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National Railway Historical Society

Established in 1936


Railfan Pictures of the Day - 03/23/2004

CSX Trenton Line March 2004
CSX is in the process of doing some spring repairing on the Trenton Line. Rail trains, tie trains, ballast trains, equipment trains, even the Geometry Train have all descended upon the area between CP Trent and CP Berry. And with this activity comes all the weird MOW cars.
CSXT 920447, one of the cars from the CWR (Continuous Welded Rail) train.
The last car on the CWR train, unable to make out the number.
This excavator ramp car CR 65105 was with the tie cars.
This ancient Seaboard gondola SDB 998084 was with the equipment flats
Also with the MOW flats, this looks like a storage car of some kind on flat car CSXT 912263.
A couple of the gondolas used on the tie train looked like Pennsylvania Railroad G43's that were painted in Reading Company colors, like this one CSXT 914804.
A slew of MOW equipment pieces (I think of them as little yellow worker ants) were dropped on the Berry siding to be used in the replacement of the rail on the siding.
The geometry train passes a boom truck that is picking up the old rail. They are using an oxy torch to cut the old rail into manageable sections, soon to be used on a yard track near you.


All pictures March 2004 c. 2004 John P. Almeida
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