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Railfan Pictures of the Day - 11/07/2008

SEPTA Main Line Lansdale, Pennbrook and North Wales Station October 31 2008
Around 10:45, the announcement over the station public address system instructed passengers that, due to the massive response to take mass transit down to the parade, the system was overwhelmed and that passengers should seek alternate transportation. The immediate result was that about half the crowd abandoned the station, leaving about 500 hopeful people remaining. With the schedule thrown completely out the window, SEPTA finally got a train (originally destined for Doylestown) into Lansdale around 11:00.
The sea of humanity almost engulfed the cars as the crew positioned the train and waited to open the floodgates, er, doors.
Once opened, the passengers boarded in a somewhat orderly fashion.
After several minutes, all but a few stragglers were on board and the crew prepared to depart.
One stop down the line at Pennbrook, a few dozen fans hoped they would be next.
Alas, they and the fans at North Wales would have to wait for the next train as the extra headed straight into town, not passing GO nor collecting any new passengers enroute.

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