22017.jpg Part Two: Toronto to Jasper (Will be uploaded on November 15, 2017)
../index%20photos/trip-RailToAlaska32017.jpg Part Three: Jasper to Prince Rupert (Will be uploaded on December 1, 2017)
../index%20photos/trip-RailToAlaska42017.jpg Part Four: Prince Rupert to Sitka (Will be uploaded on December 15, 2017)



Amtrak "Lake Shore Limited" |  Amtrak/VIA "Maple Leaf" |  VIA "The Canadian"VIA "The Skeena"Alaska State Ferry System

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