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Established in 1936


Railfan Pictures of the Day - 05/17/2006

Conrail Midvale Yard Philadelphia PA 1992
A dreary winter day in 1992 is brightened by a rare piece of equipment. Some 24 years gone, the Pennsylvania Railroad lived on in the form of a dwindling number of freight equipment still bearing its name (some still can be found to this day). Most sported the more spartan identification of its final years, but a few pieces harken back to an earlier time. A shadow keystone was a rare sight to see, so this X54 boxcar PRR 19103, sitting all by its lonesome, was one to be appreciated. By the way, 19103 is the zip code for the area in Center City Philadelphia that once included the famous Chinese Wall.
Considering how busy Midvale Yard was, no one seems to know how this car sat here so long without being disturbed in any way. Some time after these pictures were taken, the reporting marks and car number were white lined (used to denote retirement), but basically the car was thankfully unmolested until the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania got it in 2003.
The tin worm had started eating away at the door on this side.
The shadow of the keystone is clearly visible in this broadside shot.
On the other side, it looked much like it did when it was built in January 1960.

The ends showed signs of rust on the upper parts, but considering the roof walk and full length side and end ladders were intact, this sole survivor of a class of 400 was in good shape.


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