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Railfan Pictures of the Day - 08/25/2006

SEPTA Lansdale Station and CSX Lansdale Yard Lansdale PA August 3 2006

Just an atypical day in Lansdale PA.

First up, the local CSX daylight job B738 was not yet working because the Lansdale-South Philadelphia transfer job C746 did not make it back to Lansdale that morning (a rare occurence), hence no new cars and not a lot to do. The local power, CSX 2684 and 2733, basks idly in the sun.

Meanwhile, SEPTA's Doylestown Branch was out of service between 9:00 and 15:00 due to maintenance work that has been going on since April, with bustitution between Lansdale and Doylestown. Train 534, having discharged its passengers, will turn on the branch as Train 523 with former Pennsylvania Railroad Silverliner II 260 leading the Silverliner II and III consist.
Here's a bit of a shock if you aren't quite sure where you are, because it ain't Ambler! Rest assured, the side facing the train and the station shows the correct Lansdale destination.
Train 540 pulls in on the "runner" at Lansdale Station on the Bethlehem Branch side of the station. With Silverliner III 221 on the point, it will turn as Train 525 destined for Malvern on the old Pennsylvania Railroad Mainline as part of the other half of the R5.
Train 525, approaching Hancock Road, is just starting its journey from Lansdale to Thorndale.
Train 525 snakes its way through Dale Interlocking past the former Reading Company freight station to the left. The reconfiguration of the interlocking is scheduled for the fall of 2007.
Later in the day, here is Train 543 coming off the Doylestown Branch with Train 549 on the runner. The watchtower and the station can be seen to the left of 543. It will be interesting to see how the track layout will change after the reconfiguration is done. One reported change will be the extension of the catenary on the Bethlehem Running and Industrial tracks north of the current end of wires (with new wires reported to be added as far as 600 feet from the current location), in order to accomodate 6 car trains without tripping the crossing circuits.

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