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Railfan Pictures of the Day - 05/10/2006

SEPTA Main Line Jenkintown Station Jenkintown PA May 7 2006
At the south end of Jenkintown, the final remnant of the old Chelten Hills siding, the switch on Track 1, was removed. The rest of the siding was taken out last summer.
The new Jenkin South signals now stand where the siding was.
Barricades were set up at the center of the station platform to allow MOW equipment to share the tracks while passengers access the R1, R2, R3 and R5 trains using both tracks.
A ballast regulator and a tamper sit at the outbound platform, having finished their jobs earlier, while all the work continued just to the north of the station.
Busy does not even begin to describe it. While a lot was going on down below, it looked like they needed an air traffic controller just to coordinate everyone that was working up in the air.
By Sunday afternoon, most of the wire work had been completed, with signalling still being tended to. In the background, busses for R3 West Trenton passengers line up at the outbound side of the station for their ride to and from Noble Station. R2 Warminster and R5 Lansdale/Doylestown busses were on the inbound side for trips to and from Glenside.
With most of the attention was on the wires, there were still other things to do on the ground, like a thermite weld on the newly laid rail at the turnout connecting Track 1 to the Neshaminy Line. Here two workers carefully break the sand mold to reveal the molten metal inside.

After reaching temperatures close to 5000 degrees, the mixture of aluminum and iron oxide has cooled to the point where it is only red hot, but still hot enough to cause the chemical preservatives in the wooden tie below it to ignite. None of this seems to bother the workers as they remove the flash and finish setting the joint.


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