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Railfan Pictures of the Day - 08/05/2005

Amtrak Northeast Corridor Edgely PA August 4 2005
On the evening of August 3 2005 an eastbound SEPTA local pulled down catenary wire on Track 1 just east of Grundy interlocking and a trailing Amtrak train on Track 2 hit the wire at speed. The resulting damage required Amtrak to suspend service on the NEC between Philadelphia and New York City until the morning of August 4 2005.
With the debris removed, Amtrak was able to open three tracks by early morning. According to the scanner, Amtrak Train 190 was the first through the area around 6:30, followed by this deadheading SEPTA train, seen passing a catenary car at 6:38. It was interesting to see that Track 0, to the left, still has catenary wire. It and Track 5 to the far right are used by local freights and for storing Amtrak maintenance of way equipment (two pieces seen in the distance).
The wire train and additional equipment were occupying Track 1 at Edgely.
Next through was Acela Express 2150 on Track 2 at 6:57
It was followed shortly by its counterpart from NYC, Acela Express 2103 at 7:03
The first westbound SEPTA move was at 7:39. After working all night, the MOW personnel were getting a well deserved rest during the morning rush hour, after which repairs would resume.


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