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Railfan Pictures of the Day - 03/05/2009

SEPTA/NS/CSX Stony Creek Branch and SEPTA Main Line March 5 2009
CSX C746 ran out of time on the Stony Creek Branch this morning, which meant the B738 crew would bring the train up to Lansdale in daylight. CSX GP38-2's 2746 and 2788 would be the third set of power to haul the train ....
The trailing unit on C746 on the first half of the trip was SEPTA's new genset NREX 7000, aka SPAX 70. When the train had to reverse across the Schuylkill River from the NS Harrisburg Line to SEPTA territory, SEPTA 70 was fired up and did the pulling, which for a 29 car train is mildly impressive.
On the trip from South Philly to Abrams, SD40-2's 8811 and 8866 did the work.

The designation for 70 is 2GS14B-DE. We ought to have a contest to give it a nickname.

How about "The Beast"?

SW1200 52 and BL15 51 arrived in Lansdale about the same time as C746, but had to wait until CSX was finished putting away its cars before B738 coupled 70 up to them and the three SEPTA diesels headed for home, Wayne Electric Shop in Philadelphia.

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