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Railfan Pictures of the Day - 09/29/2005

CSX Trenton Line September 25 2005

CSX took control from SEPTA of Track 2 on the Trenton Line from CP Newtown Junction to CP Cheltenham Junction a few months ago. Since then CSX has been doing some maintenance work on the line, requiring daylight curfews from CP River to CP Trent. Last weekend SEPTA took this opportunity to begin the process of removal of the overhead catenary along the section it once operated on. Here SEPTA's wire train powered by newly rebuilt RL1A 60 is approaching Foreman Hill's OOS area at CP Berry on its way down to Lawndale Station. The train originated at Wayne Electric and would normally have headed down the Blue Line Connection to CP Nice and then up the Trenton Line to Newtown Junction and beyond, a trip of about 6 miles. Due to CSX MOW equipment occupying the track around Olney Station, the wire train had to head north on the SEPTA Main to the West Trenton Line up to CP Wood where it reversed down the CSX single main to the former SEPTA Fox Chase Line.

Once it was given permission into the work area, CSX D026 (as it was called by CSX NI dispatcher) made its way south with former NJT Jersey Arrow, now SEPTA 601, trailing.
Unfortunately, shortly after arriving at Lawndale Station, it was discovered that the RL1A had lost all of its coolant. SEPTA sent BL15 50, pictured here just past the station, to rescue the wire train.
With SEPTA 50 coupled to the north end pushing .....
and SEPTA 60 at the south end dead, the train headed south as all of the CSX MOW equipment had already moved down to the siding at CP River.
But once again, the train is stopped, now at Olney Station. The CSX pilot and SEPTA crew had hit their hours of service limit at 18:00, and the train waits for a new pilot (actually the engineer borrowed off of Q174 sitting at CP River), and a new crew in order to continue its journey home, now a mere seven miles away. The train would finally make it to CP Nice and back up the Blue Line to Wayne Electric about two hours later.


All pictures September 25 2005 Copyright © 2005 John P. Almeida

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