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Railfan Pictures of the Day - 07/04/2007

Amtrak Northeast Corridor Cornwells Heights PA July 2 2007

With the inauguration of all-electric Keystone Service from New York City to Harrisburg, the trains have added a bit of variety to the NEC. Not only did it mark the return of the Budd Metroliners to the corridor (albeit in the guise of cab control cars), but the trains have continued to vary in configuration. Here are four trains shot on Monday featuring three different layouts (a previous page on the Keystone trains earlier this year can be found here).

First up was Train 642 shoving cab car 9635 to NYC. This variation of push-pull fits the push model with the AEM-7AC on the hind end.

Train 643 coming back from the Big Apple was in the same mode with 9651 leading. Judging from the previous picture, the use of the ditch lights would appear to be optional.
In the afternoon, it was a little different. Here Train 645 has AEM-7AC 917 leading with the cab control car right behind it, which could be called pull-pull mode. This train will have to have a different AEM-7 added to the east end at Philadelphia for its trip west, or 917 will have to run around it, which defeats the purpose of having the train set up for push-pull operation.
Train 648 evidently had AEM-7AC 928 pushing on its trip from Harrisburg to Philadelphia and is now pulling from Philadelphia to New York City, pull-push mode.
Cab car 9643 was the trailing car and probably shoved back to Philly later that afternoon.


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