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Railfan Pictures of the Day - 06/14/2005

CSX Bethlehem Branch Hatfield PA June 13 2005

CSX local B735 had three covered hoppers derail while working at Jet Plastica in Hatfield PA. The cars, loaded with plastic pellets, remained upright and there was minimal damage. Terra was called out to clean up, bringing a couple of sidewinders to do the job.

After their lunch, the crew brought two engines, CSX 6365 and 2641, up light to Jet to see if they were needed to assist in the rerailing, but the work would wait until morning. From this angle, hardly anything looks amiss.

The two end cars, UNPX 124175 on the north end and TILX 620586 on the south end, did not derail. From this angle looking south, you can see HPPX 58668 was not as lucky.
The three cars that went on the ground were (north to south) HPPX 58688, whose lead truck apparently was the first off the rails, CEFX 50045 and DOWX 22493.
The west rail became detached from the ties and partially rolled. East rail looked fine.
The lead truck on HPPX 58668 cut about a car length of ties in the guage before the train stopped, the wheel rolling surface marked by the ballast it also crushed.
The trailing truck on HPPX 58668 got confused at the frog and faired much worse.
CEFX 50045 had both axles on the lead truck on the ground, but only the lead axle on the trailing truck wandered off the rails. DOWX 22493 had only one axle derail.


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