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About the club
The Pacific Coast Modular Club was formed in Janurary 2000 as the Prototype Modular Club (PMC).

The club had it's first show only two weeks after being formed. The first show was outside the
Hobby Warehouse in Lakewood. It was on a tuesday evening and only took us half an hour to set up. We continued to have weekly shows outside of the hobby shop. Eventually we became too big and had to move down the street to a local park in the picnic area.

The original club corners were very small and had a tight radius of only 24", with the tracks spaced close together. This allowed only one train to be run at a time if it had cars that were too long, as they would strike any train on the other mainline.

About the same time, the members modules started falling apart, due to poor construction. The decision was made to rebuild almost all of the modules in the club. This included four new corner modules with a wider radius and tracks spaced farther apart. The club also established starndards for construction and track.
Another local club, the 20s & 30s Model Railroad Club, helped us by giving us a place to set up indoors when they had their open houses.

In September 2000 the club changed it's name to the
Pacific Coast Modular Club (PCMC).

The club was fortunite to have two hobby shops sponsor two of the corner modules.
All Aboard Model Railroad Emporim and Hobby Warehouse both completely paid for their respective corners.

Over the years the club has had ups and downs, but has continued to make improvements. We now participate in major shows in five counties.