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Railfan Pictures of the Day - 02/23/2006

SEPTA Main Line and CSX Bethlehem Branch Lansdale and Hatfield PA February 21 2006
A leisurely lunch started with the 10:51 departure from Lansdale of SEPTA Train 527. The four cars of alternating Silverliner II's and Silverliner III's is approaching Hancock Road.
Next a turn north, to Hatfield where CSX local freight B738 pauses along side three pieces of MOW equipment parked on the Rosenberger Cold Storage siding. The MOW crews have been tending to problems along the long neglected line the past couple of months, and will soon be tackling the site of a derailment on the wye in Lansdale that occurred one year ago next month.
Having already serviced Hatfield Warehouse, B738 has just finished picking up a loaded gondola at the local scrap dealer, and is on the Bethlehem Running Track heading back to Lansdale Yard with CSX 4417 leading and CSX 4448 trailing. There is no access to the Bethlehem Industrial Track (right foreground) in this area north of Schwab Road and south of Bergey Road, so to maintain service to the storage facility, the BIT rail was cut and the siding extended to the BRT. As it often happens, a few years ago Rosenberger, who was one of the industries behind the reopening of the Stony Creek Branch in the early 1990's, was sold and the new owner stopped bringing in product by rail, leaving the siding unused until today.
Trundling along at the breakneck speed of 10 MPH, B738 approaches the private crossing between Schwab Road and Eighth Street in Lansdale. The gondolas in the distance are at the north end of the new BIT siding and are loaded with old ties from that work.
Safely snuggled back in the yard, the power and the yard is now protected by a fence, well it will be when they complete the work in the next few days. As part of SEPTA's new safety blitz (see the decapitating CAUTION signs at the station), they are erecting a fence from the former inbound Bethlehem Main station platform north to the end of the Madison Parking lot and the Bethlehem Layoff Track (near track), with the desire to keep people out of harm's way.


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