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Railfan Pictures of the Day - 04/26/2005

CSX Trenton Line CP River Philadelphia PA April 20 2005

The attention regarding the cause of the derailment of Q300-20 has been focused on a string of US Navy box cars at the back end of the train. The cars, built to haul ammunition, were purchased new by the Navy in the 1950's and are part of about 100 that have recently been reconditioned and repainted by a private contractor in Star NC. The car numbers in Q300's consist were 61-06516, 61-04790, 61-04793, 61-05169, 61-05178, 61-04789, 61-04933, 61-05174, 61-05240, 61-06909, 61-06906, 61-06520, 61-05191, 61-04871, 61-04726 and 61-05171.

The dimensions of the boxcars vary slightly for each car and are generally as follows:

Left side of car Right Side of car    
EXW 10-6 CU FT 4671    
EXH 13-8 CAPY 100000    
EW 9-8 LD LMT 105000    
EH 14-0 LT WT 68000    
IL 50-6      
IW 9-4      
IH 10-6      
Notable exceptions are cars 61-05178 and 61-06516 which have LD LMT 177000.

The cars are all white with round red and yellow reflectors on the side panels in a staggered pattern, 10 on each side, 5 on either side of the doors, starting from the end in R/Y/R/Y/R sequence with the red lower than the yellow. This pattern continues on the ends with 2 red reflectors low and toward the corners and 2 yellow reflectors higher and closer to the center line.

There are two types of cars featured here. Most have riveted side panels similar to cars built by Pressed Steel Corporation. Cars 61-04726, 61-05240 and 61-06520 have welded side panels and are similar to PS-1 boxcars built for other railroads. The Pullman Standard Company built two lots for the Navy, USNX 8000 through 8879 in 1952 (DF loaders, later renumbered 28000-28879, then into the 61-0XXXX series), and USN 61-04221 through 61-04260 in 1954.

All cars have CRECO doors, either 5 or 7 panel, with the exception of 61-04790, 61-04793, 61-05171, 61-05174 and 61-05191 which have Youngstown corrugated doors.

The CN units on CSX Q418 (pictured here) are pulling a few of Q300's trash cars as well as the US Navy cars through CP River.
USN 61-06516 with 7 panel CRECO doors and riveted side panels
USN 61-05240 with 5 panel CRECO doors and welded side panels
USN 61-04790 with Youngstown doors and riveted side panels
US 61-05171 was the car that derailed and also is missing its half door on this side.
Q418 pulled the US Navy boxcars onto Belmont Siding south of CP River, pictured here just before the last two cars were cut off. The remaining cars were added to Q418's and went north.
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All pictures April 20 2005 c. 2005 John P. Almeida
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