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Railfan Pictures of the Day - 10/26/2006

SEPTA Main Line Philadelphia PA June 1990

Photographers are always looking for the best lighting and composition for the most appealing image to preserve, but many times even lousy pictures can have historical value and are worthy of preservation for the information they contain. Here is a series of pictures taken from inside a dirty windowed Silverliner on an R5 Doylestown train on the way into town.

First shot, taken at Fern Rock Station, was of the preserved Broad Street Line and Bridge cars that were stored in the subway yard above. Four years later these cars were used in a Broad Street Ramble excursion, possibly the last time they were operated for the public.

This shot does not seem to show much, but it has significant details. This is looking up from the SEPTA Main Line toward Broad Street Subway yard at Fern Rock. The box car on the hill is in the subway yard, and the rails barely visible in the foreground are the route that it used to get there. The Broad Street Subway is standard gauge, same as the Regional Rail.
And to prove it, SEPTA stored several of its retired Reading Blueliners, now painted in SEPTA "circus colors" (white with red and blue band), in the subway yard. They stayed until 1993 when they were sold off, many going to the Reading Technical and Historical Society and West Chester Railroad to become what they were originally built as, coaches.
An orange Blueliner was used as part of the wire train, stored here beside Wayne Electric Shop.
Here is another Blueliner painted in SEPTA "circus colors", pictured with center cab 55 in front of Wayne Electric. There was still another Blueliner a little farther south off the Blue Line adjacent to Roberts Yard, and that car is still there now.


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