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Railfan Pictures of the Day - 01/17/2006

SEPTA Lansdale Yard Lansdale PA January 2006

A follow up to last week's cowcatcher page.

According to a source ...

SEPTA is now overhauling the trucks on the ex- RDG GE Silverliner IV's and is cutting off the cow catcher from the front of the trucks and welding a pilot to the frame in front of the truck. The pilot is the same as the EX-PRR GE's have on them now that was put on them when built new. In a grade crossing accident, on a RDG MU, a car get under the front of the MU up to the truck, possibly causing the MU to ride up over the auto. The PRR pilot stops the auto in front of the spear coupler, preventing the MU from riding up on top of the auto. It is not that difficult to tell the converted cars as the new weld and paint on the pilot will give it away and the fresh cutting marks can still seen on the old cow catcher trucks. The old RDG married pair cars are in the 100 to 188 numbers with some of the ex RDG single MU GE's renumbered to the 400 numbers.

Silverliner IV 157 is equipped with a cowcatcher, but as a few feet behind the front of the car, the only thing visible in the pilot area is the coupler.
Silverliner IV 114 is equipped with the visible PRR/PC style pilot.
A closeup of the pilot area of Silverliner IV 157
A closeup of the pilot area of Silverliner IV 114
For a side by side comparison, Silverliner IV 346 and 308


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